Day Eighty-Eight…

As I reflect upon this process of trying to unwind the reasons for gaining weight and for, now, losing weight, I have discovered something important.  The stories we tell ourselves have enormous power.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.48.49 PM.png

We are the authors of our own lives so why do we give away our stories to the preconceived notions of others?  If someone tells you,  “Weight loss just gets harder and harder as you age.” or “It’s not realistic to live your life on Weight Watchers.” and you believe them, that will be your story.  How is it helpful to think that you’re just going to take longer to lose weight? How is it helpful to believe that living life on Weight Watchers is somehow less satisfying than just eating whatever you want whenever you want it.  Why would we deliberately give away our power to other people?

I vow to tell myself that I am an intentional woman who is fully engaged in this process of weight loss. I am keenly aware of what I need to be successful. I value time to reflect and process my actions, emotions, and choices so I may continue to grow.  I can do this even though it’s hard, even though many other people have failed. My past failures are badges of honor because I am resilient and I am not giving up on me. I am worth all of this effort, and so are you.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.02.35 AM.png

My featured image is a photo of a day at Crab Meadow Beach.  It is the path that made me select it for today’s post. Our paths to getting to goal may be different. Some of us will have to try to walk that path more than once or twice. That’s ok because this is a journey. More tomorrow…

Day Eighty-Seven…

I was walking a kindergarten class down the hallway today when one little boy looked at me and said, “Mrs. Hayhurst I really like your outfit.” I have to say that did make me smile because he was so charming and sincere. Lately, I am feeling more confident, and I have a lot more energy. Losing weight and exercising regularly is starting to have a noticeable impact. More tomorrow…

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Day Eighty-Six…

If you have attended Weight Watchers meeting you’ve probably heard someone say at some point, “When I follow the plan it works.” or “When I track my food it works.” Today I am thinking about how I have developed the habit of staying on plan.

Words of Wisdom Here are five habits I have developed that are helping me to be successful:

  1. Shopping and preparing foods on Sunday. Taking the time to make baggies of fresh vegetables, clean fruits, weigh and measure nuts ahead of time help during the week when my time is scarce.
  2. Scheduling regular exercise. Having scheduled days planned out ahead of time helps me feel strong and it’s something I enjoy.
  3. Taking time out, every day, to reflect on my progress. Writing about my day helps me to self-assess and get some much-needed perspective on how it is going. Tracking my food is another form of reflection, and helps me make sure I’m doing this in a healthy way. 
  4. Actively looking for and appreciating aesthetics. This helps me because being connected to the natural world, to art, literature, or music makes feel happier.
  5. Thinking in the company of others. Going to my weekly Weight Watchers meetings, talking with my sister, making online connections through Facebook, Connect, or Twitter all help me to learn and gain insights during this journey.

Whether you are Weight Watcher like me, or you are doing this on your own, believe this, you can do this. More tomorrow…


Day Eighty-Five…

Do you believe you can reach your weight loss goal? Please say yes. This post is dedicated to inspiration.  I want to inspire you to keep going. Don’t listen to people who bring you down, and certainly don’t listen to the negativity that can pipe up from time-to-time in your own head. Align yourself with people who want you to be successful. If you are a Weight Watcher then you all you have to do is find a meeting that feels like a good fit. If you are doing this on your own, you can build some community with family, friends, and yes, even social media. There is so much good out there just look for it you’ll find it I promise.

Take time to look for beauty. Having an appreciation for aesthetics promotes learning.

You can celebrate Thanksgiving and lose weight. You can go out to eat and lose weight. You can live your life and lose weight. Don’t think that everything has to be put on hold just because you have committed yourself to losing weight. Live your life, and accomplish your goals. Say it again, “Yes, I can do this…”

At this point in my journey, I can feel the difference. I have more energy, my clothes fit better, my jewelry is looser, I even feel better coordinated. Time is going by, either way, I might as well spend some of it taking care of myself, and so should you!

Finally, let me leave you with these words of wisdom from my meeting yesterday:

Words of Wisdom from My Meeting
Think about what you want and go for it!


Day Eighty-Four…

This year’s autumn has turned its way into the holiday season. I know because this morning I sang along to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (It wasn’t Judy Garland but let’s face it her version is the best one) on my way home from dropping off my sister from our weekly WW meeting.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 11.39.28 AM
I do love the classics they had such great style.

I did well (I can’t believe that a week ago I was still in St. Louis) during my absence. I’m down another 2.6 pounds. I am 12 pounds away from my lowest weight:

New Numbers

It was a great meeting because we all reflected on the holiday and refocused our goals. We talked through strategies and shared our struggles. I got a “Bravo” for sharing my strategy for Thanksgiving, eating whatever I wanted smaller portions and tracking it all. It’s not so much about the accuracy of the tracking, it’s more about the reflection that tracking brings with it.  I came home and made a lovely breakfast and I feel pretty good.

What are you thankful for? 

