Tonight and Tomorrow…

Every day is not going to be good. When I was losing the bulk of my weight I had many days in a row that were, on point. Now that I’m maintaining some days are good to go while others I just go rouge. Lately I feel like I’m pulling from one extreme to another.

It was a beautiful spring day.

It doesn’t help that I’m worried about some things in my life. But that’s life. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I am going to keep doing my best, remembering that my best is pretty damn good. I bet yours is too. I am going to keep at this – living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining my weight loss and it helps me to know that there are others like me who are doing the same thing.

Tonight, this feels hard to do but tomorrow it will probably feel easier.

Celebrations & Gratitude…

There was so much to celebrate at my WW workshop

  • Beth lost over 6 pounds!
  • Loraine had an aha moment of clarity about how to change up her snacking!
  • Pam hit a mile stone and lost 25 pounds!
  • Jackie measured out her wine and realized that it was more than a serving and is now drinking it out of a smaller wine glass!
  • Angela hit goal
  • Rich is making huge progress as he is training for a half challenge at Walt Disney World January 2020. He walked 15 miles before our meeting!

Look at what people can do when they have a growth mindset. A growth mindset means that we come into a process looking for challenges, knowing that there will be some hard work ahead. In taking this stance you begin to look at failures as a chance to grow rather than a label to define. What a hopeful way to view our lives, and what a great group of people to spend my Saturday mornings with, people who are out there meeting the struggle for a healthy lifestyle and who are digging in and doing the work to make it a reality. They are the kinds of people I want to be with and I am so grateful.

New Week, New Goal

We had a thoughtful conversation about why we get stuck along the way. Our take was that it was a combination of over doing it with the zero point foods combined with the indulgences. The indulgences are the snacks, wine, and other higher point value foods. For me, I do not over indulge with my zero point foods because I weigh, track, and measure.

I think I need to mix it up when it comes to indulgences. I want to make a list and try to be strategic. This is what I’m thinking, list all the foods I want to eat, and drink that have points, and then mix and match as this week goes. For example, 5 ounces of wine with grapes one day. Peanut butter and celery another day. Pistachios and blueberries and pomegranate seeds another day. When I eat these things eat them very mindfully and in a pleasant setting. I’ll put my list up on my Tips & Tools page if you’re interested in checking it out.

So I maintained my weight loss and am still sitting in my “free seat” that is an amazing feeling coming into a new season. I hope you are happy wherever you are in this journey. Keep positive and be reflective it helps.

Don’t Wait for Inspiration…

I do love it when someone or something inspires me. I see a building, or listen to a piece of music, or am drawn in by a story, or get lost in a photograph and I feel so full of life. It is as though a light flutter comes over me, I feel lighter and more awake. I feel productive and ready to create something. This is what inspiration feels like for me.

So far 6/6 days of meeting my goal this week! Very happy about this.

It’s true, inspiration is da bomb. However, sometimes, I have to show up and do the work before inspiration slips in like the life of the party. Doing the work means: all the planning, the preparing, the commitment to my weekly goals, going to WW meetings, taking time to be mindful, and finding activity that I enjoy doing.

So, if you’re not feeling it yet (I get it) don’t be discouraged. It takes time to change your lifestyle. Inspiration will catch up to you; so, keep at this. Ok? I will too because I find the more I put into this process the more inspired I become.

Progress Not Perfection…

I met my weekly goal to get some activity each day. It wasn’t some crazy workout routine for me – it was to walk my dog. The sun was out the weather was mild and we both enjoyed it a lot….

On the downside I said yes to eating a Carvelite Small Cup and that was 14 SmartPoints. So, I’m over today. But isn’t the point of this journey to learn how to live and eat the things I want? I’m learning how to be more moderate and those lessons only come with these kinds of experiences.

I hope you are saying “Yes!” to the things you really want. I hope you are experiencing the power of saying “No.” and sticking with it because that feels pretty awesome too.

