Day One Hundred Fifty-One…

They say three is a magic number and today was a magical kind of day.

One: Something Special Happened for Students

I am a Literacy Coach, that means I am a teacher who provides literacy instruction for students and professional development for teachers. I work in a school district that is socioeconomically diverse. Right now we are hosting the  Scholastic Book Fair  but unfortunately, there are many students who cannot afford to buy books. I applied for assistance from The Book Fairies They are a generous and dynamic nonprofit organization that provides children’s books to those in need. If you have books to donate or want to donate or are looking to get involved they are an amazing organization.

Two: Watch Out Proud Mama Moment! 

My son is a kind of serious kid. He really applies himself to the things that interest him and he has a knack for making the most of his opportunities.  Tonight he celebrated the completion of his training by being inducted into the Huntington Youth Court.

This is a special program where high school students volunteer their time to serve as attornies, judges, and jurors. The cases are real, they are misdemeanors committed by other students who have violated school conduct rules.  The emphasis in on growth, not punishment and I think that’s amazing! These kids are making it happen and I’m just blown away by the dedication of everyone involved.

Three: Keeping Myself On Track By Being Flexible

I am like so many others who are learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. We tend to be “givers”. We give to our work. We give to our families and friends. Often times we leave ourselves out because, well it’s just exhausting. It’s easy to see why it is challenging to take that time out to pack a healthy lunch or think about the points of a nice dinner out or wake up early to workout. There are temptations all around us that make it so easy to just say one cookie can’t hurt:

And the truth is one cookie is perfectly fine – more than one even.  Weight Watchers is there for us to learn how to live our lives around all this temptation. However, for me right now in my journey, I just don’t want it – not today anyway. I want to get to goal.

So true!
I love this quote.

I want this year to be the year where I finally achieve my goal, I want it for me.  Can you relate?  Every day on plan is a success even if it’s not a successful day on plan.  There are ups and downs to this journey and it takes some time. Time goes by either way, so take time out for yourself. Dedicate your efforts to something that means something to you. You are worth it.

Day One Hundred Fifty…

Having a real grasp as to why I want to lose weight has changed everything. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like it should be such a powerful thing, but it is I promise.  I’ve been thinking about something a member of my Saturday morning Weight Watcher tribe shared. She said, her “why” was that she wanted to be in pictures with her family again.  That when she looked back at her life it was as if she had been erased. I understand…

Words of Wisdom
I love a song that tells a story:  

Heartfelt goals have a way of making us all show up. They have the power to transform if they are rooted in a belief system. Every day, for (almost) the past five months (at some point in the day) I think to myself,“I am enough. I can do this.”  and the thing is I believe that it’s true.  No doubt, it’s a long journey made up of thousands of small decisions that get us closer or further away from goal.


Truth? I have been here before in terms of a number on the scale. However, I have never been here in terms of my resolve. Having this steadfast belief in myself is all brand new. I wish I could write something that would just flip the switch for anyone reading this post who is trying to tap into personal power to make a change  Really, I think it’s not something to be given; it’s something to be found within yourself.


Don’t wait for tomorrow start now, it doesn’t matter what happened before because that does not define what will happen next. You may be closer than you think. Keep showing up, and keep making the choices that you know will pay off even if you don’t believe it yet.  Celebrate every little thing because you are on your way! Believe this, your resolve is there – either you’ve found it or it’s waiting to be found. Either way, you can do this.


Day One Hundred Forty-Nine…

I wore the shirt on my featured today to work and it was actually roomy!  It fit the way it’s supposed to, it wasn’t tight in the arms or across the chest. This is progress and that makes me feel pretty great.

Today’s message is to celebrate all the little victories. Making a smart dinner choice, preparing food/tracking ahead of time are all smart ways to make progress. Progress inspires effort and that makes it easier to say no thank you to these:

I wonder what smart choices you made today that are helping you to get closer to your goals. More tomorrow…

Day One Hundred Forty-Eight…

I got into the 8:30 am Sunday morning spin class this morning. The one that I’ve been trying to get into for weeks now. It was really difficult.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 2.35.49 PM

I worked really hard, and I wasn’t sure if I could keep up my intensity  Then a little inspiration… sometimes a song can be a gift. A song that reminded me of my husband came up in the playlist and it helped me to push me through:

I came home and had a nice breakfast, it’s a little different but it hit the spot:



It’s rainy and I just came back from the food store. I think my dog, Sadie has the right idea, she is snuggled into pillows and the afghan on the coach. However, she is already at her goal weight. So now it’s time to prep food for the work week.

This is just what another day on plan looks like. When you have a lot of weight to lose to get to goal I think time can be your enemy. There is a routine to my days, and I think I have created a healthy habit loop. The cue (reward) that keeps the habit going is how good I feel.  Most days I have a lot of energy and am feeling stronger and more present in my life. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for an ice cream sundae. Or, at least not today.

So if you’re reading this, I hope my post finds you feeling confident and ready for the week.  Remind yourself of your “why” and remember you got this! And if that’s not exactly true, fake it until you make it eventually it will stick. 🙂 more tomorrow. 


Day One Hundred Forty-Seven…

Today is weigh-in day, and there were so many new faces. My advice to new members? Let me start by saying, we are all on our own journeys and what works for me may not work for you. However, I think in order to find what works, you have to try what’s recommended. After all, that’s why we signed up; we signed up for Weight Watchers.

The plan offers a three-prong approach:

  1. Education: we are learning from scientifically based findings and methods.
  2. Tools: such as the app or our Weekly guide to help put change in place.
  3. Connections: we help each other, we are smarter when we work in a team.

Now that I really understand the program, I have made room for myself and that is making a huge difference. I now believe that if I take action I can get results.

2.4 lbs

It sounds like a cliche but I’m learning more than just how to lose weight. We can lose weight with other programs; however, this plan is teaching me how to live a healthy lifestyle for real.

In the Beginning Getting Specific With My Why: 

I am not the kind of person who would look at herself with self-loathing. I am kind to myself so even when I was 57 pounds heavier I would find positive things to focus on. However, after a while, I began to realize I was having trouble with doing all the things I wanted to do.  There were clothes I wanted to buy that just wouldn’t fit. There were activities that I wanted to do that were overly taxing.  Over time, I felt like I was moving away from my true self. I was feeling older than my age, and I wanted to look and feel how I’ve always seen myself. Really, I wanted my energy back!

Progress Leads to Change Reframing my Why:

Now that I’m further into the journey, my why is shifting a little. I am more in touch with the level of energy that feels more right for me. I am active and I am wearing clothes that make me feel more confident. The more confident I feel the more present I am, so I am closer to the woman I have always been. I want to get to goal because it is hard to do. Not only do I want to get to goal but I want to inspire others to achieve their goals.  I want to do this because it’s stretching me to be more than I am today.  My why is nestled in the challenge of the task – losing weight is challenging and it’s a challenge that I want to overcome. I want to do it for myself, and I want to help others succeed too.

Writing helps to make your “why” a real thing in your life.

So if you’re reading this blog today and you’re really interested in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle take this advice: find some time today to write down your “why”. I don’t think I would be as successful if I weren’t taking time to reflect and write about this journey. If it helps you to make it more public you can even write it in the comments box. If not, just jot it down on a post-it or a notebook. Then put it somewhere you can see it or access it easily. Take a picture of it with your phone and look at it when you are feeling like progress is slow.

This is hard but you can do it and I will help you. Together, we can all get to goal.


