Mindset Matters…

Sometimes things don’t go as I plan. I did so many great things today to support my weight loss goals. I packed my lunch, I tracked, I weighed and measured my portions, I cooked a healthy dinner. I did all of this and as I did it I thought, Ok I will have more than enough SmartPoints left over to have my Sugar-Free Skinny Cow Ice cream after I clean up dinner. All the dinner leftovers were away, and the kitchen was clean. I slid open the freezer door anticipating my special dessert. I opened the blue box… Empty.

4 SmartPoints:

Standing there, eyebrows furrowed mouth open, staring down at the empty box in my freezer. I actually had a little tantrum, How could this be – it’s bad enough to eat them all but to leave an empty box in the freezer – WHAT? Like a small child might I actually stomped my feet and said, “I wanted ice cream.” I’m not very proud of myself but this blog is a place to tell the truth and this is the truth.

True story, I read this book with a first grader today. Little did did I know how foreboding it was.

I ended up eating a scoop of regular ice cream, and I still rolled over 2 SmartPoints. Yet as I ate it the resentment still lingered from my let down. Sometimes things don’t go as I plan but that does not mean I am off plan. Making adjustments along the way is something I’m still learning how to do. Anyway, I am on plan making good choices and most importantly I believe in me. I can do this, and so can you.

Happy Not Hungry…

Two times today I was really hungry. Once before lunch and the other time as I was cooking dinner. For a moment I thought, Well I must be losing weight because I’m pretty hungry. You ever feel that way?

I think it is a false sign. Hunger means it is time to eat, and I’d rather eat when I’m not feeling out of control. Just a quick thought. It was a great day on plan overall.

No, Not Ever…

Today was the Super Bowl LIV (54 – yes I had to look it up as this is the only time we Americans use Roman Numerals). I was the dutiful wife and prepared snacks for my husband as he enjoyed the game. It made me happy to make it special for him. And as an added bonus, these foods weren’t all the tempting to me. I don’t really love chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, mini beef pockets, or mozzarella sticks. Temptation was successfully averted! Woo Hoo!

Now the game is over, and congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs! The the dishes are all stacked inside the dishwasher, and I am left to think, would I have been as successful if I enjoyed those foods? Would I have to make a vow not ever to eat the foods I really do like in order to keep the weight off? The answer is decidedly “No.” There really can’t be any foods that are totally off limits if my weight loss is going to stick for the rest of my life. Learning how to eat foods I really enjoy in moderation continues to be a learning curve for me. However, this is one lesson I’m going to have to learn.

I’m not there yet. I do overindulge and sometimes I do eat to get some comfort or relief from stress or anxiety. I am grateful that I am at least self-aware to know this about myself. The next phase is to take an active role in changing these behaviors. I’m open to suggestions by the way so if you have any ideas of how to stop overindulgences as they are happening please let me know.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I go to Teachers College in NYC tomorrow. I’ll take some pictures and let you know how the day went. We can do this, and better than that we can do it together.

Starting to Believe…

Whatever you believe influences your reality. If you are the kind of person who is going along with a weight loss program but you don’t really believe it will work, chances are good it will turn out that way. People who are successful tend to be the ones who believe they can do this and that becomes their reality. I have come to the point in my weight loss journey that I know this is the truth.

I have experienced both sides of belief – yes I can and no I can’t. Since 2017 I have been living the life of yes I can do this – I believe I can stay engaged and keep going. Recently, it has been extremely difficult to keep believing in me.

Credit to my sister, Virginia for making me laugh at my workshop this morning as we discussed the importance of mindset. Yes, it’s just like the Matrix.

I had a great day on plan. I’m rolling over four points. I ate a half of slice of pizza for lunch and was satisfied. I am starting to believe in me again, and have made a promise to keep at this. So it would help to know you that you are all out there doing the same. Don’t give up even if you had or are having a setback. This is the part of the story where you can be your own hero. Say this and believe it, I can do this and with some effort and kindness you will.

I ate the bigger half at lunch today and counted it as 8 SmartPoints. Little Vincents Pizza in Huntington NY

No Weigh…

No weigh in today, I just didn’t want to see that number go up from last week. Yesterday was a disaster, and old habits hit me right between the eyes. I wish I were able to write that I had better coping skills but making the choice not to face it was my best for today. So, I checked into my workshop, sat down and took lots and lots of notes.

I listened to members share their strategies, and lend each other support. I’ve decided to adopt a beginner’s mind and treat the plan as though I were “brand new” I used my weigh in book to reflect on my week, write a weekly goal, and a daily goal for today: to organize my kitchen and clean out my refrigerator. One other thing I want to add aside from taking a fresh approach to WW is to be self-aware of my internal hunger cues. I really want to work on eating when I’m hungry.

