Day One Hundred Ninety-Seven…

I had an amazing three-Smartpoint breakfast that it was so delicious and satisfying. It gave me the boost I needed after spin class. While I’m not at goal, yet, the healthy lifestyle that I wanted for myself is here already:

Preparing food I love to eat, engaging in activity that is fun, and taking time to reflect each day is all part of my action plan. In the beginning, each of these was goals, but now they are part of my life. I think of them as my trifecta for weight loss and healthy living.  The reason these work for me because they are interlocked into why I am doing this.

Words of Wisdom

My why for weight loss and healthy living was to get back my energy, to feel more confident, and to stay as healthy as I can for as long as I am able. I want these things more than an extra piece of cake, or another glass of wine.  Taking on this challenge has profoundly changed my life in so many surprising ways. For a while, it felt as though I were disconnected from my true identity. I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. I didn’t know where to begin so I never fully started.

The one constant thing was attending my Weight Watchers meetings with my sister. I would sit quietly and listen and see other members getting to goal. I was sincerely happy for them and I couldn’t figure out why my own journey hadn’t locked in for me. That changed when I started to write about the journey. Writing these posts is the thing that changed my perspective. Writing each day is the outlet that I need to flex my thinking and grow my understanding of how I can be successful. Dedicating myself to writing every day actively makes me think consciously about myself, what I need, and what I dream for myself.

I wonder, what do you dream for yourself? What do you want? Why do you want it? These are the questions that spark long-lasting change. Ask them, and know you are the one person who can find the answers. More tomorrow…

Day One Hundred Ninety-Six…

The luck of the Irish was with me (even though I’m of German & Italian descent) and the Irish Soda Bread didn’t win the day – I lost another pound! It’s amazing, I really can indulge and lose weight on Weight Watchers.

I think that this experience is another important lesson for me to learn. When I make up these taboos like, “I don’t eat my rollovers – ever.” I  deplete my personal power. The habits I’ve created for myself are strong ones, and so my response to food is different than it used to be. I’m not saying that I have my weight issues beat because I don’t think that will ever be true. I think that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of many things that I will always have to work at. But so what?


I don’t think I’d want trade places with someone else who hasn’t had to accomplish what I’m doing right now. It’s more than weight, it’s being able to take action and make a change – this is agency.  Once you experience a real sense of agency, you never want to be without it. So, I’m taking on another challenge. I am going to yoga with my sister.

I like it. So now I have added another activity to my repertoire. I go to spin class, and yoga now. I also enjoy that they are very different kinds of activity with very different benefits. What is something new that you have tired lately? This is a good question to think about because it’s important to keep things fresh and engaging.

James Joyce Words of Wisdom

What’s next? I don’t know, I’m not sure where my journey will take me, and that’s exciting.  One thing I do know is that I’m so grateful to have you reading this post. Today is a good day, and it’s nice to have someone reading this who understands this kind of joy.

  • The joy of being able to zip up knee high boots, over jeans.
  • The kind of joy of being able to put something on and to actually like my outfit.
  • The kind of joy that comes when you recognize the person in the mirror. 
  • The kind of joy that comes with having energy.

It’s just as good as knowing you are there on the rough days too, Knowing that I’m not alone in my struggles makes me feel better too. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading.  I encourage you to write your own posts or journal entries. Writing has changed my life, and now that it has it’s something I want to share with everyone. Write it will set you free.



Day One Hundred Ninety-Five…

I worked with teachers and students all day and it was amazing.  We practiced conferring with Kindergarteners, First Graders, Second Graders, and Third Graders. All of my colleagues were very generous they participated and seemed to be genuinely engaged. Now that the day is done, I feel that great sense of relief.  It was rewarding and that it was such a good experience for us all, but it took a lot of effort and care to plan and execute.

The point is when you try your hardest you have a lot at stake and then it doesn’t go well, your disappointment can spur a huge setback.  I think that is why so many people stall on the journey. Sometimes you plan, and you prep and the scale doesn’t show the loss. That stinks, but I am remembering something a member (thanks, Jane) said at last week’s meeting. “You know you’re there when you forgive the scale.”  I’ve taken Jane’s words to mean, that you are secure in the knowledge that this is a process, and it’s a long-term endeavor that happens in its own time. You are ok, either way because you know you’ve got this.

So, I don’t know what the scale will tell me tomorrow. I went to my brother’s house for dinner to celebrate an early St. Patrick’s Day  My sister made this really delicious Irish Soda Bread (I had three pieces for 31sp) I tracked it and moved on. I don’t usually eat my rollovers so who knows what will happen. I didn’t have to eat three pieces, and I am thinking about that I wasn’t mindful and I’m thinking about that too. That’s what this is all about it’s all about learning and growing. The weight loss is really a side effect of that.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 9.15.15 PM.png

One Hundred Ninety-Four…

5:40 am

“If it feels the same, you’re not getting stronger. You should feel the difference, if you don’t, add on another gear.” My legs felt markedly heaver pulling the flywheel around in labored, but smooth rotations. If someone were looking, they wouldn’t be able to tell how hard I was working.  I was working really hard, but that’s what I came for. I came to leave it all out on the floor – to work hard and then start my day.

