Day One Hundred & Thirteen…

I’m taking a moment while I wait for the water to boil for Spaghetti al Olio to write this post. The day has been extremely busy. Last minute shopping and errands have made this day fly! However, I did take time to go to spin class so I did something that was just for me:

I am keeping my points low so that I can enjoy the special foods that I don’t get to have every day later. That’s my strategy, and this is a good thing to have as we get closer and closer to all the fun the holidays bring.

I wrapped all the presents and hid them, even though my kids are not little this is something they insist upon.

Think about all the things you do for everyone you love. Then consider taking some time to do something for yourself too.

As I look at everything that I’ve done to get ready for the holiday, I hope that it brings my family joy.  I hope that they will like their gifts and enjoy the meal. But I really hope that we all stay present in the moment because this time we get to have together is the thing. These times are the moments that we can never get back, and while I am sad for those who cannot be with us today, I am grateful for those we do have.

Merry Christmas Eve and remember our greatest gifts are the love we share.

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