All of Us

There are so many of us that have either, weight-loss or fitness goals. I went to a meeting after school, and some of the teachers were talking about how they are working on losing weight. I had a conversation with a friend on my drive to work, and we talked all about how she is working on recovering from a procedure. As part of her recovery, she has set very tangible walking goals. There seems to be a constant desire for a healthier version of ourselves. Why is this? We are just trying to make the most of what we have, better health improves the overall quality of life.

So as you pursue your goals, make sure you show yourself love, patience, and compassion. Weight loss and fitness goals take time and a lot of commitment on your part. If you’ve found a way to make this work – then you’ve already done what so many are still trying to achieve. If it hasn’t clicked yet, honor your efforts so far, you are giving your health and well-being the attention it deserves. If you have accomplished your goals and are working to maintain your current level of health – bravo! Know that you inspire all of us who are working to get to where you are right now. I guess this post is trying to convey that you should always be good to yourself because this is a long journey one that has a destination that is forever on the horizon.

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