Auld Lang Syne…

What does that song even mean? Whether old acquaintances should or should not be forgotten, most likely depends on who you’re thinking about I guess. I was thinking about my weight loss journey in this frame. Whether my weight loss journey one to be forgotten or remembered depends on my frame of mind. Lately, it’s be a rough road for me. This is hard to do all the time, and it’s especially difficult during stressful times. That is just the truth.

But I hold my weight loss journey close to my heart, and even when I falter, I believe I can turn it around. I will always choose to believe in me. There are lots of things I can do to help myself along the way. Here is what I’ve done today:

  1. I got seven hours of sleep last night.
  2. I went to 5:15 am spin class this morning.
  3. My kitchen is stocked with healthy food options.
  4. My inner voice is speaking to me with both honesty & kindness.
  5. I am writing this post to reach out and connect and share.

Even though 2019 is ending with some difficulty I am hopeful for 2020. The thing is, I want to remind myself that there are ups and downs along the way, and I expect them I won’t be surprised when they show up. In the meantime, I can look for ways to support myself. Sometimes it’s just a friendly face, a word of encouragement, a show of kindness. Other times it’s knowing I can be that person for someone else.

We all have the power to change ourselves, and make a positive impact on our own lives. Be brave, be bold and believe you can do this and you will. I believe in me, I can do this. So can you. Happy New Year readers! See you next year.

This song took us all into a cool down from 5:15 am spin. West Virginia isn’t home, but I love the sentiment and it felt right this morning. I left class singing.