Day One Hundred & Six…

Sometimes, I read words that ring true on a personal level and that happened to me this morning while scrolling through some facebook posts:

Geralyn's Words of Wisdom
I think this is so wise, a supportive community is what can make the difference.

I see so much of myself in Geralyn’s words, because I know I will be more successful if I have a community to learn with. When you do the work the weight comes off and that is FABULOUS! However, that’s not the only benefit of the journey. I believe what I’m about to write is true for us all, we are all discovering why we are on the journey, and what we have to do to reach our goals.

If your reading my post, and are thinking about whether you ought to join Weight Watchers or start making some healthy changes in your life, I would tell you, “Go for it!”  You are the leader of your own life:

Kimberly Davis Words of Wisdom
I believe this idea.

I am on a journey to change my life so I am dedicating myself to:

  1. Being my brave self
  2. Being present showing up and doing the work
  3. Believing in my own personal power
  4. Believing in the power of community
  5. Learning about my #why with wild abandon
  6. Learning from my past failures
  7. Discovering beauty every day everywhere
  8. Discovering joy with a “beginner’s mind”
  9. Embracing the journey no matter what
  10. Embracing my goal and keeping it close

I am keeping these words close to me because I believe that words have the power to transform us all. Words start movements. Words wake us up to possibilities. Words enlighten and inspire.

One last note of thanks. Thank you, Gerlyn and Kimberly for sharing your words with the world so I could find my own.