Friday Reflection…

In terms of my weight loss and maintenance goals it was a great week. I achieved my fitness goal: I went to spin class three times. In terms of food, I will rollover 35sp. today and I did not feel deprived or hungry. Plus, there are a few little moments that happened during the week that I can celebrate:

  • I was mindful about what I chose to snack on my ride home today. I went with a (very) small apple instead of a snack bag of chips.
  • Two days ago, I read my action plan that is hung on my refrigerator and that helped me to realize what was really going on – I wasn’t hungry I was stressed in a moment.
  • I reflected and worked on some strong emotions about a disappointing relationship

Well, it’s no wonder I’m so tired! Busy week, and a lot to deal with. I am just glad to be home on this cold March night and am looking forward to getting some good rest. I weigh in tomorrow and I think my efforts will be reflected on the scale, but even if they aren’t I had a great week.

Feeling Fit…

I’ve been on track with my fitness goal this week. and I notice that I’m feeling fit. I feel agile, I have lots of energy, and my posture seems better. I have good control over my breath and when I raise my heart rate during very challenging parts of my workouts, I can bring it back down. This is very neat, because lowering my heart rate is a work in progress.

It’s easy to take progress for granted. It’s easy to get down on my failures. I think for today, I just want to celebrate what is going well. I’m feeling healthy and fit today- it’s really nice to feel this way.