Day Forty…

Thank you to everyone for all the support and love. This was a cool message to get…

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 7.29.26 PM

Full confession, some of those likes are my own because (especially when I was starting out)I see it as a kind of positive self-talk.  Kindness counts and it meant to be given freely and generously so why not lavish it on yourself?

Saturday is my day to see if I make Lifetime and I’m starting to get a little nervous that it may not happen. I hope I’m wrong because I would really love to make this goal right out of the gate. That would be great, plus it would be awesome to (finally) sit in a free seat.  In the scheme of things, the more important part of this is that I am learning how to live my life in a healthy way.

Yes, you can do this and so can I.


Day Thirty-Nine…

Today the cookies won. It wasn’t a total defeat but I ate two more than I wanted to eat. At the moment I made a rationalization as to why I should eat them, and then I did. However, I did not keep going, and I tracked them. So while it’s not a “blue dot day” it also wasn’t a washout.  That feels pretty good.

I hope you are well on your journey. I hope you are taking care of yourself and doing something for you every single day. Think about everything you do for everyone else. Part of living a well-balanced life is caring for others. Part. The other part is turning that kindness inward and caring for yourself.

Day Thirty-Eight…

It’s the holiday season and I’m sitting in my living room, the Christmas tree looks lovely, Sadie is by my side, and I’m sipping some Cranberry Cider Seltzer (yum). This is a perfect time to take a few minutes to reflect on my notes from my Saturday morning workshop.

The workshop is a time to share, and this past Saturday, members shared what is working for them. Here are some lessons I’m learning in the company of others:

  • This process helps members become more conscious about what they are eating,
  • Members are examining their behaviors and designing their plan, their journey, to meet their individual needs.
  • Learn and understand that there are no “off limit” foods just moderation and accountability.
  • Learn to trust the program and to eat mindfully.
  • Prepping and planning helps a lot.
  • Understanding what my triggers are is what can help me to find a strategy for when things get rough.
  • Practicing mindfulness adds a whole other dimension to the journey.

I feel so much gratitude because this beautiful community is a big part of why I was able to lose so much weight. It’s the support, the shared wisdom, the inspirational stories that make #WW special. I hope I make Lifetime this week; however, if I don’t it’s ok, because I believe it will happen. With the help of my friends (and of course my sister) I believe in me.

So wherever you are on this journey, I hope you regard it with the power and respect it deserves because this journey can change your life for the better. I guess that’s why #WW calls it #Lifetime. You are perfect in every way. There is no one else like you, and the world needs you – your voice, your presence, your perspective.  So don’t be shy, open up and share what is working, the struggle, the lighter side of this too, it’s not all a drag! If you do this, you will be helping yourself and everyone with you, and how great is that? Thank you, for reading.

I know I’ve posted this last year, but I think there is a lot of truth in this little diddy.

Day Thirty-Seven…

It’s the first day I feel like I’m totally in control. Control is a funny thing when it comes to weight loss, maintenance, and health. It’s funny because, on one hand, control feels amazing, when I feel like I’m in control,  it feels like I’ve got this whole thing figured out. On the other hand, when it’s missing, it feels very far away and elusive.

When it’s all clicking in my #WW world this almost feels as easy as breathing. When it’s out of sync it feels like having the wind knocked out of me – painful, awkward, and difficult. How weird is that? The very thing, learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, can bring me such joy and it can also make me feel frustrated, or powerless.

I think the reason so many people give up on this goal, losing weight and improving health, is because it can be such a rollercoaster. Plus it takes a long time to see the physical results. There was a period where I felt significantly changed on the inside but it didn’t show up on the outside for quite some time. There are more than a few posts in here about being patient.

Words of Wisdom

My last words tonight, I am not giving up. I’m not giving up because losing weight has brought me back home to myself. The energy, the connectedness to the world, and the confidence I have gained by losing this weight are worth the effort it takes to learn how to maintain it and keep it off.  Thank you for reading.




Day Twenty-Eight…

This week's loss

Every time I think about the journey as a challenge, I want to shift that perspective to a more positive stance. It’s not to say it isn’t challenging because (sometimes) it can be really difficult. But being able to accomplish this goal is an amazing thing too and I can decide to celebrate that instead.

So many people give up because they have not yet figured out how to make this work for them. I promise it is worth this figuring out, losing weight, and regaining my energy has completely changed my life. So… you already probably know what I’m going to say – you can do this too. Keep at it!

Change is inevitable and at times it’s sad. we are saying goodbye our local Hardware store. It’s been around for many years, and I think we are losing something special in its own way.


Day Sixteen…

This is not an easy goal. Losing weight is difficult and requires some attention. Remember why you want to do it and make a plan for how you will do it. I know how that sounds – it sounds obvious but anyone who has tried to lose weight knows it’s not. This is hard 

Sometimes you don’t want to have to think about tracking, weighing, and measuring food. Sometimes the situation makes it impossible to do those things. Sometimes you just want to be like (what it seems as though) everyone else can do and just eat and drink whatever you want. The truth is everyone is different. For me, I will never be like those people I will always have to think about this.