Day One Hundred Forty-Six…

Isn’t it so easy to focus on the stressors in life? Yes, it’s important to think critically about problem solve or create strategies for stress; up to a point. Once the thought process turns from productive reflection to a worried fever it’s time to as my mother would always recommend, “Change the subject.”  So, in that spirit at the end of a busy long week, I want to focus on some happiness. The research is in and it’s true that happier people are more productive Daniel H. Pink makes a strong case for happiness and good health:


A Happy Moment In My Day…

I work in a primary school, and in the morning I’m assigned a hall duty. I stand in the middle of a long hallway as children enter school to start their day. I stand in the middle because that helps children to remember to walk not run. I feel like an island in the midst of a strong current, “Good Morning!” I smile, and then I compliment their outfits, or their happy faces, and say “You look like you’re ready to learn!”  followed up by,“We are so happy you are here at school today.”  If I see someone who looks like they might be off to a rough start, I’ll be sure to say their names (I know most everyone’s name) and make eye contact. I want to be part of the reason why children love to come to school and I am grateful that I get to start my day cheering them on. 

Tools Spotlight:

My notebook and the Weekly materials I receive from Weight Watchers are tools that help me on the journey.  I take notes during my meeting and sometimes I read them and think about my group. It helps me to know what others are doing that is helping them. It also helps to know that I’m not the only person who struggles with this

Tomorrow I weigh in and see how much closer I am to goal. No matter what, it was a good week on plan. I do love being part of my Saturday morning group. So many members are so encouraging and supportive, and I am often humbled by their generosity. Reflecting on my progress this week, I have to say that I believe that losing the weight is changing more than my appearance.  I notice that I am becoming self-aware in every aspect of my life. Thank you, thank you for reading.

Words of Wisdom

Day One Hundred Forty-Five…

I went to professional development in the afternoon. Before it began, there was a little time to eat lunch. The pretty young teacher sitting next to me had a medium sized bag of Peanut M&M’s, a bag of chips, and an iced tea. She watched me unpack my lunch and she said, “Oh, you’re good it’s all healthy food.” What was really cool was I didn’t feel deprived, nor did I want her snacks. I think that’s some progress.Words of Wisdom

Having daily, and weekly goals is very important:


  • I am tracking, weighing, and measuring my food each day
  • I prepare a variety of foods so that I look forward to eating
  • I am writing every day to reflect and grow during the journey


  • I am engaging in activity, that I enjoy, three times per week
  • I participate in my weekly Weight Watcher meeting
  • I prepare a new recipe each week

As I achieve each one, I am creating healthy habits that will eventually,  not only get me to goal but will help me to maintain.

Tools Spotlight…

Everyone who signs up for Weight Watchers receives a Success Story book. This is the place they record your weight. Although this little book is more than that. It is a place to write down your reflections about the journey, define your goals, and to set new ones. There is a body of research that supports writing down goals, 42% greater likelihood of achieving goals when they are written down. (The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams)

So, it makes sense for me to blog, no? Every day I take a few moments to think and write and it is making a significant impact on my success and wellbeing. Thank you for reading.

Day One Hundred Forty-Four….

Today I was gifted with a little act of kindness.  I didn’t even notice it when it happened. One of my students was looking (well examing is really the word for it) my fob that was wrapped around my wrist with a blue rubber band while I was talking with another teacher. When I got home from work, I took off my jewelry and then I saw it:

She had stuck a sticker on my fob “Unique!” I had to smile, I am always struck by the whimsy and light-hearted nature that children seem to possess.  That got me thinking of the little things I try to do lift my spirits and keep my momentum going.

Today I tried on some clothes that I have not been able to wear because they were too tight. Well, guess what today all these clothes fit!

I also think it’s important to take time out of the day to take care of myself.  Just writing that makes me feel like I need to be a little self-effacing.  But think about it, if we don’t pamper ourselves a little, who will?

It’s not that any of these things are extravagant. It’s more that it’s a way to show myself a little care and appreciation. So, if you are reading this right now, my wish for you is to do something nice for yourself. Little gestures go a long way to keeping your resolve for the journey.

Tools Spotlight:

This is one of my most important tools. Now Freestylers don’t fret, you don’t have to weigh everything there are over 200 foods that have a zero points value. For example, I don’t weigh bananas or carrots. However, I still weigh my protein. You see I really enjoy eating real food. Shocker! I mean I didn’t get to Weight Watchers because I ate too much dessert. I mean, I did eat too much dessert but that wasn’t the only reason. 

For me, I want to track how much I’m eating so I can look back at my data so I can inform my decision making. I guess you know I’m a teacher after a statement like that. But it’s the truth.  Consider using a scale if you’re on the journey…

As always, thank you for reading. Even though I don’t know exactly who is reading these posts, it helps to know that you’re out there.

Day One Hundred Forty-Three…

Tuesday 4:30 am…

I was dreaming when the alarm went off. I tripped over the ottoman blindly feeling around to silence the phone. My husband groaned, “You’ll have to take Hayley’s car. I didn’t move the cars around last night.” I grabbed my clothes that had been laid out the night before, drowsily shoving one leg at a time into my leggings, thinking I have to leave by 4:50 am  if I want to keep my place in the class because there would be people on the “Waitlist” who would gladly take my spot if given the opportunity. On that note, I was out the door and on my way,

No doubt that leaving the house to go to spin, before putting in a full day at school is challenging.  Why recommend this? My reason is simple, it’s  because after I do it I feel strong and sharp.  It’s not just me, there are scientific evidence that activity is proven to enhance brain function and memory (Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills)

Words of wisdom

A good choice may lead to a better outcome, and it so happened that I had a great day at work. I went into a second-grade classroom and taught a lesson about what readers do when they’ve read something and then they realize they either don’t remember or don’t understand what they’ve read – they are having a “Reading Emergency”  That got me thinking about how everything is better when we are fully present and intentional.

So if you’re having a “Weight Watcher Emergency: just know that every day is a chance to turn things around so you can get back on track.

Tools Spotlight:

I see my weekly Weight Watcher meeting as a powerful tool. Every week I am inspired by the generosity of other members who share their stories, ideas, advice, and support. It is truly unconditional. When members of my group are successful I am as happy for them as I am for myself. When members are having hard times I feel complete empathy because I’ve been there too. Just knowing that I am part of something bigger than myself motivates me to show up and try my best. 

There is also virtual communities through blogging with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Connect. They all offer opportunities to expand my circle of support to share my experiences and to learn from others. I cannot emphasize this enough no one has to do this work alone. More tomorrow…

Day One Hundred Forty Two…

When it comes to losing weight, and doing the work it takes to live a healthier lifestyle, does it make you feel better to know that you’re not alone?  Sometimes I think about all the other Weight Watcher members who are working at this just like me and I am filled with a sense of belonging.

Words of Wisdom
I believe these words.

Yes, and you can count on this, at times we all know this journey can and will be hard. My leader Bonnie would tell you, “Losing weight is hard. Maintaining your weight is hard. Being overweight is hard. Choose your hard.” Either way, you don’t have to go it alone.  That really helps.


Tools Spotlight:

Part of my success story (I know I’m not at goal yet but I’m still a success story) began when I committed myself to tracking (with precision) the foods I eat. Today is the 142nd day of doing this and I don’t see any end in sight. You would think that would be daunting but it’s not for me.

Using the Weight Watchers App has been extremely helpful. Seriously, if you don’t know about this you need to check it out. With the app, I pre-track my breakfast and lunch for the next day during the work week. Here tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch, and snack:

My meals have a lot of variety and color. Of course, there are staple foods like cut up vegetables, fruit, and lower point bread options. However, even with those, I try to switch it up, last week I had cucumbers this week baby peppers. One week I have wraps the next pitas, this week I’m eating Sara Lee Light Bread 2sp it’s pretty good. Eggs, oatmeal, nonfat Greek yogurt, fruit salad, bean salad, cut up cheese (2% is as low as I’ll go with the cheese) are all on the menu. That’s the beauty of Weight Watchers everything is on the menu.

The only question I needed to ask is what is my timeline for getting to goal? That’s why you see my countdown clock on my blog. It keeps me focused on my #why. Making these intentional choices enables me to tap into my power and that feels really good.

More tomorrow…