Kindness Turned Inward…

Another good day on plan. I am rolling over four SmartPoints. This morning I tried that hot water cinnamon/lemon/honey mixture I wrote about yesterday. I liked it a lot and I think I’ll do it again tomorrow. The honey is 4 SmartPoints so that’s a little steep but it I wasn’t hungry for a long time today. I don’t know if is in my head or if it really does work but since it worked I guess that’s all that really matters.

January 6, 2020 Challenge

Here is a list of what I think I do well:

  • Being a wife and mother
  • Being a friend
  • Being a learner
  • Being a teacher
  • Being a writer
  • Spin class
  • Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Puzzles

As I look at my list I think about what it says about me. I am fortunate to have people to love and who love me back. I curious about the world around me and I want to keep learning so I continue to grow. In a stressful world I think it’s good for all of us to recognize the good stuff that’s within us – try it write your own list. Celebrate what you do well, it’s not bragging it is kindness turned inward.

Boo, Gobble, Ho…

The holidays are extremely challenging when it comes to weight loss efforts. There is so much great food around, that staying on plan becomes difficult. Right now, in my kitchen there is a lovely apple pie and sitting in my freezer is a full tub of creamy full-fat vanilla ice cream. I am going to a family function tomorrow and this is my contribution ( I’m also bringing fresh fruit salad).

Something is working though, because I am down another 1.4 pounds! This is the fourth week in a row that I have gone down on the scale. Down, during a time of year when I usually go up. My WW coach refers to this time of year as the Bermuda Triangle, the time between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December Holidays. So actually experiencing success right now is especially sweet.

I’m doing this, 100% I’m in it to get results and it’s working, and that’s just what I wanted this year.

Everyone Needs Love…

There were some landmines today with my Sugar Free challenge. We went to my favorite bakery and I didn’t get a cookie. I looked at them from the other side of the glass and some people did eat them. Not me, and I’m happy about that accomplishment. The next landmine? When I was at Trader Joe’s they were giving away little slices of lemon cake. It looked goo, but I just said, “I can’t, my sugar free challenge is still going on.” So I kept my resolve not once but twice.

Day 12

I’m going to start my activity and sleep challenge. I want to get at least three days of activity in for the week, and I want to go to bed each night no later than 10:30 pm or 9:30 pm (if I’m planning to get some activity before work). This would be a good 6 – 7 hours of quality sleep. I think that’s just what I need consistent quality sleep and some activity that will help give me that extra boost.

Well, readers, I think I’m fading. I have to say, “Good night. I’ll see you in the morning. :


I had a great day on plan. It’s the first great day in a long while. It’s been a total of fourteen days since I wrote my last post and tonight I am writing from my heart. My weight loss journey is very important to me it has given me both confidence and energy. It has shown me that I can overcome obstacles and reclaim my personal sense of power. Since I’ve been on this journey, I have made important self-discoveries because writing these posts has pushed me to be more reflective. I am extremely grateful.

Even with all of these positive rewards, this is still hard. If you find yourself in a similar spot (thinking this is too hard) I hope you will give yourself the time and space you need to reengage with your weight loss efforts. You can do this, don’t forget that because it’s the truth. Thank you for reading. More tomorrow…

Sleep On It…

WW’s focus this week was about sleep, and now I’m thinking about how important getting quality sleep is to my weight loss journey. I think the reason I gained weight in the first place was because I would stay up late to work and wouldn’t get enough sleep. I would eat when I should have been sleeping. Here are some reasons to consider:

  1. Studies suggest that poor sleep leads to obesity.
  2. Sleep depravation increases appetite.
  3. Well rested people can stave off cravings and make healthier choices.
  4. Late night snacking can becomes a very unhealthy habit
  5. Muscle loss results in poor sleep.
  6. Sleep improves physical performance.
  7. Poor sleep over a few days may result in insulin resistance

If you want to read more about sleep, click here it’s a good read, and very informative.

A couple of things…

I couple of things I did today that in the moment was hard to do but afterward made me feel great. I bought good options when I went to the food store including: cotton candy grapes, cauliflower, snap peas, lean pork tenderloin, and chicken. Later, I wanted a snack, and I put it into my tracker first, when I saw that it would take me out of my “Blue Dot” zone, I decided to pass on it. Then I selected a lower point snack that was satisfying and I am still on track.


