I am thinking about what influences me. As I reflect on my interactions with my family and friends, the books that I read, my colleagues at work, and all the media I consume all have an impact. The decisions I make influence me also. Every choice leads in towards or away from success:

  • Do I pre-pack and track my meals for the next day the night before?
  • Do I go to bed early so I can make a spin class in the morning?
  • Do I stay up later and keep working?
  • Did I plan what we will have for dinner?
  • Do I have dessert tonight?

It’s all the little choices that have a big influence on the direction I take. So I plan on celebrating every choice I make that will render a positive influence. Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and of course, I am more than a number on the scale! However, I also believe the number is feedback on how I am doing.

I blog the truth. The truth is I really hope I make it within my two-pound range tomorrow. I will have 39 roll over points at the close of this week. That’s amazing. I made my fitness goal. That’s amazing! I included a variety of foods and made smart choices that left me feeling satisfied and not deprived. That’s amazing! I even took time to get a manicure on the way home from work today because I wanted to do something nice for myself. That’s amazing too!

If I don’t make it. I will be disappointed but I will not be deterred. I will keep working and doing my best. Right now, I’d love it if you promised to do the same. In my mind, I imagine that you say, “I will too!” We can do this, let’s go.


Sometimes living my healthy lifestyle feels like…

Some days, you just want to twist and shout!

Other times it feels like this…

Some days, you just want to ask, who said this was a good idea?

I felt in charge and in control today. I went off plan a few days this week; however, I am very happy about achieving my activity goals I wanted to go to spin at least three times and I went four!

I fully embrace that I am not perfect and I am confident at the same time. I am not afraid to fail publicly – if some good can come out of it. The only regret I would have would be if I missed an opportunity to grow – this journey is about personal growth.

The truth? There is no good or bad in my pursuit for lasting weight loss. It is not a success or failure sort of endeavor. There is only a continuous inner search for balance. Today I tapped into my balance reserves and I felt in control and empowered for most of the day. That is a gift and I am grateful.


After forty-eight days from hitting goal, I am now a LIFETIME member! In the #WW world, the status of “Lifetime” means you no longer have to pay for your seat at the workshops. I made it it’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever given myself.

Now I’m heading into Christmas, knowing that I achieved this goal. That is an incredible feeling. Since my journey began I have lost over 90 pounds. This would have been insurmountable had it not been for all the support and love my #WW community has given me along the way. There are so many difficult days, but there is also amazing days. The thing is not get blinded by one or the other.

Sometimes this weight loss transformation feels like a gift I’m not allowed to keep. Sometimes it feels like it is something I was meant to have and have always been. The truth is neither of those two scenarios is real. The truth is that it is always a choice and the choice is mine.

My parting words for today, you can do this – BELIEVE that you can. Expect some days to be really difficult, expect some days to be amazing. Both will happen. There will be monotonous days along the way where you may be tired of all the work that goes into achieving this goal. There will be days that your habits will be so strong doing this will feel like breathing. Expect it and welcome all these days. When this happens to you, you will know you’re on the path to better health. I’m cheering for you. I’m sending all my positive energy out to you because I understand what it takes and I believe in you.

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Day Three Hundred Eighty-Five…

Today was a hungry day, some days just are, I can’t say why. Maybe it was cool weather,  or maybe it’s because I’m a pound away from goal. I do feel good about how I handled it, I made good choices all day long. Also, I am rolling over one point so I’d say that is a victory all things considered.

I took the advice of other members too. When I went food shopping I bought things that are helpful with food prep like cut up fruits and vegetables. I mixed up my menu and made some fall favorites. Tonight we had butternut squash with apples. It was so delicious. I made mashed potatoes with the skins that made prepping dinner go a bit faster too. I am truly grateful for the collective wisdom of my Saturday morning Weight Watchers group.



Day Three Hundred Eighty-Four…

Those are my words for the day. Even when it’s a difficult day I want to try to encourage someone, and I want to encourage myself. Today was hard, I just finished working. I’m making my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow, and I have a quick agenda to write for a meeting tomorrow morning. I am pushing myself harder than ever but I think I’m starting to make a turn in the right direction. I’m starting to get a second wind.

Is weight loss difficult? You bet it is. Is it worth it? I think so. I can do this, and so can you. Let’s encourage each other.

Day Three Hundred Eighty-One…

I had a conversation with a friend today who is has lost so much weight. she shared her frustration about gaining .2 pounds and being stagnant.  It was privileged to be the voice that reminded her of all that she has achieved.  I quoted my Weight Watcher leader, “Don’t forget all the pounds you’re defending.” Narrowing the focus to numbers minimizes the accomplishment. If you’re on a weight loss journey and you feel stuck, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Acknowledge the disappointment but keep going. Just because it isn’t happening quickly doesn’t mean it won’t happen. You can do this. Believe it.

Day Three Hundred Eighty…

I wish I had more to share. For the most part, all I did was work today. I’m making progress, but I have so much more to do. I just have to keep at it.

I ate sort of sporadically  I used a total of 24 SmartPoints. I had a salad with chicken for dinner and I decided to eat half of it and use the other half for lunch tomorrow. I still have to pack my breakfast and lunch and get myself ready for the workday.

I am going through this phase where I’m not hungry and then I’m starving. I think I am waiting too long to eat between meals. I did sign up for spin again. So, maybe tomorrow is the day I actually make it there.  I’ll let you know.

Words of Wisdom

Day Three Hundred Seventy-Nine…

The day was busy, there was so much to do at work that I barely had time to eat. I ate most of my lunch on my ride home. It was not a “blue dot” day but it wasn’t a disaster. I had my basic breakfast (greek yogurt and fruit), and lunch (sandwich, fruit, 1/3 cup pistachios, cut up vegetables, mini baby-bell cheese, low-fat Triscuits). Dinner – two tacos, a chocolate graham cracker from Starbucks with a tall nonfat skinny latte. So, I used 29 Smartpoints (one over the limit). I really enjoyed the graham cracker, unlike yesterday’s sugar-free ice cream, it was a big ticket item at 7 points.

As far as activity goes, I have been signing up for (and canceling) spin class. I have not gone because of all the late nights. When it comes to spin or sleep, sleep has to win. However, I did sign up for tomorrow, and I really want to go. Fingers crossed I get what needs to be done tonight at a reasonable hour so that happens. There is still so much work for me to do so work is taking priority.  However, this is a temporary (albeit extremely demanding) situation that will eventually come to an end.

So in the meantime, I am grateful for the latte and chocolate graham I enjoyed so much. I am grateful that I took Sadie for a walk the other day. I am even grateful for washing my face before I go to bed. These may be very simple things but they help. I am learning that even though I can’t control everything that comes my way, I can always appreciate what I have. It feels good to take this moment and think about the good because I want the good to grow.

My last words for today are I am rooting for your success on your weight loss journey.  This is a day-in-day-out kind of endeavor. It’s hard to see progress sometimes, and other times you wake up and feel totally different. I am 89.2 pounds and I made this happen. You can do this too,

Day Three Hundred Seventy-Eight…

I had Open House so I only got home around 9:30 pm. I was really hungry and ate dinner and then I had 1 and 1/2 servings of Edy’s Moosetracks Sugar-Free Ice-cream. I went over my SmartPoints allowance so I did not earn a “blue dot”. In retrospect, it wasn’t really worth it but this was just one choice out of so many others. I thought about not tracking it for a moment, but then who would I be kidding? Myself. I am proud that I recorded it and am continuing to be honest with myself and anyone who happens to read my post.

Now I am looking forward to washing my face, getting into p.j.’s and hitting the sack. Tomorrow is a new day.