Day Four…

My featured image was from Vermont I didn’t really take any pictures today, and I thought this one was lovely and serene and that’s what I’m shooting for these days. I did one of those self-assessment quizzes that assigns you into categories for how you handle stress. Apparently, I’m a “Wise Worrier” meaning I worry at appropriate times but there is still room to grow. I don’t take too much stock in my results because fast in second place, my results were something like Catastrophic Queen. Anyway, After taking the quiz, readers are directed to parts of the guide that are supposed to be tailored to their specific needs.

Mine was all about finding balance, and how to get centered in times of stress. Well, who wouldn’t be able to use a little more balance in life, right? So I did a little reading, and I learned about a Yoga breathing technique, Alternate Nostril Breathing. Take a look this is how you do it:

It might seem strange if it’s something that is brand new (as it is for me) but I think it does feel good to do. It’s a simple technique that delivers a little boost with a lot of benefits. Here are some of the positive effects associated with this practice:

  • Sharpens concentration and mental clarity
  • Provides equal oxygen levels to both hemispheres of the brain
  • Boosts ability to focus before doing something important
  • Improves sleep
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces stress related disorders such as obesity

Keeping the journey fresh and interesting requires some care and attention. Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about. How about you?

Day Three…

It is a perfect summer day, and I started it off looking at coy ponds, and waiting for a pool guy to show up. It was very peaceful, and because it was early the weather was still cool. So sipping on my coffee, chatting with my hubby – it was a nice start to the day.

Later, I prepared a very healthy breakfast which was plan friendly. Never underestimate keeping some variety with fruits. It’s easy to get in a berry rut, because I do enjoy them but a grapefruit can be nice too.

In my effort to eat strategically and see how I feel, I found that this breakfast satisfied my hunger for hours! I said goodbye to the butter, and hello to the avocado and it really made a difference in my overall feeling of satisfaction. I didn’t feel any urges to snack.

I went to the beach, and got some sun and enjoyed the beautiful weather, peace and some time to kick back and read…

As if to round out this summer day, I went to the movies with my kids. Movies are always tricky because I want to nosh on snacks too. So don’t tell, but I brought in my own popcorn (4 sp.) nuts (I only wanted to eat half the package but I ate the whole thing (8 sp.) and one package of lemon Smart Cakes ( 1 sp.) I think lemon is my favorite. If I had it do over, I would have left the other half of the package in the car that way I’d have an additional 4 sp.

I do love this stuff, if you do too – go it’s good summertime fun.

Now that i used a whopping 12 sp. in snacks, I don’t have any left for dinner. Ever been there? Here is what I am going to do. I’m eating baked chicken (0 sp.), peas & onions (0 sp.), and 1 cup of mashed potatoes. (5 sp.) Since my dinner is 5 sp. I’m going to be dipping into my Weeklies. I did roll over 4 sp. yesterday – so it’s doable.

I hope you’re enjoying summer, and making healthy choices for yourself. Take some time to just enjoy.

Day Two…

I had a great breakfast this morning! It was 1 cup of nonfat greek yogurt, 1 cup of berries and 16 grams of mixed nuts sprinkled on top. I was creamy, sweet, and had a nice crunch. Now I feel very satisfied and am curious to see how long that feeling lasts into the afternoon. I was pretty hungry so didn’t stop to take a picture. Next time.

Summertime sunset over the pit July 2019

I’m thinking a lot about how to be more strategic when planning out my meals. My thinking with breakfast was that the mixed nuts would add some fat and additional protein, while the yogurt offered both protein and calcium, while the berries would help with absorption, fiber, Vitamin C, and folic acid (that develops new cells). I’m not a dietician but I like to read about nutrition and learning new things helps me to stay engaged. The point is to be aware and to try to plan meals that give me a greater bang for my buck.

Still have not delved into my creative outlet and that changes this week!