It was my turn to submit a journal challenge to the group. I named it, “On Fire! Tools Spark Weight Loss & Wellness” I found reflecting on my tools to be very useful and I thought other people might too. If you would like to do the challenge… here it is::

Thank you, everyone!

Banning Boomerangs Down 4.6…

In my past, when I was not so self-aware I’d let superstition keep me from celebrating weight loss success. Like if I allowed myself to be present and experience the joy of my accomplishment I would be inviting trouble. I would hear that little voice say, “Don’t be too enthusiastic,” it would say “because maybe next week won’t be so kind and the weight will just boomerang back.” That voice was me abdicating my own sense of power I can’t really describe it but it was like I let something else take over and I was left feeling out of control.

The truth is, I am not powerless (neither are you) I am very powerful (so are you). Figuring out how to be honest and claim that power is a big part of what helped to made the difference this week.

I am going to use my WW Recovery Checklist again this week because it was so helpful. It’s a light tool that is a place to remind me of what habits are most helpful and a place to capture my reflections for how it’s going.

We are celebrating my husband’s birthday today and it could have been a recipe for disaster as far as my weight loss journey goes. He asked for his favorite lasagna, garlic bread, and sautéed spinach. That, plus birthday cake would send me over my SmartPoints balance and into my Weeklies. It is true that is why they are there to be used for such occasions – but I wanted to try to do it another way. This is what I did instead:

  • I tracked a slice of cake for 14 SmartPoints first thing in the morning after my WW workshop.
  • I kept my points low for the whole day. Yogurt & berries 0 sp. for breakfast, Homemade chicken burger made with 98% lean chicken 0 sp. on a low carb tortilla 2 sp. and a slice of Velvetta cheese 1 sp. and tomato. I also had some vegetable sticks, Mini Baby Bell Light 1 sp. and grapes 0 sp.
  • When I prepared lasagna for the family, I also made a zucchini lasagna for me 5 SmartPoints Per slice.
  • I will forgo the bread in favor of the cake.

It comes down to an important question, what do you really want? I really want to take care of my husband and make sure he has a happy birthday, and I want to lose weight this week. My actions today are making that possible.

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles…

I went to my favorite bakery, Copenhagen, and ordered my husband’s birthday cake today. Well, anyone who knows me, knows I love cookies (Hello, I’m Jenn and I’m a WW member). Copenhagen happens to sell my favorite bakery cookies, and so the cookies won today. My decision to eat cookies had the potential to blow to my SmartPoints daily budget. Now I need to make the necessary adjustments so I remain in my Blue Dot status:

Foregoing cookies would have made today easier; however, I find that sometimes when I say “No” to the thing I really want it becomes my downfall. I realize I have some issues here, like why not just have one cookie, not three. The only thing I can say is at that moment looking through the glass the cookies got the better of me. My internal dialogue went like this:

I am ordering a cookie, I like the oatmeal, chocolate chip, and a candy chip. I want all three. How many points will that be? I went to Spin this morning, I can have three cookies.

My inner dialogue about food

I tracked the cookies as 14 sp. One choice leads to another, and now I only have 4 sp. left for dinner, but on WW that is doable. As I sit here snacking on vegetable sticks, I have decided what my dinner will be:

  • 2 cups Progresso Soup: Light Chicken Noodle 2 sp.
  • 2 oz Boars Head Ever Roast Chicken: 0 sp
  • 1 Josephs Flax Pita: 1 sp.
  • Green Salad with 30 ml Wishbone Light Italian Dressing: 1 sp.
The scale was there to measure the chicken, yes it was 0 sp.
but I wanted to be sure I had 2 oz.

I am trying to learn the give and take for control. That is something i’m going to be thinking about more in the future. Just think, if I lose weight this week, I will have done so with cookies in my life. That’s worth it to me. I am learning to co-exist with cookies.

Now, I also notice I had some stress today that impacted hunger cues. That could have added to my decision making today. It’s really all connected.

