Day Two Hundred Thirty…

Weight loss is a funny thing, it’s a lot of internal work and reflection that has made the difference for me. Weight loss (eventually) shows on the outside and everyone notices, so when they notice, sometimes it sounds like this, “Now you’ve been up and down but not as low as you’ve been this time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this low.”  I believe this woman was well-meaning, but not very helpful. Then others may ask me, “Oh, I’m sorry is this a good place to eat for you?” I have a quick answer for that one, “Well, I can eat anywhere that’s why Weight Watchers works” 

Words of Wisdom

Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I don’t usually go out to dinner before I weigh in. However, there is no way the plan could work for me if I can’t do it and live my life. That’s what I’m doing,  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Nine…

It’s hard to believe how things eventually just “click in” and habits become second nature. I used to have to devote so much time and energy to live the Weight Watcher’s plan. It used to be a pretty big challenge to work activity into my days. Now, Weight Watchers is just an extension of who I am and I enjoy getting activity. So you can imagine that when I read a post from a member who is struggling I feel an instant bond.  I am filled with empathy because I’ve lived that reality too.

I suspect that there are people around me who may worry that I’ll slide back because I’ve done this before. I am sure there are others who are betting that I’ll just gain back the weight because that’s what happens to many people who lose a lot of weight. In the end, it really only matters what I think – because my thoughts will create my reality.  I believe I can do this – it is very different this time. Having a sense of personal power and control over my appearance and physical wellbeing is so much better than how I felt before I got serious about changing my life for the better.


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Eight…

I cannot stress the importance of goal setting.  Not all goals have to be crazy hard to accomplish either, they just have to mean something to you. I set a goal to get some activity each day, and so far so good. I have been able to schedule activity every day this week.

I am feeling confident and that in turn makes me more competent. Accomplishing my goals gives me such a boost! I find that they are helping me to shape a positive outlook as I continue on this journey. I especially like that this goal is connected to the Weekly that we all get in our meetings. By taking time to integrate what I’m learning at Weight Watchers meeting into my life I am deepening my resolve to get to goal, and eventually Lifetime.

Words of Wisdom

Since we are on this journey together, I wonder about you and your goals. Maybe now is a good time to ask yourself, What goals have I set for myself lately? What goals have I accomplished? How does accomplishing those goals set me up for what’s next? These may be good ones to think about as you reflect on the journey. Please know you are welcome to share any thoughts in the comments. Writing down goals is an essential piece to keeping them. Seriously, there is a lot of research that supports this claim.  I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this article before, but it makes sense to share it again in this post.

Always allow yourself to be inspired by beauty. Taking time to take beauty in opens us up to wellbeing.  So here is a little beauty I found in the world today. Spring is beginning to really wake up across the landscape. Like a new baby, it a very welcome addition to the world.

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Seven…

My featured image is from Christmas Eve 2017. It’s not that I’m wishing it was Christmas again, as we slowly make our way into spring. I selected this picture because I am thinking about how important love and support are in this life. Sometimes your family is your first best community, and that’s the way it worked out for me.

My parents gave me the best long lasting gift, my brothers, and my sister. Then my siblings went out and married, expanding my family’s reach to include more people for me to love and to love me.  The older I get the more I realize winning in life has more to do with the ability to love and to be loved.

Words of wisdom
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Losing weight is hard, that’s just the truth for most of us. So, when taking on a big challenge, it’s important to have people in their lives who are supportive and encouraging. My sister is one of those people for me. Making the choice to get serious about being a Weight Watcher was in many ways was inspired by her. She did everything right. Each week as we drove to and from our meeting, we would talk about the plan and how it was going. She didn’t focus on just how I was doing, she also shared how she was doing. I never felt alone in my struggle. She was not critical, she was honest but reserved judgment. Our relationship is one of unconditional love and she kept Weight Watchers open as an option for me.  Eventually, (Day One) I was ready to take the first (serious) step back into the program.  Thank you, Virginia, for always being there for me.




Day Two Hundred Twenty-Six

I think the world looks more interesting close-up but I realize that could be because I’m really nearsighted! Seriously, I do love to appreciate all the small details. I looked at many things with great intensity on my walk around the schoolyard.  Tonight was parent teacher conferences and I went for a walk to get in my activity points for this week’s challenge during my ‘dinner” period. It felt good to get out in the day and move.

Now it is late (again) and I am very tired. Tomorrow is a fresh chance to start all over again or to keep the course steady, or even to take the leap and make a change.   All I can do is my best and that is good enough  Good night everyone, more tomorrow…

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Five…

It is, literally, a dark and stormy night. The wind is howling and throwing around debris outside. My neighbor’s dog just shouted out a couple loud barks, echoing across the yard making things seem even more desolate. April has been (for the most part) unseasonably cold.  So cold, that I needed my winter coat and wooly scarf to run my Sunday errands today. Inside, the house is warm and quiet, and I am grateful for these few minutes to reflect on my day.

