Day Forty-One…

I was under my SmartPoints balance today, That was easy to do because I’m not feeling so great. Too bad though, because it’s the day before weigh-in so I don’t get the rollovers. Tomorrow is the big day, I’ll find out if I got to #Lifetime status. That would be amazing. I’d be so happy if that happens. Either way, I win because I’m learning how to live my life in a healthier way. Now that Christmas is circling and there is so much to do.  It’s easy to get run-down.

I am reminding myself to…

  • Stay hydrated
  • Get enough sleep
  • Work out
  • Practice mindful eating
  • Track what I eat no matter what

These simple things help. Sometimes simple is best. What will you do to take care of you this holiday season?




Day Thirty-Nine…

Today the cookies won. It wasn’t a total defeat but I ate two more than I wanted to eat. At the moment I made a rationalization as to why I should eat them, and then I did. However, I did not keep going, and I tracked them. So while it’s not a “blue dot day” it also wasn’t a washout.  That feels pretty good.

I hope you are well on your journey. I hope you are taking care of yourself and doing something for you every single day. Think about everything you do for everyone else. Part of living a well-balanced life is caring for others. Part. The other part is turning that kindness inward and caring for yourself.

Day Thirty-Seven…

It’s the first day I feel like I’m totally in control. Control is a funny thing when it comes to weight loss, maintenance, and health. It’s funny because, on one hand, control feels amazing, when I feel like I’m in control,  it feels like I’ve got this whole thing figured out. On the other hand, when it’s missing, it feels very far away and elusive.

When it’s all clicking in my #WW world this almost feels as easy as breathing. When it’s out of sync it feels like having the wind knocked out of me – painful, awkward, and difficult. How weird is that? The very thing, learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, can bring me such joy and it can also make me feel frustrated, or powerless.

I think the reason so many people give up on this goal, losing weight and improving health, is because it can be such a rollercoaster. Plus it takes a long time to see the physical results. There was a period where I felt significantly changed on the inside but it didn’t show up on the outside for quite some time. There are more than a few posts in here about being patient.

Words of Wisdom

My last words tonight, I am not giving up. I’m not giving up because losing weight has brought me back home to myself. The energy, the connectedness to the world, and the confidence I have gained by losing this weight are worth the effort it takes to learn how to maintain it and keep it off.  Thank you for reading.




Day Thirty-Three…

This week is shaping up to be a rough one. Lots of stress, and poor choices. It’s time for a reset. This is a journey for life, so I don’t know why I’m surprised that I’m struggling it’s just unrealistic to imagine that there wouldn’t be some struggle along the way. The questions I have to ask myself are: What do I do next? How do I handle this?

I don’t really have all the answers. I wish I could make a quick bulleted list of next steps to deal with this that would help me and others too. I really just want to share that I’m having a hard time this week. Sometimes this is very hard and especially when there is a lot going on. I think just admitting that truth is a sign of some personal growth.

Thank you for reading my post and know I am here rooting for you and your success.

Day Thirty…

I made good choices today. I avoided eating bread at lunchtime and as a result, I am rolling over 2 SmartPoints. Another positive, I am scheduled for spin class tomorrow morning. These are small choices but important ones, these little choices are the stuff that makes weight loss possible.  I encourage you to reflect on your day. What small (important) choices did you make? What do you plan on doing tomorrow? Just remember you can do this. Believe it.