Day One Hundred & Fourteen…

Merry Christmas! My featured image is from Redmond Washington. It was taken by my daughter from her apartment window. I miss her every day, and it’s really hard not to have her here on Christmas morning. I’m not a worrier but this experience is giving me a crash course in how to become one. I believe we are just kidding ourselves if we think we can really control anything.  I love her, I trust her, and I will always be there for her and this just has to be enough.

Today will be an easier day to stay on plan than yesterday was. For my family, Christmas Eve is the thing – an enormous feast of my favorite foods  I that I really enjoy eating, homemade cookies, and all kinds decadent desserts. I did eat, drink, and made merry. I also tracked it…

The whole truth. Even if the points are not exactly right, I did do my best to be accurate, it’s about being mindful.

I’m proud of myself really – a couple of times I thought, just forget it –  don’t track today when I was sipping on my second wine spritzer (another choice to keep down points) but then I remembered that I tracked after Thanksgiving so why not Christmas Eve?  I do have a little bit of fear that I could fall back into bad old habits if I don’t completely dedicate myself to this process.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 12.43.13 PM
Deciding to track on Christmas Eve is a gift I gave to myself for myself…

I no longer think of this journey ass one of deprivation because I am somehow defective. I now consider it as an act of love and caring born from empowerment. It really is a game changer. I hope that wherever you are on this journey you are taking every step towards self-love and care. You are worthy, you are beautiful, and you are enough.

Peace be with you all…

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