Day Two Hundred Sixty-Two…

“This is hard, to cut out a dinosaur, but I can do it!”  He furrowed his brow and carefully moved the red scissors up and down cutting along the thick black outline of a smiling dinosaur. From the very beginning, we are wired for growth. Working with young children strengthens my belief that we humans can learn anything if we are willing to work for it. By the way, he did cut out that dinosaur and did a magnificent job!


Changing my lifestyle for the better has definitely stretched perception of the growth mindset because there are so many challenges that I have to persevere through. I do have to believe that when I put in the effort I will succeed. When I listen to other Weight Watchers members I am inspired by their successes. I have always had a strong sense of internal locus of control and this theory helps to explain why. A growth mindset reinforces the thinking that we can influence the events in our lives and their outcomes.


I paid some bills tonight, and one of them was my water bill and that got me thinking about how appreciative I am to have clean water. Long Islanders get their water from aquifers deep under the ground. All of the rain is filtered through layers of sand and rock and that is what cleans the water so it can be used again. Nature offers these elegant solutions that help to sustain life as we know it. Clean water, like so many things in life, requires a delicate balance. As I tried to learn a little more I found out that there are other toxins and pollutants that are also getting filtered into our water supply and that is alarming.   So what can I do be part of the solution instead of the problem? I can:

This isn’t really where I thought my Mindfulness goal would take me but that’s ok. It just reinforces why I have to think of things that are beyond my everyday life. Being informed, engaging the world, and taking personal responsibility are also steps towards living a healthier lifestyle. Can’t be healthy without clean water – just sayin’…

I wonder what are you thinking about. Are you making decisions that will get you closer to your goals?  If you’re not, why not? Remember, you don’t have to go it alone there are so many good people out there. More tomorrow…

Day Two Hundred Sixty-One…

I had a craving for something sweet tonight. I had to pick up my son and I knew he would be hungry. So looked up how much a Dairy Queen Kids Cone would be, (8sp) and then I looked up the fudge bar (2sp). I decided to go for the Fudge bar. It was a good choice because it satisfied my sweet tooth and I still stayed on track. These are the important everyday choices that can make the difference.

Words of Wisdom

That’s how it goes sometimes, these choices don’t always have to be a tremendous struggle.  I’m learning that I can be alright with making a compromise if it means having a successful week. On the other hand, I also understand how challenging it can be to stay on track when you really want something that it’s plan friendly. For me, what really matters is knowing that if I really wanted the ice cream cone, I could have eaten it. I’m not deprived I’m informed, or at least that’s how I’m feeling right now.


Learning how to say “Yes.” to somethings and “No!” to others is an important lesson for me to learn. Every day is a discovery and deepens my resolve to get to goal. How are you doing on the journey? As always, thank you for reading.



Day Two Hundred Sixty…

I’m trying to get myself motivated to start some projects that I’ve been putting off. It’s very hard to begin something when there is not any joy in the task. This is the part when people tend to say, “Just do it.” or “Time to put on your big girl (hoping for the smaller girl) pants…”  To all of that, I say,  “Easier said than done.”  That is why I think it’s so important to find ways to find joy along the way of this journey. A mundane task has a beginning, a middle, and an end – whereas this journey is really for the rest of my life.

Getting started is hard but it’s worth it, I really promise it’s worth doing. I am stronger, I have more energy, and I feel as though I’m in touch with my inner power. Even though I’m not at goal yet, I am much happier and so much more confident. Goal is coming one day soon and that’s why it is very important to me that I keep finding ways to engage this process. In the past, I have come very close only to either give up or have gotten distracted and quit. This time has to be different.

I’m going to move from a 5 to 6 in the area of Mindfulness! My goal is to: begin to have a greater sense of gratitude for 5 things I take for granted this week.

Well, the first thing I learned blew me away! I never realized that the name of the bike I ride three times a week is called a Star Trac bike. That is hilarious to me since I love Star Trek so much!

That’s not the only thing I learned… I learned that the bike I’m riding may have been manufactured in India. For the most part, it’s extremely well engineered.  It came out in 2005, It’s not a great idea to buy one used from fitness centers (not that I was planning to). If I look at my bike and I see a grove is worn into the frame of the body there was an issue with the undercarriage. I’m pretty sure I ride the first generation model (although I’ll have to look on Tuesday to be certain) because I believe it reads “Spinner” not “Spinning” I assumed that engineering this bike was sophisticated but now I have a deeper appreciation for it.

You may be wondering, how will Mindfulness help? Especially when this form of Mindfulness doesn’t have a connection to food. My answer is, I’m not sure. However, I can say it feels good to be curious and appreciative of things that are part of my everyday life.  I’m still learning so I’ll share as I go!

My wish for you is that you have positive experiences on your journey.  If you want to share your stories I’m in! I would love to know how it’s going for you. As always, thank you for reading.

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Nine…

Weigh-in results are in…

My Week May 19 2018

We talked about how to turn it around when we have an off week. I spent a little time today and created a checklist. It’s a tool that is designed to help you reflect and set goals. I linked it to my TIPS & TOOLS page or you can just click here: My Weight Watchers Recovery Plan Check List If you try it let me know what you think. I’m going to use it this week – it’s the only way I can see if it’s helpful or not.