Making Connections…

This memory of this morning’s spin class stayed with me all day. It came back to me while I watched my students work to read and understand. They worked so hard, and they were changed, they are growing as readers and writers,  for having put in the effort today. I came to me when I was planning for professional development for tomorrow, I really care about what I do and I want it to be a good experience for my faculty so I gave  100% of my care my time and dedication.  It came to me when someone complimented my blue dress and asked me what I was doing,  “Weight Watchers.” I said, “It works you should join. The new program is great, the community though is what makes it stick.” 


To the outside world it must look like I’m just turning my flywheel they don’t see the dedication, and commitment it takes to make all this look easy. There is not one thing I’d change, I am very happy, but none of this is easily won. When you want to make a change, you’ve got to care.  When you decide to care, you have to hope. When you give yourself over to hope you have a chance of making it. So, I encourage you to go “all in”  on the journey.  You can do this, I believe in you.



Day One Hundred Ninety-Three…

I felt like a Weight Watchers Ambassitor today! I guess when you’re pretty close to the “I lost 70 pounds ” mark ( 66 1/2 pounds to be more exact ) more people start noticing. I had a conversation with our Computer Lab Technician, who told me that she was really successful on Weight Watchers and that it really does work. I told her to come back that #Freestyle is a wonderful plan, but even better than that is the community you get to be part of.  Then later, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while who looked at me and said, “You lose weight?”  At the end of the day, I was talking with another friend who happens to be a Weight Watcher too who is doing an amazing job on plan. We were both saying how happy we were to be buying a size medium.  When you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, Weight Watchers is the way to go. If you work the plan, then you will lose weight and get your energy back.

I am still planning and preparing my daughter’s meals and snacks. I hope she is staying on plan when I’m not around. Ultimately, it is her decision but at least she knows I am here for her. It’s so hard not to take everything over. I know that when this journey catches for her she will learn that she has the power to get whatever she wants from the journey.  Until then, I can only encourage, support, and (always) lover her.

I hope you had a good day on the journey.

Day One Hundred Ninety-Two…

There is no better feeling than being in snuggled in bed on a dark snowy morning. The light filtering through the window is grey and muted. On any other day, a ringing phone would be jarring, but today it is as comforting as a childhood memory, “Good Morning, This is Dr. Gianni, due to the inclement weather school will be closed today, March 13th…” Clicking off the phone, it quickly shouts out another cheerful ring, click: “Good morning, This is Robert Banza,” the Northport choir singing softly behind him, “Due to the storm our roads will not be safe for travel for our students, faculty, and staff. Our schools will be closed…”  Getting a day like today is like receiving a gift to do whatever I want – or even to do nothing and just be. I know that everyone is safe and sound that is a remarkable feeling of contentment.

I feel like I’m making the most of the day. Our daughter did have to go to work but Stop & Shop is just down the road from where we live.  So my husband cleared the snow and we dropped her off and took a ride into town. This made me think of my father-in-law who loved to venture out on snowy stormy days. He loved the adventure of it, and it was comforting to think of him too.  We came home, and I made three batches of pancakes: M&M pancakes for my son, regular for my husband, and blueberry for me. Yes, on Weight Watchers I can enjoy pancakes too. That’s why this program is the best one for making a lifestyle change. It would be a dark, stoic, unhappy life if I couldn’t relish a dish of blueberry pancakes on a snow day!

I hope that wherever you are in the world you are well on the journey. I wish you calm, contentment, and joy. Yes, we all want to reach our weight loss or fitness goals, but the thing is, if you are on the journey to improve your life, you don’t have to wait to start enjoying today. Make it a great one.

Day One Hundred Ninety-One…

When I think about my journey, I also think about goals. Breaking down a big goal into smaller goals allows me to get a sense of progress. With each goal, I accomplish the more I believe that I can actually get to goal. Here are some goals I’ve been able to set and achieve:

  1. Attend and be an active member of my Weight Watchers community
  2. Tracking (even pre-tracking) my food every day.
  3. Planning and preparing foods that help me stay on plan.
  4. Scheduling time for activity.
  5. Writing a daily blog post to reflect and grow.

These all began as goals and became integrated into my lifestyle.  Life is better this way, I feel very fortunate. So when I think about you reading, I wonder…How’s it going? What goals have you achieved? What’s next for you?

Words of Wisdom