Go Me…

I did a good job this week. St. Patrick’s Day was challenging because I went way over my SmartPoints allowance that day. I do love my sister’s Irish Soda Bread, and my sister-in-law’s corned beef! I did recover from that and I’m ending my week with SmartPoints in my bank, and I have exceeded my fitness goal. I practiced my goal for being mindful about bedtime routines each night this week and it certainly helped me. I have to think on what would come next, I am not sure yet.

I hope I go down on the scale tomorrow but either way, I had a great week. I hope you did too. Please be good to yourself because weight loss is already hard enough.

Revising Goals

Revising a goal doesn’t mean I failed, it means I reflected. There is a difference. Sometimes I set goals that sound good, but in reality are not so practical. It’s been a stressful week for me and I don’t really want to be so hard on myself.

Even though I will not make my goals this week, I have not rolled over any points, and I have exceeded my weeklies to boot. i have had some good moments. Saying no to second helpings, being mindful about my choices, and reflecting on when I gave into cravings. I believe this is how I will continue to grow.

I’m going to keep at this, I hope you will too.

Just Made It…

I made it by the skin of my teeth to spin class today. The lights were off, and the class had begun and I got one of the last bikes. Phew… By the end of class, heard this song it was fantastic…

Queen & David Bowie – crazy talented.

Pressure is one of those songs for me, it’s so genuine. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. Maybe it has stuck with me because of the physical exhaustion (it was a very challenging class). Maybe it still lingers because of the way Freddie Mercury and David Bowie’s voices compliment each other. So different but perfectly matched. I think the real reason it endures today is because by the end of the song they are singing about love.

Love is what it’s all about. Think about it, anything big in life begins with love. I challenge you to think about your weight loss journey as an expression of love. Daily life is full to brim of pressure, and weight loss requires care, time, and attention. For so many of us that’s daunting and the first feeling that pressure stirs up is that it’s selfish to take that care, time, and attention on something that is just for you. Think again. It’s an expression of love for the life we’ve been given. I would bet, that the people who love you most want you to love yourself.


I found a penny on the floor – head’s up! I must be lucky. March, makes me think of four-leaf clovers, rainbows, and pots of gold. I think about winning the lottery and who I would share my fortune with, the house I would buy, having a chef and personal shopper. It is so fun to imagine success just dropping into my lap and getting what I want without effort or perseverance.

Back to reality. So, what does it mean to be successful? I didn’t officially weigh-in today because it snowed during the night and our roads weren’t plowed. I weighed myself at home on my WW scale and I lost weight this week. That’s good because my weight has been fluctuating but within my Lifetime range. I think that makes me successful. I’m doing it – I’m maintaining my weight loss. Unlike a four-leaf clover, or a heads up penny I don’t have to search for it or stumble upon it – I can make it happen.

My weight loss journey is teaching me that I can make my own luck I can change my world and make things happen. It’s not really luck, it’s power. I’m in touch with my own power. Having a sense of personal power doesn’t mean that it’s always great. It’s not – I have to work for it. If you read yesterday’s post then you know sometimes I get overwhelmed. Not today. Today has been pretty good.

  • I’m making some progress with my work.
  • I had a very productive meeting.
  • I still managed to have some fun with my kids.

My last words for tonight’s post, say yes. Take this journey to weight loss and better health. Take it with a generous heart and without presupposed expectations. Take it because it is something you can do for yourself that you will appreciate. Take with kind words in your thoughts, and belief in your heart. You can do this.

The Flip Side…

When I accomplished my weight loss goal and made it to Lifetime I felt so powerful. I did something really difficult that eludes many smart, talented people. I did this by showing up every day doing my best – succeeding and failing. The thing that made the difference, was that I kept at it. I learned how to be patient and how to turn kindness inward without deluding myself along the way. In other words, I kept my cool, kept it real and I kept it kind and I think that’s how I lost 93 pounds.

I think this should be my attitude when it comes to Maintenance as well. Keep cool, keep it real, keep it kind – there are going to be difficult days. Thankfully, today is not one of them. Today has been a great day on plan. I’m not so hungry and I feel energetic and positive. So, yes, there is always a flip side – for better or for worse being on a weight loss journey is just like life I think. There are good days, bad days, and all kinds of days in-between. Expect that and you can go wrong.

I hope you feel as encouraged reading this as I do writing it. Keep at this – it’s worth the effort!

Some nice advice. Thank you FB WW groups!

Let It, Snow…

Snow days offer a particular kind of challenge that anyone who has tried to lose weight can relate to. Outside, it’s snowing at a rapid pace the skies are a cool slate grey. Inside, the house is warm and seems to give off a golden light in stark contrast to the frigid weather. For me, it seems I instinctively I start wishing for cinnamon and sugar aromas to fill the air. Maybe something ginger or spicy savory smell would be nice too.