The journey continues and I am feeling really good. I’ve got a space reserved for  8:30 am Spin tomorrow. I’m officially wearing a size 6 and am only 24.2 pounds away from goal. I almost can’t believe I’m this close, and I have to say I feel a great sense of gratitude for finding my voice and for taking back control over my health. I hope your journey is progressing in a way that brings you joy. It doesn’t matter how close or far you are from goal, what matters is your frame of mind. Remember, you can do this I believe in you as much as I believe in myself.

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Eight…

My featured image was taken a while ago but it matches my mood. I am feeling weary because today has just been exhausting. I have worries (I know, we all do) and in the past, it would have been easy to try to distract myself by eating. I didn’t do that; instead, I am experiencing the feelings and spending some time reflecting on why I feel this way.

Words of Wisdom

Some days are just hard. I am thinking about my weigh-in tomorrow and I don’t know how it will go. I hope I lose weight, and I know that if I didn’t or if I gained weight that doesn’t define me. I’m just a person doing her best and that is good enough. I believe I will get to goal.  I hope this post helps someone who is also having this kind of day. You can do this and you are worth it. If you feel tired know that you are not alone.


Day Two Hundred Fifty-Seven…

Sadie is resting at my side as I write this post. She has this hypnotic way of making me sleepy. She is so warm and soft and I find myself watching her breathe in deep breaths that fill her little belly, until taunt and then out in a gentle release, again and again.  Out through her sweet black nose.  In and out; in and out; in and out…  in rhymic patterns…  rising and falling. She is fully present and I am struck by that ability to be completely at peace. Perhaps that’s why we say, “It’s a dog’s life.” 

Sleepy Sadie

Then I think about us humans. The way we run ourselves ragged. Every day the race is on, you know what I mean? I began my day running out of the house to get to spin. Running to get to work. Running to drive my son to AP review. Running back to pick up him up from AP review. Running from the high school to the bank, then to Walgreens to buy a card. Running back home to make dinner and pre-pack and track breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  The race is more like a marathon sprint and it’s still not done there is so much to do. Typical, almost frantic energy, that gets me through it.  All while I drink coffee, I chew gum, I listen to the radio, I play Netflix in the background just to keep myself going.

I understand why people have a hard time trying to make lifestyle changes. There is just so much to do that it’s easy to let this slip lower and lower on the list until it’s completely gone. I see a teacher at work who has lost a tremendous amount of weight who is slowly gaining it back. She is a smart, talented woman who works really hard. She has a family and I totally understand this pattern lose weight, gain weight. I understand because I share that history. I hope she will figure it out for herself. We all know no one can do that work for you. That’s why this is a journey and not a destination. There is no arrival here, there is only the search for a better way of living our lives.

Thank you, Frank Bono, you were an amazing man who made a difference in our lives. You will be missed.

Yesterday, I received some bad news. My son’s former cub scout leader passed away. Our boys are now in 10th grade and I can’t begin to imagine the pain and grief that his family is feeling right now. This man made an important contribution to my son’s life. He was kind, he was generous, he taught the boys how to be responsible and thoughtful. We will be forever grateful that we had him in our lives – he made an impact on us all.

I think the best thing we can do is to make the most of our time while we have it. Perhaps how to best spend that time, comes to us by paying attention to small moments, and by reflecting on the many many relationships (big and small) that create the constructs for how we live our lives. Let’s just help each other be the best version of ourselves. This is the kind of world I want to live in. One where I live it in the best possible healthiest me I can deliver. Sound good? Well then, join me.



Day Two Hundred Fifty-Six…

Learning Communities went really well. I was able to highlight lead teachers and celebrated their work with students. It was also a great assessment of where we are in terms of the implementation of workshop teaching. Workshop teaching is a more responsive way to teach and it requires a huge investment in terms of professional learning. This is what I do, I train teachers and work with students. Often times, I am placed in vulnerable situations and it can be exhausting. Why do this? I believe work is meant to stretch us to new levels and that just goes with the territory when we put ourselves out there. So, let’s just say I’m feeling a little “stretched out” right now! Just the same it’s a relief that it went so well…

Words of Wisdom
Thank you to Kimberly Davis for sharing these words. We are the decisive element not only for our own lives but also for how we influence others.

I feel different today. I don’t feel hungry at all. I reserved a bike in spin class tomorrow morning (5:15 am) and that makes me feel so good. I am going to bed by 11:00 pm because getting enough sleep is as important as tracking and measuring out my food and getting regular activity. This is a lifestyle change, not a weight loss gimmick. I am changing my life for the better, I am really doing it, and I feel so much more authentic. I feel like I was lost for a long time and I’m finally coming back home to my true self.  Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts about your own journeys.  We are truly better together and there is no reason why we all can’t get to goal. Believe it and it will happen.

Appreciating beauty makes the journey even better.

Mother's Day Flowers