Hungry Heart…

I don’t know what happened today, other than to say, I had a hungry day. It didn’t start out that way, I had a good breakfast and lunch. By the time I was on my way home, at 3:30 pm I was starving and tired. I got home, immediately ate a bowl of corn flakes with skim milk and took a nap. Now I’m over points and a little discouraged.

It’s ok, tomorrow is another day. I’m drinking some water, and am planning on an early bedtime. I hope you had a good day on plan, more tomorrow. Let’s keep at this.

Being Incandescent…

I left the gym early this morning to a hidden treasure. The early morning sky is hidden treasure in plain sight because it sneaks up on the world when we are all busy inside. Today, felt special because I got to be a witness to it and I thought,”I want to remember this feeling.” I breathed in cool morning air as if I were drinking water into a parched mouth. My body was slick with sweat, and my muscles had that warm burn that comes with a challenging workout. Everything looked and felt new again.

What would it be to live your life driven by your passions? My husband and I saw a fabulous documentary, Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, I encourage you to see this film. It’s a given that she had this incredible immense talent, but she also has this rich, uniquely American, story to tell. I think her life may be a perfect example of a growth mindset. She didn’t play it safe with her career. Instead, she challenged herself to keep pushing her potential. It’s just very inspiring.

I was brought back to listening and signing along to her music with my mom, driving back from Queens after a day of visiting with Nanny Manzella.
This was a favorite of mine and my mother’s.

Comfort Carbs..

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks were planned out, smart, and satisfying. So why was dinner so hard? Through no fault of my own, dinner was took a while to prepare, and by the time I sat down to eat I was both tired and hungry. Woof… that not a good combo for me. I did measure out 1/2 cup of pasta, and I had two chicken meatballs, and half of an eggplant boat. That was all within my SmartPoints balances, however then I ate a crust of bread, and a raspberry/vanilla bar for dessert. The bread and the bar pushed me over my SmartPoints balance for the day. I’m a little disappointed but I was so tired and I let down my guard. I’m going to spin tomorrow morning, and I’m hoping for a stronger day.

Pep Talks…

Be confident! Be courageous! You did everything right to get ready for the week:

1 SmartPoint dinner
  1. You went to spin class this morning.
  2. You cleaned and prepped your vegetables
  3. You precooked a dinner (Eggplant Boats)
  4. You made egg muffins to grab and go.
  5. You packed your lunch.
  6. You laid out your clothes.
  7. You were mindful about what you ate today.
  8. You took Sadie for an evening walk when things got stressful.
  9. You went food shopping and bought good choices.
  10. You are taking some time to write this post.
My new containers holding my egg muffins.

These are all things I did to help myself be successful this week. If you decided to write your own list, what would say? Sometimes we have to be the ones who give ourselves a pep talk. The inner voice has a lot of power, and we get to decide how to wield that power. Put your inner voice to good use, lift yourself up with appreciation and awe. You are worthy at least that much.

Walking Sadie

Ride the Wave…

You know how it feels when you pull everything together and it actually works out? Sometimes all the work you put into something pays off, and that feeling is like riding a wave. Hang five baby, I went down on the scale this week! Now, I’m planning on building on that momentum.

Here are my goals for the week:

  1. Get more high quality sleep. After reviewing my checklists over the past few weeks I see that this is an area for improvement.
  2. Plan on integrating three new meal ideas for the week.
  3. Work on my mediation practices.

What are your goals for the week? If you can’t answer that question, you may want to set some goals. Write them down, and you’re 80% more likely to achieve them. That is pretty amazing, in my book anyway.

Autumn is coming, and I can’t wait.

On Track…

It’s late, this is going to be a brief post because it’s been a busy day. Here are some things I can celebrate:

A pretty sky after spin class. It felt great to know I had a good workout this morning.
I weighed and measured 1/2 serving of these for breakfast at 3 SmartPoints
I ate breakfast at home. I was mindful.
We have PD tomorrow and I made these cute little bags and didn’t eat any candy.