I am the kind of person who will always have to be mindful about food. It doesn’t matter that I’ve reached goal – it’s just the way it is for me. That’s ok. I’d rather face the truth and be honest than kid myself. I can do this, and so can you. If you’re reading these words right now, listen to me, “You can do this. Believe in yourself and make some important changes to your lifestyle.”

Limit sugar (yes you can still eat a piece of cake or a scoop of ice cream but don’t overdo it). Start to move more. Find something you enjoy doing and get some activity – you’ll feel better about your situation. Track the foods you eat, and when you eat, and why you eat. That makes a huge difference. If you make these changes, you will begin to lose weight and feel better about your health.

Losing weight doesn’t make all your problems go away. What it does do, is improve your health. You are worth the effort and I can only hope that you believe me. My last words for the night, are that I hope you are happy on your journey. Happiness helps a lot. 

Day Four Hundred Twenty-Two…

Too tired to write. I was awesome today. I am proud of myself and what I’m doing to improve my health and appearance.

I hope that when you think about yourself you use kind words. So if you are trying to lose weight and if today wasn’t so great… that doesn’t mean you’re not great. You are. If today wasn’t so great, it doesn’t mean your efforts weren’t any good. They were. This is just plain old hard sometimes.

Take heart, it will get better, hang in there and believe that you can do this. Then you will.

Day Four Hundred-Twelve…

At dusk, the sky was beautiful.

It has been a while since I stood snapping pictures, thinking about how lovely the world can be even if I am just standing in the Stop & Shop parking lot. There is no reason not to appreciate this, and the truth is beauty makes the journey so much better.

I am happy to say I went to spin this morning and I felt great. I love owning a part of my day before the demands of the workday begin. It’s not that I don’t love my job, I love teaching, but it’s amazing to have that small bit of time that is for me, and me alone.

I’m still thinking about willpower. I read that every time you have a stepwise plan for how to handle a challenge you are building your willpower muscle. So when the alarm goes off at 4:30 am I know I have to…

  1. Turn off the alarm.
  2. Swing my feet out from under the covers.
  3. Get up, and go into the bathroom

If I follow those three steps I am on my way to spin class. That strengthens my willpower muscle. Another example, when I come home from work I…

  1. Empty my lunchbox.
  2. Put a new water bottle inside.
  3. Get out the scale and containers.

If I do that, I’m on my way to pre-packing, pre-tracking my breakfast and lunch for the next day. This is just how it goes. It’s not so hard and it does get easier. So think about your willpower muscle. Think about your “why” these are two important parts to a successful journey. You can do this, and I can too.

Day Four Hundred-Two…

Sadly, I did not make goal:

October 13, 2018
Some images from the week: my neighbor’s house all decked out for fall; revenge of pumpkin baked goods a constant temptation of fall; a beautiful sunset I snapped during a walk with Sadie and my hubby; an early morning spin class (still proud of that); the hole in a fence a big dog like to stick out his nose and park at Sadie (they got a new fence probably saw me snap this picture).

I am feeling frustrated, and no one would understand unless they have been on this side of weight loss struggle. It’s a productive struggle though, I am improving the quality of my life, and making long-lasting changes. This is true, but this is also true – enough already! I went to the movies last night and ate an apple and some carrot sticks! It’s not as though I’ve been slacking.

So, what’s a girl to do? Turn to her friends! I went to my “workshop” this morning and it turns out I’m not the only frustrated member this week. There were at least five people who could share in my feelings of frustration. It does help to see others who are working the program and are in a similar situation.

So, I shared my feelings and then I listened.  Now I have a plan for the week:

  1. Prepare meals and foods ahead of time. Know what you’re going to eat.
  2. Track everything, if you eat it you track it no matter how big or small.
  3. Acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished and be kind to yourself.
  4. Switch up foods don’t just revert back to the same old foods.
  5. Build up meals with zero point foods around an item with points.
  6. Set an activity goal for the week, and work towards keeping it.
  7. Share how you’re feeling with others.
  8. Pay attention to your actions, think about why you do what you do.
  9. Use the “Quick Add” feature to write something that you look forward to every day.
  10. Keep looking for beauty every day no matter how busy you get.


This came in the mail and it was an unexpected early delivery! This was something I was looking forward to:

Day Three Hundred Ninety-Five…

No, I did not get to goal.

Progress October 6 2018

I will get there just not today.

I’m not worried, or disappointed. Well, when I first found out,  standing there next to the scale that I went up.4 pounds, I know I made a “face” but after that, I was really ok. It’s not that 1.6 pounds are going to make a difference in what I’ve accomplished or how I feel it’s just a marker of the accomplishment. It’s to say, “Yes I did this.”  That said, this is not to say this isn’t important to me.  It is really important for me to achieve this milestone.

With all the many changes to the program, I am grateful that WW understands the value of keeping Lifetime Membership because it’s something that I’ve aspired to for such a long time – years.  Just the word “Lifetime” means so much. This morning, as I attended my workshop, I listened carefully as a Lifetime member, Theresa, shared how she will always have to be mindful about her food choices. This is my truth too. My old habits are there and will never fully leave me. Last night I looked at the Klondike bars in the freezer and thought about how many points one would be. I didn’t eat it but the desire was still there. A desire that (for me) stems from living with so much stress.

Anyway, be well on the journey. Believe in yourself and know you can do this and then you will.

This is what living on plan looks like: