Day One Hundred…

I don’t know if there is anything I’ve ever done for one hundred days consecutively.  This is quite an endeavor, to blog every day through my weight loss journey. One hundred days in my countdown clock has ticked down nine months to six. Clothes are fitting better, and soon I will be in a new size. Medium doesn’t seem that far away anymore. I am feeling more fit, and more in synch with my body rhythms

Today, I’m thinking about lifelines and bravery:

Sometimes you need someone to be your lifeline. Someone who loves you unconditionally who helps you get the important work started. If you read my blog, then you know, my sister is my lifeline. She is the one who inspired me to get going on this journey. In many ways, this blog is a way to pay that forward if I can share my journey maybe I can be a lifeline for someone who might need one.

Sometimes you need to find your brave. If bravery is being, as Kimberly Davis says, “…your most confident, powerful and authentic self.”  The next questions to ask are: Who am I? Who do I aspire to become? Knowing who you are, and who you want to become is the first step to activating change. Trying to take on a big challenge requires bravery because the thought of failing again is scary but I’m worth fighting for, and so are you.