Coping Skills…

This post is dedicated to anyone who is struggling to hold on to their weight loss journey. I know how you feel. I know how scary it can be when you feel the good habits you’ve worked so hard to establish start to wane and fade. There is a palpable fear that slowly the weight gain will start again. That’s an awful way to feel, and if you’re there right now, believe this, you’re not alone.

Open up your perspective and think back on your journey. There is an ebb and flow for living a healthier lifestyle. If you’re new to this journey, know a healthy lifestyle requires a lot energy so don’t give up yet. Hang on. If you just hang on you will make it through this hard spot. In the meantime, try not to waste your precious energy on fear, disappointment, or stress. Even if you’re unsure on the inside, be brave on the outside.

This is hard but I can do this. Say that over and over and eventually you’ll believe it because it’s the truth.

Day 8 Sugar-Free Challenge Check!
I saw this on my ride home from work. It’s whimsy and it whispers in my heart remember.

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