Day Nineteen…

I am down 2.2 pounds! This is pretty exciting since I weighed in three days early. I am taking a trip this week, and so I made it a point to get to a WW studio this morning. Finally, some traction! Fresh starts, can be especially challenging when it comes to long lasting routines, and sometimes you’ve just got to shake it up.

Preparing food and thinking ahead feels like control. I have decided I’m going just embrace that good feeling and make the most of it. Who knows why it took so long to get my rhythm back, the thing that matters is that I didn’t give up. As I read that last sentence back, I realize that sounds trite, but it’s the truth. It really would have been easy to keep sliding backwards. The horrible truth about that is each slide back makes it a little bit harder to get back on track.

So think about what you can do to help yourself. Here are some options:

  1. Clean out your kitchen, and get rid of unhelpful foods.
  2. Decorate your dining area with something you enjoy. Fresh flowers, new placemats, or glassware can make it so pleasant.
  3. Burn some fragrant candles like apple, peppermint, or citrus that make you feel good.
  4. Get some fun containers, use your fancy bowls and put healthy food choices where you will see them first.
  5. Leave some “love notes” to yourself reminding you how everything you are doing is to reach your goals.
  6. Try something new: fruit, vegetables, recipe, and eat mindfully really experiencing it. What did you like? What didn’t you like?
  7. Write out the SmartPoints values on single servings.
  8. Mix and match your snacks. Like have a cup of cherries with 1/3 cup of pistachios a nice sweet and salty snack for 3 sp.
  9. Get a variety of seltzer water flavors squeeze some lemon, lime, pineapple or orange slices to make a colorful and refreshing drink to sip on during these warm summer months.
  10. Wind down at the end of the day with a nice cup of soothing hot tea. It will take some time to drink and you can use that time to do something relaxing that you enjoy

Keep working on you. Don’t give up even if you’re having a rough time. If you’re on an upswing, help someone out by lending them some of your strength. Be good to yourself, and be good to others. You got this.

Day Seventeen…

Today is my birthday. This time last year, I was closing the gap to goal. It took me until November 2018 to get there. Now, I find myself working to get back to Lifetime status. This weight loss journey is not something to be taken for granted. It’s a mixed bag really, I’m both not ok, and I am ok.

A fun birthday lunch with my sister and daughter.

Not ok: I’m disappointed in myself. Some clothes are either too tight or don’t fit, and this freaks me out. It’s as though they are saying, “I told you so.” It’s easy to let a Negative Nellie voice take over in the face of my past success. I let old habits creep back in, and so I let myself slip backwards.

I am ok: I’m resilient. I have short-term goals that are working for me. I am making sure to be active each day. I am measuring and weighing my portions. I am making good choices when I go out. I am tracking everything I eat. This forces me to acknowledge when I go over my daily SmartPoint allotments. I am saying “No” to mindless noshing. I am going to meetings, even when I can’t go on my regular day. I’m talking about my goals with my family and friends. The thing that makes all these goals possible is that I believe I can do this. Believing in me the best present I can give myself today.

5 SmartPoints

I think it is so essential that I am honest with myself and how I’m feeling. It’s not possible to be present during this process without honesty. Feelings are complex, and it’s better to explore them so they don’t grow and become more than they ought to be. It would be easy to suppress those negative feelings but they’d eventually rise up and sabotage me. It would be easy to let those negative feelings take over and to allow myself to give up. None of those are good options. Keep some perspective, and keep going. I think that’s what this year is going to be all about.

Day Thirteen…

It’s so easy to get lost in weakness and to focus on my mistakes. If I’m not careful, I can narrow my focus to see all my negative choices while taking for granted all the work that has gone into this journey. I can fool myself to think that my weight loss success just happened and was not the product of deliberate work, that was crafted through great care and dedication. But I know the truth, this healthy lifestyle is the result of years of ongoing effort.

Success happens one meal at a time. 3 sp.

I was revisiting some words of wisdom to look for encouragement. These words resonated with me today, I think it’s just what I needed to read:

Life is miraculous and it’s so important to remember that we are all sacred beings whose very existence is an extension of grace and love. How can I improve my health and wellbeing if I believe I am am worthy of positive change? I begin the road to change by honoring and loving myself. I hope you will do the same.