I can’t deny it, I’m disappointed in myself; although, I don’t really know what my expectations ought to be. If I’m doing my best, does it automatically mean that I’m going to be successful? Not always. If I’m not doing my best, why aren’t I? One thing I do know is that I think about my weight loss journey every day. On days when it’s not going so well that one statistic (only 17% of people maintain weight loss) tends to loom bigger in my thoughts. Why would I do that to myself? Fear, I guess. I guess I’m afraid of sliding backwards and just being another statistic.

I’m not a statistic though, I am imperfect, persistent, and hopeful. I hope I can keep this up, and I’m working at it. I write tonight with a grateful heart, thank you for reading.

A Better Day…

Things are clicking and it’s a much better day. That is the way it goes, for me, with weight loss. There are good days, better days, worst days, bad days. The common thread? Don’t give up. I will never give up I plan to keep at this. I will:

  • Celebrate my good choices
  • Be helpful to others who share the journey
  • Reflect on my poor choices
  • Monitor my external and internal hunger cues
  • Look for ways to stay engaged
  • Reach out when I need help
  • Not take my good habits for granted

There is a lot of effort that goes into this but it’s worth it – aways. Even (maybe especially) when weight loss is very difficult. Yesterday was crumby but today is better.

What Did I Say About Do Overs?

Yesterday was a good day on plan until I decided to eat some popcorn mixed with some more of those chocolate chips. Without going into too many details, the chocolate chips are now in the garbage, and so is the tin of popcorn. Obviously these foods are too difficult for me to have in the house. If I want to get to goal, these have to go. I will start over AGAIN and embrace this process. A process goes around and has ups and downs but I get to control what I do within it, and I just got rid of foods that don’t help me.

One Quarter Cup of Kindness…

I was proud of myself for not eating candy at professional development, tonight. I said it aloud a couple of times, “I’m not eating any candy.” I left for home (two hours after the end of my school day). I ate my apple on my drive home, and when I arrived had dinner in the crock pot all ready to go. These were all the good choices I made.

Well… I just ate a little more than 1/4 cup of chocolate chips. How bad can it be? Pretty bad… 16 SmartPoints. The taste of chocolate still lingers, and I know this decision will have an impact on my weight loss this week. Maybe I should have eaten a piece of candy before, but I really didn’t want to, I want to reach my goal. Now I feel a little too full, and a bit disappointed. This blog is my place for reflection and truth so there it is for all of you to read.

The good news is, I don’t have to be perfect to be successful on my weight loss journey. Perfection is for sleeping babies, rolling landscapes, and a nice hot cup of coffee. My weight loss journey is about reflection, practice and personal growth. So after I hit “Publish” I will head into the kitchen pour myself a nice big glass of water and initiate a “do over!” I will forgive myself for a poor choice, one that takes me farther from my goal. Then after that, I will just add the decision to forgive and move on over to another good choice for today.

Just a Human…

Some things I did well today:

  • Tracking – everything went into the tracker
  • Planning – meals were planned out ahead of time
  • Variety – cod for dinner
  • Mindfulness – taking time to reflect frequently throughout the day

Some things I could have done better:

  • Snacking – popcorn was a high point choice to eat before dinner
  • Portions – some foods were guesses and were probably not accurate

That’s me a human living life on plan the best I can. Now I’m going off to bed so I can make spin class in the morning. I have an extra long day at work tomorrow.

Trial and Error…

When I walked out of Dunkin’ with coffee in hand and it felt like spring was on the way, which is very weird since it’s January. I took advantage of the nice weather, and took my sweet pup Sadie for a walk. Taking her for a walk, also kept my goal of doing some activity outside, two more days to go to complete that one. Since I’m writing about goals, another one I hit was to go food shopping and to prep food for the week. I am using kind words and reflecting on my progress.

As I reflect on the day, I have to confess that I did exceed my SmartPoints budget (thank you garlic bread for 8 SmartPoints). WW gives me those extra points so that I can indulge and I can rollover points to help myself recover. I packed my lunch for tomorrow and planned out plan friendly meals to keep my progress on track. I hope to have another loss on the scale this week. Either way, everything I’m doing for myself is something to be happy about. I’m taking care of myself.

I got this magazine and I am really enjoying it:

Here is a powerful quote from an emotional eater, who has maintained her weight loss for over three years:

“It takes a lot trial and error to figure out what works,” she says. “Not every day is going to be perfect, but I’m here because I pushed through the bad days.”


I related to her words. As I look back at my blog it documents my day-to-day journey and there were lots of “imperfect” days. Pushing through the bad days is the way to not give up. I understand this in a very profound way because this has been my experience too.