Day Three Hundred Eighteen…

Wonder and curiosity were my intrepid passengers on my ride home from school today. Traveling west down the Southern State Parkway I watched the weather change before my eyes. The clouds rolled into view. Formidable, dark, and expansive they seemed to fill the entire sky.  Only a thin line of yellow horizon shown beneath their low hanging bellies as if they were pregnant.

I made it home before the heavy rains started. I ran up to my room changed into comfy clothes and jumped in bed and listened to rain pelt against the windows with the deep rumblings of thunder. Two of my children came into my room and climbed into bed with me and we just listened to the sounds of the world.

Words of Wisdom

Later the world changed again… Like pulling gossamer until it starts to unravel the sky came back home. It was a spectacular display:

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You may be wondering what this has to do with weight loss? It’s a fair question. I believe that beauty can fill us, in other words, finding beauty sustains us. Perhaps not in the same way a delicious meal might, but does satisfy a need. Finding beauty connects me and grounds me in ways that are surprising and familiar. Taking a moment to appreciate the world brings me back to childhood that was spent outside from morning till dusk. Beauty reminds me of freedom and it empowers me to persevere through difficult times.

If you feel like you need a boost, go to a beautiful spot. Give yourself permission to be a quiet observer of the world. What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel? You won’t want to eat mindlessly after doing this because having an appreciation for beauty wakes us up to all kinds of possibilities.

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