Day One Hundred & Seventeen…

My featured image of my dashboard at 4:50 am this morning is like a badge of honor. Yes, I did get up and go to spin class this morning. I left my warm bed and braved the cold (13 degrees) to work out with other like-minded people. Now that it’s over I feel happy and good. It was a rough in the moment though – the trick is to just keep moving out the door without thinking about it too much.

This is the last Thursday of December and Oprah is asking…

“How was your December? Let’s check in!” – @connectingwithoprah

The wonderful thing about blogging every day is that you can look back on your life with great clarity and detail:

  • I see that I started this month on a sour note because, December 1, 2017, (day 90) was a rotten day for me.  Yet I handled it and still stayed on plan.
  • While on December 9, 2017, (day 98) I learned about #Freestyle. Then my sister and I got to visit with our awesome cousin Diane who was in NYC on business. It happened to be #santacon (which was pretty funny) and we reconnected through our shared stories and future plans. That was a great day!
  • On December 17, 2017 (day 106) I found inspiration from other members that prompted me to write my own top ten dedication list.
  • Finally, my resolve to reach goal was tested just yesterday, December 27, 2017  (day 116) and I was able to face it and decided to keep going.

December is almost in the books. Looking back on this month is as important to me as looking forward. This is my journey and it is made up of millions of steps. When I achieve my goal, I will have done something amazing. Something, that others may only dream of – but really, anyone can do it it just takes persistence and a positive worldview that it can, in fact, be done.

Words of Wisdom

Followup – here is the recipe for yesterday. I highly recommend it!

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