Stalls & Momentum…

Sometimes I feel like I need to be further along than I am. I feel like I’m working really hard at my weight loss goals and I wonder if my results are as good as they could be on the scale. Then, I feel as though I deserve to be closer to my goal. I call this a stall. The motor isn’t running and I’m just sitting there in negativity.

Day Nine is the bag!

Sometimes I feel like I have this weight loss journey all figured out. I am in the zone, and that I”m doing everything perfectly right. I feel myself changing and I am getting great results. It almost feels effortless. When that happens I feel powerful and strong on this journey. I am picking up speed and there is no turning back. I call this momentum.

I’ve come to expect both of these situations on my journey. If I know that they are both part of the process I don’t have to worry about losing one or finding myself in the other. It’s just all part of it – I’m learning more each day. In many ways I am grateful for this journey because I am coming to know myself better and better.