In case you were wondering I did weigh in and I did gain over the past two weeks. I’ve decided to just be happy where I am right now. I am feeling good about myself and I’m going with that. I am very motivated to get back to goal and Lifetime status, and my journey looks shiny and new to me right now. I started to write that I can’t do anything about my past choices, but that isn’t entirely true. I can think back on what I did and why I did it in an effort to learn. How? I plan on doing some journaling to explore this more deeply than this platform would allow. I’ll share what I discover.

I think my big challenge this week is to keep these positive feelings going. Maybe the way to do that is to engage with any negativity that comes my way. What I mean is this, when I eventually feel the pull of my old habits I want to consider what happened right before, to name what I’m really feeling, and to make a plan for what I will do to get out of the funk. It’s easy to write this plan, it’s harder to act on it in those darker moments. I’ll try, and it would help me to know that you’re out there trying too. We can do this together.

Day One…

I wonder how many Day One’s I’ll have on this journey. I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from my blog for the past eight days. I went away for half that time to Vermont. I had so much fun, I was surrounded with my family and for the most part everything went smoothly.

I have strayed from the WW path over the past few days, and now it’s the day before my workshop and I’m feeling the pressure. I don’t really want to weigh in but I’m going to because I know I need to face it. No matter how long I’ve been on this journey I think it ( I ) will always be a work in progress. That is ok, I’ve made my peace with that. I would be a liar if I didn’t say that I’ve disappointed myself over the past few days in particular. I don’t even know why I’ve checked out. As I look back over the past few months I see lots of struggle. Strong starts and stops and I’ve had enough of that.

It is time for a new beginning (I know, some of you may be like… again?) but yes, again. It’s the starting over that matters, it’s the pick myself up and dust myself off that matters. I’m very imperfect and this is my thing I have to work on forever. Thank you, for coming along with me on my journey I do appreciate it – you help me. I hope I help you to keep going too. I think backup is a good thing especially when it’s so challenging to keep going. So say yes, to new beginnings with me. Ok?

Day Thirty-Two…

I want to invite more creativity into my life, and I want to indulge some leisurely learning. So I decided to get some “stuff” to help me get started. I’m a big believer in surrounding myself with the stuff I need to get me going. So if I want to be more creative… get some stuff that will spark creativity:

I’m taking some pressure off and I’m going to try to take a break. I want to read, draw, and write.

Maybe by taking some of the pressure off, I’ll learn something new that can help me on my weight loss journey. I’ll let you know.

Day Thirty-One…

Sometimes it can be a very good idea to borrow someone else’s motivation when mine is low. Here is a great story, about a woman who has maintained her weight loss for 12 years! Here is my take away…

This rings true for me.

Being on program has been very hit or miss for me lately. I think this phase is ending though. I am in the process of turning things around and I am filled with gratitude. I am worth it, I am going to keep going. I hope you do too.

Day Thirty…

Summer offers three important things:

  1. Time spent outdoors: fresh air and sunshine.
  2. Lots of down time to reflect because I am on vacation.
  3. Family time, everyone’s schedules are more flexible.

This summer is different though, I’m getting physical therapy so I’m working on healing. I went this morning, and it is rough – there is a lot of pain, and I am a little disappointed at how long it’s taking to be whole again. There I go, putting some kind of clock on something that knows no schedule – it takes time, and only with time and effort will things get better for me.

I’m noticing a pattern, not just with my weight loss journey, but my whole life. I tend to put off the negative, and redirect my mental gaze to something else. I think that in some ways, this is a good strategy because it’s not healthy to dwell on the bad stuff. I really believe that is true, but I want to revise my thinking on that a bit because a little contemplation on the bad is also a healthy thing. Maybe I do have to dwell in the negative for a little while so I can wrap my hands around what is stressing me out. Like everything I keep looking for balance.

What stressed me out yesterday that preceded my binge? I had a hard time getting around at Sagamore Hill, I was in pain and I couldn’t do what I had been able to do before the accident. That was really disappointing. Then, I came home to a tree into my house, that brings with it a bunch of headaches that I’m not looking forward to dealing with. Later, I had an argument with and that just added to my overall mood. When I put that all together, I get a clearer image as to why I decided to turn off my healthy habits. Now of course, I wish I had done something else, but this is growth for me. I don’t typically sit down and examine my behavior. There is some power in this – give it a try I think it helps. Another helpful thing I did – I tracked everything I ate so I know how far in the hole I am as far as my Weeklies go and now I can work on recovery.