The topic this wee focused on gratitude. There are many studies that have taught us that having a sense of gratitude has many many benefits to our health and wellbeing. Last November I included a piece of this in my professional development with my teachers:

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 12.04.01 PM
Click this link to learn more:

Really, if you just think about it, this totally makes sense. Whatever we fill our minds with eventually makes its way to our hearts. So keep it positive – losing weight is hard enough without demoralizing ourselves:

  • Celebrate accomplishments
  • Think about what you have
  • Share love with others and yourself
  • Be nice to others and yourself
  • Remember to smile

Also, know, there are many people in your corner, if you look my way I’ll be rooting you on! We can do this thing together there is no reason why any of one of us shouldn’t make it to goal. I am saying that there doesn’t have to be losers to be winners; or, outsiders to be insiders because the culture we create is a reflection of who we decide to be. So let’s be great. More tomorrow…

(This last part was inspired by Seth’s Blog click here to read, Outsiders)

Day Eighty-Three…

I woke up this morning and made myself a great breakfast. I really enjoyed this, and I kept thinking about how important it is to eat foods that are very satisfying:

David and I went on two long walks today, it was just a gorgeous autumn day. I took so many pictures because each bend of the walk was more lovely than the next:

I was very aware of the moment, I felt very connected and appreciative that this was a special moment.  I was content, I wasn’t looking to do whatever comes next, and I also wasn’t thinking about the past.

I worried a little today because I ate so much on Thanksgiving that my weigh-in (it’s been two weeks since I weighed in) won’t be as great as it would have been. Then I remembered that this isn’t a race.

This is a complex goal that I’m working to achieve, it’s not a yes / no situation. When I make it about good days or bad days I’m missing the point.  I am learning how to properly name my emotions, and I am becoming more mindful of what I eat and when.

Anyway, the holiday season has begun, and my gift to myself is to take time to do what I need so that this will be the year, I get to goal! More tomorrow…

Day Eighty-Two…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It is a glorious day to be thankful for. I am looking out my front window I can see the sunshine enhancing each red, yellow, orange, and mossy leaf. The leaves are jostling up and down as though they were a dancers skirt. I am listening to chamber music and it is so very fitting to the happy mood of the day.

Like a dancers skirt I am conserving my points because there are so many great foods to eat today. I went to spin (yes 5:15 am I did it) in the hopes that will be the start of a new Thanksgiving tradition.

In thinking about new traditions, for Thanksgiving, I feel the need to pay homage to old ones- my featured image for this post is dedicated to the Thanksgivings of my childhood. Just looking at the shelled nuts, the Nutcracker, and silver dish makes me think of the 1970’s and 1980’s. I think about orange plaids, Macy’s parades, and Miracle on 34th Steet, or Planes Trains, and Automobiles.

I plan on being strategic with my choices. I will stick to shrimp and vegetables when appetizers are out. I will have one (or two) wine spritzers. I will taste anything during dinner that I’d like just in smaller portions. I will estimate my points but I will not deprive myself. I am glad that Thanksgiving came along on my 82nd day of consistent tracking. It makes this, a happy but challenging day, a little easier.

Post-Thanksgiving Dinner…

I have that Thanksgiving feeling, I am still feel stuffed. My sister, Virginia, prepared an amazing meal and everything was very delicious. I did eat small portions, but really don’t know how many points I used.  I estimated and tried to remember it all on the ride home.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.37.38 PMI’m ok with this because it’s – Thanksgiving. I hope you had a nice holiday, and that you take some time to count your blessings. More tomorrow….

Day Eighty-One…

I am thinking about my WW journey, wondering what is making this time so different. Is it that I’m paying attention, or is that I’m engaged? They are very different. Think about something that catches your attention:

We pay attention in two distinct ways, involuntary (like when you’re in the “reading zone”) or voluntary (like when you have to work on concentrating like filling out an application). Whereas, engagement has an emotional component. We tend to remember events as compelling stories.

I think that the reason this blog is working so well for me is that it’s allowing me to write and reflect upon my story. Thank you for reading along with me. I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving, as always, more tomorrow…

An old family favorite for Thanksgiving.



Day Eighty…

I began my day at 5:15 am spin. I felt really good about taking that time to get in my activity. If I had decided to stay in bed, the day would have gotten away from me and it really unlikely I would have worked out.

She startled Sadie
No sleeping in this morning, we are just on the move.

So, this happened today, a co-worker of mine came up to me in the hallway and said, “Hey Jenn, are you losing weight again?”  While it is nice to know that people can see my progress, it also strange to have the commentary.

Day eighty comes to close with me feeling very tired, it’s been a crazy week, and I’m ready for a break. I hope you had a great day on plan.

Here are some words to keep you inspired, more tomorrow:

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.20.48 PM

Day Seventy-Nine…

Sometimes, change happens quickly; sometimes change is a long time coming. Recently, I got word that there would be some changes at work – it’s a quick change and there will be a lot to get used to.  Tommorrow will be my 80th consecutive day blogging – change has been happening all along but I’m only starting to feel it – this is a long time coming change.

Getting to Goal is all about change – I want to reach my weight loss goal! Who wouldn’t? On the surface, it would seem that anyone, working to lose weight, would be hoping for the “quick change” option. If you asked me over the summer I too would have said, “Quick change, yes, please!”

I think seventy-nine days into this blog with consistent tracking qualifies as the “a long time coming” change. Now I can wear clothes that weren’t fitting a few weeks ago. That feels amazing…

I guess I’m saying, when it comes to change, I wouldn’t wish to change my journey. I want to experience it.  Thank you for reading – more tomorrow…