Yes, We Can…

I met my goal, I made to my yoga class after work. It was very challenging and there were quite a few positions I couldn’t do – yet. I am blown away when I see all these people who can stand effortlessly on one foot, and shift their balance with what seems to be great ease. Me on the other hand, I wobble and sway and I wonder how long it takes get decent at yoga! It’s ok though because I like practicing something I’m not that great at doing. It keeps me in touch with how my students must feel as they learn how to read and write.

I can celebrate that. so far, three days in to the new week I’m 3/3 with my activity goal. I do love goals, even when they aren’t met. I feel like I’m keeping myself hooked into the process with goal setting. Meeting my fitness goal for the day kind of set me up for what came next. I came home, and while dinner was cooking I prepped breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Now I am on target to roll over four SmartPoints.

I can do this and so can you. Believe it.

Keep it Positive…

It’s Sunday and I already hit my fitness goal. I prepped a meal for later in the week, and I made homemade vegetable soup. I plan on getting up early prepping my food and having a good day at work. That’s me I’m accenting the positive. Try it, words shape our experiences and outcomes. Weight loss is hard enough so don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes you may make. Instead consider what is going well and build on that instead.

Believe in Yourself…

I’m reflecting on my progress with goal setting. Last week was to focus on mindfulness and it was an up and down kind of week. There were some successes and some failures. I’m just trying to sort it out – trying to learn. So far all I really know for sure is that maintaining weight loss can be very hard some days.

Taking a page from the Gin Blossoms remembering 1996…

I’m feeling ok, I woke up with a headache and missed my weekly WW workshop and that’s a real bummer for me. I love going and touching base with my people. Part of being a WW member means you’ve got people, how cool is that? If you’re reading this post, you’re my people too, and I am yours – together we can think of ways to make this lifestyle thing work.

I am in week four of weekly goal setting. Here is how that’s looking:

  • Week 1: crash and burn setting a goal to rollover points did not work.
  • Week 2: huge success setting a goal to reinforce night time rituals was a big win for me.
  • Week 3: Fresh Start thinking (practice mindful choices) was up and down as I said earlier.

My goal this week is to get some activity each day. I feel better when I’m active. That helps me to stay focused on plan and to be successful. I went to the gym today, and walked the dog:

I hope you did something that makes you feel good today. Believe that you can do this, because you can. Keep the faith and keep it moving along.

Running the Race…

Sometimes I just have to pace myself. I have to remember that this weight loss journey doesn’t have a finish line. I will always be in training for this race. It is a marathon not a sprint. There will be lots of hurdles and that’s ok.

Today was not a perfect day. I made some poor choices, and I was not present and mindful as I had hoped to be. Why not? I had a lot of running around, I had an argument with someone. I was not able to cook the dinner I thought I’d make and ended up snacking on a bunch of stuff instead and I tried to meet a work deadline. There are lots of reasons. Now that the work is done, the errands are over, and everyone in the house is fast asleep it is easier to think through why I made the choices I did.

What could I have done differently? I guess I could have taken a step back in the thick of it. I could have made myself stop and cook dinner. I could have changed my clothes and practices some self-care rituals I have come to rely upon. I could have just stopped: and taken care of me. That was a possibility but it didn’t seem like one at the time. You know, this weight loss journey isn’t going to be one revelation after another. I’m going to be repeating my mistakes because in the moment I don’t always see them. Or, sometimes I do see them and I decide to make them anyway because it seems too difficult to pull away from them.

I will keep writing, and reflecting with the hope that I will continue to grow my awareness and refine my skills for healthy living. This is a process and knowing that helps.


I did something pretty stressful tonight. It went well, and now I am just bone tired. I came home ate a bunch of pistachios, and cheese-it mix and I was not mindful about it. The trouble began when I forgot my lunch at home this morning. I only got back home after 9:30 pm and so next time I have to be more careful to make sure my lunch gets out the door with me.

Thank you to my friends who reached out and sent me some words of encouragement. I am deeply appreciative of your kind gestures. You helped me, thank you.