Tomorrow ends the first full week back at school. I am getting used to my new routine. I am rolling over 4 SmartPoints and that feels pretty great.

I Cannot Tell a Lie…

At my last WW workshop my leader, Bonnie, said that we make over 200 food related decisions per day. No wonder yesterday’s post was “Tried & Tired”. A weight loss / wellness journey takes quite a bit of effort. I think you have to really want it to make it stick. I can say that because I am living the life of someone who has lost a significant amount of weight so I know from experience.

Having more energy, feeling more confident, and actually appreciating and enjoying my food more provide big motivations for me to keep at this. In this case, more is more. These are all compelling reasons to keep at it. Ironically, the very habits that grant me the freedom to live this way every day are the same habits that can feel obligatory and oppressive at times. Like tonight I struggled a little with weighing and measuring my portions at dinner. I measured out my 1/2 cup of linguini to mix in with my zucchini noodles. Then I really should have weighed my pork tenderloin (I made pork sauce I cooked the tenderloin in the crock pot and then just added it to tomato sauce). I tracked it at 2 SmartPoints for the pork and 3 SmartPoints for the jarred sauce (shortcut because I’m cooking after work). Then I added a dollop of ricotta cheese, which I should have measured. I eyeballed it and and counted it as 3 SmartPoints. Then when I was filling out my checklist, I really wanted to check off that I weighed and measured everything but I really can’t because I didn’t. This isn’t a gotcha, and I don’t feel bad about it, it just is what happened.

I’m not writing all of this as a confession, I’m writing to be objective. It’s worse to convince myself that I’ve done everything “right” and then weigh in on Saturday and not understand why I didn’t get the results I want on the scale. I am writing all this down to keep me honest with myself. My goal is to want to get back to Lifetime.

As always, thank you readers. You help, and I hope that as you read my posts, you get something that helps you in return. We are all powerful beings who can achieve our goals. Believe it.

Tried and Tired…

I did my best today. I went to spin, I packed my lunch, I had a good breakfast, I planned ahead for dinner. With all of this, I went over my SmartPoints balance, it could have been worse. I had a scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream. It was 9 SmartPoints and that did it. I enjoyed it but was it worth it? I honestly don’t know.

I am doing my best. I just wanted you to know that, I hope you are happy with your choices today. Keep going, your health and wellbeing is worth it.

Shock the System…

Sometimes it is a good idea to change things up. I had become complacent with dinnertime meal planning. This week, I’m trying to plan ahead. I’m three days into my WW week and so far so good. Dinner has been less stressful because I knew what I would be cooking and took steps to help myself along the way. Tonight we had stew and I cooked the beef in the crockpot I made the vegetables when I got home, and mixed it together. I prefer that because then the vegetables don’t get too soft. Anyway, planning dinner helps me to stay on track.

I’m eating more varied foods and that helps to keep it fresh. Here are some new foods (and some returning favorites that have been off the menu for a while) I’ve added…

  • pomegranate seeds
  • sliced zucchini
  • delicata squash
  • rainbow carrots
  • lentils & mirepoix
  • spreadable cheese
  • everything bagel seasoning
  • mashed cauliflower

That’s it for today. I had a good one, I hope you did too!

Keep in Touch…

Goals make this journey possible for me. A new feature that has been added to my weekly workshop meetings at WW is writing down goals and action plans. This is a very good practice to embrace, I find that the closer I am to my goals and progress the better I feel. Here is my goal this week…

What are these funny little flowers?

To eat one meal a day mindfully.

Goal Week of September 8, 2019
Click here to see document

Working towards a goal makes me happier, and when I feel good about myself it makes the journey easier. I am also using my WW Recovery Checklist. It is really helping me focus on my good habits. So, if you don’t have a goal, get one. Make a goal that you think you can really accomplish and dedicate yourself to making it happen. Not every day on the journey will lead to a success on the scale, but every day can be a success nonetheless! How? If you define success with taking time to focus on you, then that sounds like a successful day to me.

Fall harvest 2019

Be bold! Be empowered! Believe that you can do this and you will.