Small Successes

There were a few challenges today.

  • Bagels, danish, and muffins
  • Rolls, candy, and cake
  • Workout routines were upset
  • Husband snacking

This is how it went:

  • I ate breakfast at home – that made it easier to say no
  • I ate the fruit plate mindfully and then enjoyed conversations at the table
  • I was flexible with my workout and was appreciative of how I felt after
  • I considered if I was really hungry and decided to say, “No thanks.” Saying no is a powerful thing.

There are days when it seems one issue pops up after the next. Knowing how to cope with each, without getting overwhelmed is a fantastic feeling. I am grateful for this weight loss journey. I am grateful that my body is resilient. I am grateful to have this space to honor my efforts. If you’ve worked hard at weight loss, then you understand how important these small successes are.

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