There is no secret to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, so much of it is based on routine. Making a change stick happens when we create new helpful habits. I’ve written about the habit loop if you want to read more. Anyway, these habits seem to begin as mini-goals, that eventually just became part of my everyday life. Here are a few examples that I now regard as my Sunday rituals:

  • Food shop and menu planning. I am careful to buy a variety of foods because I don’t want to be bored by the foods I eat. However, these are some helpful staple items:
    • Joseph’s Pita Bread
    • Boars Head deli meats (Ovengold Turkey) then something else
    • Fage Greek Yogurt
    • Fresh vegetables, Fruit
    • Lean meats
  • Cleaning, cutting up, and bagging a variety of vegetables. This week I have:
    • Cauliflower
    • Cherry Tomatoes
    • English Cucumbers
    • Carrots/Celery
    • Snap Peas
    • Mini-Peppers
  • Laundry and laying out my work clothes for the next day (picking out outfits is more fun than it used to be)
  • Spin class (either 8:30 am or 9:45 am)
  • Pack and (pre)track my breakfast and lunch

I think AESOP had it right, there are ants and grasshoppers in this world, and I think I’m a grasshopper who tries her best to be like the ants. So, even though I did all these things, I didn’t make the best use of all my time and now I have some feelings of remorse. Ever feel that way? That sinking feeling like maybe you don’t have everything you need but it’s too late to do anything about it. In the past, these feelings of anxiety may have presented as a craving for a late night snack.  The thing is I”m not hungry, just a little anxious. It’s just a feeling, it will pass – that understanding is a very big deal for me.

Activity Challenge
I challenged myself to get a little activity each day. From going to spin, walking the dog, or just dancing to a good song (thank you, Rose).

I’m doing well with my personal challenge to get activity in each day. Saturday I walked my dog for 25 minutes; today, spin class for 60 minutes.  I like this, it’s a fun little diversion and it’s good for me, so it’s a win-win.

So, my last words for this post are to remind you that every time you take some time to care for yourself you are doing something amazing for the people you love the most. The healthier and happier you are the more you can offer them. You are worthy of self-care and that’s the truth. More tomorrow….

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Four…

Tell me if you can relate. My closet is full of an array of sizes. Some sizes represent my fit and energized clothes and some are my I don’t care I’m just going to eat whatever I want as much as I want clothes. So, you’re living your life in your I’m going to eat what I want clothes until one day something happens that triggers a response. It could be anything, you catch yourself at the WRONG angle or you see a picture of yourself and you think – Is that me? Or, you are going up the stairs and you feel tired all of a sudden… That is what I think of as the last straw day.

The “last straw day”  the day when you decide enough’s enough it’s time to turn this car around, time to get back to the fit and energized clothes!  This was me. I am convinced that somewhere deep in my brain, there is a well-worn path from one behavior pattern to another. I’m up I”m down I’m up I’m down and that’s the way I lived my life. It is as though I believed those fit and energized clothes were nothing more than a temporary gift that I was not meant to keep.

My Progress

Yet hope must have always been inside of me, and this time I’m having a very different experience.

Today was weigh-in day and the scale was not “kind” to me as I hoped… so how does that feel?  I feel powerful and strong – truly. Not because I am writing this post, I feel powerful and strong despite my gain, this number does not represent failure.  I wear it like a badge of honor. It’s like taking a punch, getting back up and having the resolve to continue the fight. Only I don’t feel like I”m fighting, I feel nothing but joy and love.  You see, I am so grateful to be on this journey with you. I am living the program and I am truly changed. I have to celebrate because did so many good things this week:

  1. One day I forgot my lunch at home and bought a salad without dressing because the full-fat dressings they offered were not appealing for the points values.
  2. I got in a lot of activity and had a great time even though other people were more skilled than me.
  3. Meal planning was challenging because of my longer work days for most of this week, and I made excellent choices.
  4. I practiced mindful eating and really thought about my external and internal hunger.
  5. My why was present in my thoughts when I was tempted to eat foods that would not be helpful to my end goal. Yes, I could have eaten them and still been on plan but they just weren’t worth it.

I know we all just want to get to goal and celebrate Lifetime but it usually doesn’t work that way. I think there is a reason for that, and it’s equally important to discover why. For those of us who have a significant amount of weight to lose there was probably something else going on, that got us to the point of needing to lose so much weight.  Emotional eating is a response to stress and while other people can recognize it in us, sometimes it hard for us to recognize it in ourselves.  There are days when life can beat us up and all we want is a little comfort.  A piece of cake, an extra glass of wine, some comfort food from childhood. If this sounds familiar you understand what I”m saying. Understanding the reason why I turned to food is the reason why it takes time to get to goal and Lifetime.

I know that the choices I make this upcoming week will have a positive impact on my weight loss. I know that I am capable of making choices that will get me there and that’s the way it is going to happen for me. I wonder, how is the journey going for you? I hope you are working the program and being kind to yourself because you deserve that and much more.

A Personal Challenge:

Our focus this week is on getting in activity every day. I am going to get some activity in every day and track it in my Weight Watchers App  I’m doing this because I think it will be a fun challenge that reinforces the lifestyle change I am creating for myself.  Let me know if you want to do it too – it is just another way to energize and celebrate my efforts for me and not a number on the scale. Thank you thank you thank you for reading more tomorrow.