Day Three Hundred Sixty-Seven…

It was a challenging week. The day before weigh-in is here again and I am dedicating myself to the plan. I am afraid my efforts won’t match my result in numbers because, although, there is so much within my control, I don’t control everything!

Words of Wisdom

So instead of focusing on these last 3 pounds to goal. I’m going to celebrate that I have radically changed my life for the better. By doing the work, and making the choices I’ve made I am doing something that remains elusive for many people.

Words of Wisdom Serendipity

If you are on this journey, keep at it. Sometimes you’ve got to keep your head down and keep working whatever program (I do love Weight Watchers) and stay positive inside. Be your own light and change your life.

Day Three Hundred Sixty-Six…

Lately, it’s a struggle to find balance in my life. I’m not concerned with falling back into bad habits, it’s just things are not working out the way I wish they would. I can console myself that, although I’ve been experiencing some complications lately, I have not turned to food for comfort. I have to be happy about that because my perspective has changed about my own life. That’s growth and it can be daunting to see myself honestly.

I did have an NSV I made my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow ahead of time and that will help so much in the morning. Tonight, this was an accomplishment. I hope you are doing well on the journey. Little changes add up and before you know it, you’ve rewired your whole life. Keep going you are worth it!

Day Three Hundred Forty-Nine…

Today was grueling. So much work and I’m not close to being done.  I feel like I’m barely holding on and that’s the truth. Non-Scale Victory, I did not turn to food. I stayed in my healthy eating zone. I cooked a healthy dinner and I took a 20-minute nap to rest when I needed it – listening to my body is another Non-Scale Victory. Go me!


DAY 19: Journal something positive to look back on those “off” days we have.

It’s late so this post is going to be shorter than most. I can journal this: Today was really hard. I’m doing the work that a team of people would be doing only I’m doing it by myself with deadlines looming. I didn’t give up. I didn’t try to avoid the work. I am very proud of myself for persevering. Even if this week is not a great one for the scale, I can be assured that I am on the right track when it comes to weight loss and better health. This journey has taught me to endure and to thrive. That’s a good lesson that is helping me in other parts of my life. Thank you for reading.

Day Three Hundred Forty-Eight…

Graduating from college is an important milestone. It marks the ending of one point and the beginning of the next. Together we celebrated Jimmy’s great achievement and cheered for his future.


Of course, there was lots of delicious food. I tracked everything I ate between yesterday and today, now I have one Smartpoint left for my Weekly Remaining balance.

This morning, I woke up and went to spin. It was a great ride, I left feeling energized and strong, and that is amazing. Afterward, I visited with family, and again, it was a heavier point day than usual. I started the day with homemade bread toasted with homemade guacamole. I had a little piece of a donut. These are not typical choices I would make.

As I reflect on how I”m feeling, I can tell you I’m feeling the food right now. It may sound obnoxious but I’m not used to eating so much food. It’s funny but it’s kind of like training. When you spend your time eating healthy and getting regular activity your body adjusts to that lifestyle. If you spend your time overindulging in rich foods and doing more sedentary things your body adjusts to that too. I suppose the thing to appreciate is how magnificent our bodies are. The body will accommodate whatever, for better or for worse for as long as it can and that’s incredible.


DAY 18: We all slip up at one time or another—it happens, we are not perfect and it’s OK. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. What is important is your next step after that slip-up

I don’t consider these two days as a “slip up”. I did everything I’ve been learning to do. Tracking, being mindful, and getting activity are all really good things to do. Could I have said no to somethings? Yes, I absolutely could have. Instead, I decided to say yes and that’s ok. For me, it has never been about perfection, it is about process and progress.


Day Three Hundred Forty-Four…

Non-Scale Victory (NSV)!  I  can wear these jeans, and that is pretty exciting:

The style is a little young for me but I really like the flowers. So I bought them on sale at the beginning of the summer thinking one day they will fit like they should and today is that day. Which is great because I needed a little boost.

It’s been a good week on plan. I have not been hungry. I’m rolling over points, so far, I have 38 points in my Smart Points bank. I’ve been getting activity. I’m doing yoga and am scheduled to go to spin tomorrow morning at 5:15 am. I’ve been using my heart monitor that my kids bought me and I’m doing great with all the fitness stuff.

So much of this is just good habits. However, some days are easier than others. It does help to look back at the “wins”. As I think about my “wins” I can’t help but think is that losing a lot of weight is opening me up to so many more experiences. I went for a walk today at the beach and I was so comfortable in my own skin. I thought to myself I always wore black now I now, I’m wearing blue that’s kind of nice. I think that’s something to celebrate I wear more colors.

This is just my story, I realize lots of people wear great styles and colors throughout their journeys. I also believe there is beauty in every shape and form. But when I was 87.2 pounds heavier I was just trying to blend into the background.

Weight loss is deeply personal and public at the same time. One day no one notices and it’s totally a private affair. Then, suddenly, people just think you got a haircut. They know something is different but they just don’t know quite what it is.  Then there is the question anyone who has lost weight either dreads or loves: Are you losing weight?  So, it’s easy to get impatient with the process especially when you feel like you should look different on the outside because you feel different on the inside. Just keep going you can do this. I say this as much for you as I do for myself, thank you for reading.