Day Eighteen…

How do you reset after a setback? My weight gain this week did a number on my mindset and I’m having a hard time. If you decided to read this post, then you probably have an idea of the struggle that can accompany weight loss efforts. Seriously, sometimes weight loss can be so hard. I’m in the thick of it right now. Here are some feelings I’m having:

  • Shock and disappointment and a loss of control
  • Anger at results and/or at myself: emotional exhaustion
  • Fear of being a failure who gains back weight for all to see

Writing down these feelings brings me a sense of relief that is sort of remarkable. Writing feels so good because as I name these feelings I am gaining some perspective and a sense of control. That matters, it does because the most powerful words are the ones that I either tell myself or won’t say at all. So, what happens next?

What I decide to do right now, will shape my future. What kind of future do I want? One where I am healthy and confident. How do I get there? What’s the plan? Here is what I am going to do today:

  1. Drink a lot of water, that will make me feel better.
  2. Plan out what I am going to eat today:
    1. Mixed berries, an egg, and a slice of toast (1 sp)
    2. Salad chicken breast, balsamic vinegar, Terrafina omega 3 booster (3 sp)
    3. Grapes & a cheese stick (3 sp)
    4. A glass of wine, grilled pork chop, baked potato w/2 tsp butter, spinach & mushrooms (12 sp)
  3. Monitor hunger cues to direct when I eat.
  4. Monitor emotions throughout the day, look for triggers.
  5. Indulge in night time routines and go to bed by 10:30 pm.

That’s my plan readers, so please, send me your positive thoughts and I will send them back to you. There is no reason to do all this alone. I think sharing the experiences on the journey makes the trail easier to travel. So, let’s go now and find some joy in the journey again.

Day Sixteen…

Never underestimate the power of changing a routine to break up an unwanted habit. My friend, a fellow WW member, shared her story and it really helped me today. She was stuck in an unhelpful routine. Each day when she came home from work, she would go straight into the kitchen and would eat more than she wanted. She disrupted this habit by going up to her bedroom, instead of going into the kitchen when she gets home from work. There, she would change her clothes, wash up, and decompress from the work day. This change helped her to feel more poised and in control so she would make better food choices.

I took a page from her book, and reenacted my night time routine. Once all the dishes were away and the counters were wiped down, I went up t my room and changed into pajamas, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put on my night cream. I was careful to bring water upstairs with me. Now there would be no reason, to go downstairs and I removed the temptations for snacking.

We truly do learn better together. Thank you to my friend, Emily for being that helpful voice in my head tonight.

Day Fifteen…

I am experiencing real challenge right now. I went up 3.2 pounds on the scale this week. This is the first significant setback I’ve had. There are reasons, I am on some medications right now, and I can’t go to the gym for spin class. That is a bummer. I know I’ve made good food choices, and knowing that, messes with my head. This must not be a very fun blog post to read.

Boo, hoo! I know, I know, I am just feeling sorry for myself. This too shall pass. The important thing is not to give up. So, I went up on the scale, I felt sorry for myself, and I didn’t have a great day. There have been, and will be all kind of days on this journey. As long as I keep writing the truth, keep a kind voice in my head, and keep working the program success will follow. I believe in me.

Day Fourteen…

This week’s WW mantra was, “I am unstoppable.” Thinking about this statement makes me feel disingenuous because that doesn’t capture how I’m feeling. It’s not to say, I feel weak or that I’m going to slip into old habits, and gain back my weight. It’s more to say, this process is complicated, and that win/lose mentality doesn’t really inspire me to keep going (for me) this statement makes it feel like a fight.

I prefer not to think of my weight loss journey as a fight. Exhaustion is the word that comes to mind. For me, this journey is one of self reflection and discovery. I’m trying to pull away from my attachments to food and achieve a higher state of wellbeing. To me, that sounds more doable than being “unstoppable” – it’s just me and shouldn’t be considered a judgement on anyone else’s journey or perspective. Whatever works, right?

Day Thirteen…

Some days are easier than others to find a sense of gratitude. There are days that present a challenge – if I’m not feeling well, it’s hard to feel grateful. If things don’t go the way I had hoped, it’s hard to find something to be grateful about. When I wish things were different – wishing for gratitude seems like a big reach.

It may sound hokey but this is when I need to find gratitude the most. As I think about today, I am grateful for:

  1. a good story.
  2. a hot shower.
  3. my sweatshirt.

Day Eleven…

Being open to the journey means that I am eager to find ways to participate in the process. I have been on this journey in earnest since September 2017, that is a very long time. How do I keep making this fresh? For one thing, I think it is very important maintain a “beginner’s mind”. I’ve written about this concept before. Having a beginner’s mind means lifting preconceptions about what to expect when approaching… well, anything. It is especially helpful, when it comes to weight loss, or maintenance.

So, how can I keep it fresh this week? I asked myself a question, What if I eat more whole foods? How would that impact my hunger levels? To answer that question, I’m experimenting with is eating more whole foods, and saving SmartPoints for dinner. I have been monitoring my hunger cues by setting my phone timer for 4 hours after I finish each meal. I am finding this challenge as helpful in the same way that giving up dessert was good for me last week.

In keeping with the theme of gratitude, today I am grateful for:

  • Physical Therapy (thank you, Dave you’re helping)
  • Fresh vegetables (colorful, cheerful, and satisfying)
  • Lemon juice (I know it’s weird but true lots of flavor 0 sp.)

I hope you are having a positive journey. I am on your side we can all reach our goals together.

Day Ten…

Three things I am grateful for today are:

  1. Homemade tomato sauce – Yum (lower SmartPoints)
  2. My green and blue flannel shirt (so comfortable)
  3. Late spring rain (even though the sky is dreary it makes everything all around look so vibrant and green).

It was another good day on plan. My husband brought be home a Carvelite ice-cream (I guess that’s number four on the gratitude list). I have been rolling over SmartPoints for the last two days. I’m going to keep at this, I hope you do too.

Day Nine…

This is going to be a week of gratitude for me. I am trying to fill up a wellspring of good energy to draw some strength from. I think I’m a lot better off when I focus on what is going well, rather than what is not going so well. So, that said, three small things I am grateful for today:

  1. I had a strong WW day on plan. I made good food choices and I enjoyed what I ate.
  2. A hot shower, and my facial cream.
  3. Big Little Lies started up again.