Checking In…

If I were to go back and reread my posts I would see my whole journey laid out in front of me up to this point. Through this process of daily blogging, II have learned, and continue to learn so much about myself. I have learned:

  1. how to recognize external hunger from internal hunger.
  2. that tracking my food each day helps me stay accountable.
  3. weighing and measuring my portions helps me maintain control.
  4. I need supportive in person and virtual communities to help me.
  5. sleep is very important for weight loss and I need to work on this.
  6. I enjoy activity, it makes me feel good physically and mentally.
  7. writing helps me to sort through this process and organize myself.
  8. my beliefs are very powerful and shape my outcomes.
  9. I like to cook new recipes, and eat good food.
  10. weight loss is difficult and yet it can be done.

What’s next for me as I continue down this path? I don’t know, lately I’ve been hungry but I’m also still on antibiotics and I think that may have something to do with it. I have had a very good week on plan. The only areas I need to improve are activity, and sleep. I need to get more of both! I hope you are having good experiences and are feeling confident. If you are not, don’t beat yourself up, just start over. More tomorrow.

Day 7 Sugar-Free Challenge

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