No matter how powerful; or successful; or brilliant; if there is an issue around weight gain there is deeper work that probably needs to be done. Teddy Roosevelt liked this portrait the best because the artist, Fedor Encke, shaved off thirty pounds. In the portrait depicts him as able to close his Rough Rider uniform, talk about filters! I think no matter who we are, a famous president, or a just a teacher from Long Island NY, we all tend to want to see ourselves as better than we are. The thing is, I am beginning to think, the real power play is for me to lean in and do the work so I own who I am so I can continue to grow and be more than who I am right now.

Day Twenty-Nine…

Expect the unexpected is my general sentiment for today. I started out very strong, I made a fun breakfast and was looking forward to another great day on plan:

7 SmartPoints: Bisquick Heart Smart Pancakes with fat free ReddiWhip & Strawberries

Then we went to Sagamore Hill and toured Teddy Roosevelt’s house in Oyster Bay. I find these kinds of tours interesting because being there makes it easier to imagine what life used to be like.After visiting, I find myself thinking more about the future than the past. It’s strange to think that people lived and died and never knowing what the future would be become. It makes me think about my own life, and what I know to be true, and wonder about what the future may bring:

When we returned home, there had been a micro burst (which is really a tornado) and we were greeted with this:

Well, this is no good. We loved that Dogwood Tree :{

I can’t explain what happened but then I feel off my “good habits” wagon, and I used up all of my Weekly SmartPoints, driving it into the negative (-18 SmartPoints). The ONLY positive spin I can put on this, is that I’m not unaware, I know how many SmartPoints I used, I know what I did and that’s better than denying that it happened.

Day Twenty-Eight…

This was an exceptional week on the scale: – 3.2 pounds. I really needed that boost. Had I not weighed in last week, because I knew I was going up on the scale, I wouldn’t have seen my efforts come to fruition this week. No matter what, for me anyway, it’s important to weigh in – I know that for certain.

My husband experienced huge success too! He performed at the Happenings on Main Street last night. They had an open mic and he sounded fantastic. I admire that he pushes himself to get out there and do something he loves. Go Dave!

Ooh La La 1973

In keeping with a musical theme, we saw the movie, Yesterday last night. It was such a good time. I’ve been listening to Beatles songs all day on Spotify having been reminded how great they were. They’re not my generation, but I love them just the same. Finding gratitude for this music that I’ve taken for granted is a real treat. It’s like someone giving you a hug and then you remember, “Oh hey, it’s you.” Check out the trailer:

Four Stars!

The big victory for today, I elected to have strawberries and whipped cream instead of cake for dessert. It was delicious and I saved a bunch of SmartPoints to boot. I hope you’re having a nice weekend readers. I believe in you, remember you can do this!

Day Twenty-Seven…

It is the day before weigh in and I am taking some time to reflect. Thinking back I can say that I was on point – absolutely no shenanigans going on over here. If I were a gambler, I would bet that I was going down on the scale tomorrow. If I don’t, then maybe something else is going on. I am on some medications that I don’t normally take and they might be having an impact on my weight loss efforts. Either way, I feel good because I know I’m doing my best and I am reinforcing all the good habits I’ve learned since September 2017. Go me!

I’m thinking a lot about a WW friend, Bob, who reached out and shared a bit about his weight loss journey. He lifted me up this week and helped me back. He told me his story, how he has been losing “slow and steady”. How he keeps engaged by looking for new recipes. He posts those recipes as a way to give back to our community. He reminded me how much I have done and how I should be proud of what I’ve been able to do. He was a friend, when I needed a friend. I am very grateful.

Ice-Cream Update…

If you read yesterday’s post, then you already know about my internal battle over the junior cup ice-cream, how would I handle the extra 7 SmartPoints it would cost to eat? Well, all my strategizing was for nothing because my husband said the line was too long at Carvel and he didn’t come home with any ice-cream after all.