Home and food are synonymous for me. Many of my fondest memories of home are intertwined with home cooked meals. Meals that were lovingly prepared and set around a welcoming table. A table full of life, stories, and lots of laughter. It’s no wonder that traditions and comfort are easily interchangeable with eggplant parmesan, sour milk cake, or homemade manicotti. It’s not like it was done on purpose and I certainly don’t blame anyone for my food confusion. It just the way it worked out for me.

We went out into the weather just now and picked up a few items. While we were out we stopped off at my favorite bakery to buy some bread for dinner. I have to confess I ate 3 1/2 cookies and drank a cup of hot cocoa. In retrospect, I do feel some remorse. It’s not that the whole day is a wash but I wish I had stopped at two cookies. I have 4 points left in my budget for today. I’m sure I will go over but I’m aiming to stay within my “blue dot” healthy eating zone. Obviously, no dessert or wine tonight.

If I make it that would be a huge success. I’m going to try my best. That’s all I ask of myself, is to try my best. Something I’m proud of today? I went to spin class and really threw myself into the workout. I also have my menu for tonight’s dinner, and I’m looking forward to cooking. So, I’ll put that in the win column too.

More tomorrow. Meanwhile, be kind to yourself because you are listening.


I spent most of my evening writing a blog post about leadership. I am a contributor to an educational blog, and every three weeks or so I write a post. I started thinking about this post last Saturday, at my WW meeting. You might think that’s weird but it’s true. So many people there are mentors to me, they lead by example, they are empathic, they walk the walk and have integrity.

So many of these words describe my Saturday morning crew. I wonder if they know how important they are to me. I want to use this small platform to send this message if you are reading this post right now, I cannot underscore how important you really are. You have the power to not only transform your own life, but you can also have a profound impact on someone else’s life. Believe it.

Here is my post, in case any of you want to read more about leadership – http://literacylenses.com/ It was inspired by leadership guru, Drew Dudley. Drew wrote an amazing book, This is Day One A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters. Truly a powerful book.

This is beautiful, isn’t it? I am still so comforted by the aesthetic beauty of the natural world. It is there as a beacon to kindle inspiration.


I had some momentum with my small goals this week that all came to a crashing halt tonight. It was a long day from when I left my house around 7:15 am until I got home around 9:00 pm. On the way home, I decided I wanted ice cream and then I made some very indulgent choices and now I have some regrets. I am uncomfortable and I know I could have done better.

While I am concerned about my food choices, I am more concerned with why I made them. I think I was looking to find a little comfort. A little something special because I felt overworked, overstressed, and overtired. Next time, I think I’ll try something different. I want to try to do something that is calming and relaxing. Maybe do some positive self-talk to acknowledge the struggles of the day, that gives me permission to release those feelings.

Click here if you want to see my action plan. Of course, I cannot guarantee that in the moment of stress that I will have the presence to do this, but I’m going to try. Thinking through what I’d like to do rather than making the same mistake over and over is better. So, making a plan is really good for me.

At the start of this post, I was feeling defeated, but now things are looking up. While I am still disappointed about my choices, I realize that I have the power to turn things around. I can celebrate that I tracked my choices, and am accountable for all of it. I’m owning it and am informed and that’s much better than just pretending it didn’t happen.

Letting these choices to overindulge or going outside of my healthy eating zone on a regular basis is how I could slide backward and start gaining weight. Not tracking is like giving myself permission to go on autopilot and all those habits could easily reemerge.

As I read over this post, I can’t help but wonder what you are thinking. I imagine that some of you recognize yourselves. I hope it helps to know that I have days that are a struggle too. Someone else reading this might be thinking, this is too much work. It is work, but for me, it’s worth it.

Super Bowl…

What is it about the Super Bowl? It’s as much about the snacks and food as it is the game I was mindful of my portion sizes and snacked only on the things I wanted. I kept it together and didn’t go out for ice cream. These are the day-to-day choices that are making it possible for me to maintain weight loss. Honestly, it drives me crazy that it’s still so difficult to keep it together sometimes.

Old habits are there and they never seem to go away. I don’t want you to think that it’s not worth the effort, because it really is worth it. I feel very healthy, I can move easily and I have a lot of energy. I have my “why” it’s here right now. I don’t have to wish for it, I have it. It wasn’t given to me it was something I had to get for myself. Plus, now I have all these new habits and I can lean into those so I can manage the old ones.

The thing is I want to progress and keep building momentum. I’d like to lose four pounds. I think the best way for me to do that is to follow the WW program. I had a goal to stay in my healthy eating zone for the full month of February. I didn’t keep that goal close enough today because I exceeded my healthy zone. So, I’m just going to have to revise it. Instead, I’m going to try to roll over four points tomorrow. It’s a fresh start and it will help put me back on track. I’m going to keep my goals small and assess them from day-to-day.

Maybe I should focus on loving myself enough to overcome my old habits.

My parting words… I’m going to keep working on my mindset. Even when I make choices that don’t help me out with my goals I’m going to be accountable and track them. I’m going to be more strategic with my food choices. Of course, I will track and measure, and I’m going to keep finding ways to fit in activity that I enjoy. These are things I can control.