Renewal and Transformation…

My husband is a painting contractor. Whenever I watch him work I am witness to an experienced craftsman. He is so nimble so skilled he can take what was once old, and make it seem brand new. I think about the people who will live in these spaces, and how his careful work will shape their house into the home they imagined. The home, that will hold their family. Then without hardly any notice he packs up his brushes and tools, his drops, and his lights into tidy bundles and is gone leaving something of value behind.

There are so many ways to make an impact in this life. For better or for worse our actions have the capacity to change the world and each other. And maybe, it’s the changing seasons from winter to spring but I am thinking deeply about renewal and transformation. The world will always be in a state of flux and so we will always be changing too. How are we supposed to manage this? If change is inevitable what is steady and true in this life? What can we count on?

We can count on ourselves and each other. We can count on the rhythmic patterns that trace a path through our lives. I am learning to appreciate the inherent beauty in this truth. Understanding that there will always be a wavy path, there will be challenges and celebrations; boredom and excitement; fear and safety and so it goes. Knowing this, helps to frame a better perspective of my weight loss journey.

Mockingbird Song

There is no one solution. There is no rigid rule. There is only mindful presence and a promise to honor your “why” for improving your health. The thing of value, the thing you are becoming more skilled at, the thing that you are working on is yourself. Happy Spring.

Do Overs…

Even though I have a reasonable goal and good plan executing it can be difficult. The only thing I can say about how it’s going is that it could be worse. I have not rolled over any points yet, tomorrow is another day, a fresh start, and it’s time to start over again.

If you are struggling know you’re not alone. You can do it even if it’s not going well right now. It’s never too late for a do over.


Honor is such a perfect word. As a noun, honor means “high respect; great esteem” or “adherence to what is right or a conventional standard of conduct.” As a verb, honor means, “regard with great respect” or to “fulfill an obligation or agreement.” Honor is the kind of word that wraps up so many other great words in its orbit. Words, like admiration, distinction, morality, integrity, and honesty. Really, it’s just a beautiful word.

How do I honor my life? I think my weight loss journey is one way to honor the life I have been given. Weight loss honors my body’s systems and helps me to be the healthiest version of myself. It’s a miracle just to be born, and yet I find that it’s so easy to get lost and caught up with all of the “stuff” I either don’t have or am afraid of losing that I can lose sight of what’s really important. The truth is, every day I can run up the stairs, or get around a chair easily, or sit next to children to listen to them read or walk across the parking lot is a gift that can be easily overlooked.

How do I honor the process? Lately, I’ve been worrying about old habits coming back and losing control. In the book, Daring Greatly, the author Brene Brown refers to this idea of scarcity. Essentially, scarcity means there is not enough and so not everyone can have what they need. When it comes to my weight loss journey a scarcity mentality would presuppose that my success is not something I get to keep. Adopting a scarcity mentality (one that thrives on losing or loss) would mean that I am not honoring the process. A process that helped me to lose 93 pounds – that’s just crazy. I think I had a burst of clarity today…

  • I know what to do
  • I have what I need
  • I am enough

These words seem simple glowing back at me on the screen, but they make me feel centered and content My wish for you is that you honor yourself and all that you are doing to help yourself along the journey to better health and wellness. Believe this, it is a miracle that any of us were even born, so let’s all take a beat to appreciate that and know we are all enough just as we are. Thank you for reading.