Day Three Hundred-Sixty…

It is the night before weigh-in and I’m reflecting on my week. It was an amazing this week. I carried over 34 SmartPoints. I went to spin class, I weighed and measured all my food, I don’t think I could have been more focused on the plan. Even with all of that, I don’t think I will be down on the scale tomorrow. as a matter of fact, I think I will be up. That is pretty disappointing. I have to acknowledge this because I think it’s important, to be honest with myself. I wish I didn’t feel that way, but I do.

I am very proud of everything I’ve bee able to make this new lifestyle happen. I have lost 89.2 pounds and that is amazing. I have been trying my best to take good care of myself, and that is worthy of celebrating.  I am enough, and so are you.


DAY 29: Head up to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual for a bubble bath, good book or some form of pampering.

I did take a bath, and I don’t usually like baths but this time, I really enjoyed it. Then I showered and did my hair (which actually came out good because it’s not so hot). I put on facial cream and body lotion. This was something a little different and made me feel good. Try it.


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Nine…

I had a great first “official” day back. I got lots of compliments from co-workers and that was fun for me. This post will be pretty short because I am feeling exhausted.  I didn’t eat the pizza lunch. Instead, I ate the food I brought from home and I didn’t feel like I missed out – that’s a big victory.  I also went to spin class at 5:15 am and I”m proud of that too. What did you do for yourself today? If you can’t answer that question, it’s never too late. Do something right now that would bring you happiness. You deserve it.


DAY 28: Make more time for friends and family. Today, call a friend or a family member just to chat. Try to do this everyday this week.

It was my first “official” day back to work, so finding time for friends (other than my work friends) is a difficult proposition. I did take the time to be with family though. My daughter and I had some laughs watching a B movie, and my son ran an errand with me to pick up my other daughter from work. I will actively try to do this more.

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Eight…

The end of August means getting back into routines. Packing my lunch and breakfast. – check! Pre-tracking my food for tomorrow – check!  Laying out my workout and work clothes  – check! Scheduling my morning (5:15 am) spin class – check! It means early bedtimes, and planning ahead. Even though this summer has been hard, I will miss it.

I am so grateful that I’ve been able to put so many good habits into place. The habits are the muscle that keeps the lifestyle going.  Having a better understanding of how habits work is helping me. Now I don’t feel defective when I sense the tug of old habits. Old habits never die, but they can get crowded out by new ones.  I picture that in my mind and it helps. The secret sauce for habits – beliefs. You have to believe that what you are doing will work – then it works! Strange that it’s that simple,  but it’s true.

Back in December,  I had this epiphany about beliefs and that’s when I really turned the corner. I remember it because it was very profound, it was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. I began to really believe I could do this and then I never looked back.

If you want to lose weight, begin by:

  1. understanding why you want to lose weight – is your “why” compelling?
  2. changing one habit, for example, tracking your food intake.
  3. finding an activity that is enjoyable – you’ll be happier.
  4. setting small goals, and find some time to reflect.
  5. getting a community of like-minded others to help you along the way (I’m in!).


DAY 27: Tune out. Shut your phone off give yourself a social media vacation. Don’t answer emails or texts right away.

To be honest, this not one that would be helping me to care for me right now. However, I do understand the intention.

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Seven…

If you’re wondering why today is being counted as 357, it is because I realized I made an error in the recordings of the journeys around day number 319. So, today is the real “357” there are 8 days left until it’s been a year of me blogging every day.  I think that’s a huge victory. Taking this time every day for self-reflection, to indulge my curiosity about health and well-being, and to try to connect with others is a really important accomplishment for me. I credit a lot of my success on this journey to writing about it every day. I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say, writing is saving my life.


Today is going to be a big work day and I plan on making vegetable soup. A nice bowl of vegetable soup is just what I need to take good care of myself. Now that Canelli beans are zero points, I can add those into the soup. Then, I’ll puree mixture of vegetables and beans and add it back into the soup.  This will give the soup a creamy texture, without adding dairy. I might add a potato too I know that adds points but it’s worth it. I didn’t gain 89.2 pounds for adding a potato to my vegetable soup. Another nice benefit of making soup, everyone loves it and it’s so healthy.


I have to thank Weight Watchers for adding Headspace to the app.  This is a fantastic addition to the suite of services Weight Watchers offers members. Practicing mindfulness is an area where I could grow. I know this because I created a self-assessment to help myself reflect on the journey. If you’re not a Weight Watcher member, go the website, and check it out. You can sign up for free.


DAY 26: Put some music on and do whatever feels right—dancing, lying with your eyes closed, or singing along.

I’m looking forward to this. I enjoy music. It definitely helps to lighten the mood.  Music may find it’s way into my soup making, or perhaps if I take Sadie out for a walk.

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Six…

I was busy all day, didn’t think about food once. Until I was starving!  Totally internal hunger. Here are the signs  It had been hours since I last ate. I would’ve been happy with any food. I had a bit of a headache. That hasn’t happened in a while, so now that things are ramping up with work  I’m going to have to be vigilant with packing food to grab and go if I need it.

External:Internal Hunger

I notice that the people who are the most successful are those who plan ahead. They food shop with a plan. The store food very intentionally, like writing out the Smartpoints values on servings, and having cut up foods on hand. Planning is just another way to be strategic

I think it might be time to clean out my refrigerator and consider preparing menus for myself. That may be a nice way to support my efforts. I am so close to goal I might even get there in September. I realize that there is not going to be some monumental shift in my reality when I finally reach “GOAL”!  However, I will have the satisfaction of achieving something I desperately wanted for a long time.  I can say, I did it and that’s a big deal to me.


DAY 25: Seek out alone time—read a book or practice yoga or meditation.

Alone time is important, it allows for quiet focus in an extremely busy world. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why blogging is so meaningful to me.  Writing gives permission to reflect on how it’s going, I can think through my choices, and set goals for the future. So, say yes to seeking out alone time because it helps with the journey!

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Five…

What do you think of when you read the word, craving?  I think of this as a negative word, one that has deep roots primitive behaviors that spell trouble for changing my lifestyle when it comes to food and fitness.

Well, it turns out I’m half right. A craving is a primitive behavior. One that is generated from the hippocampus, a part of the brain that houses memory.  Whenever we establish a habit, the brain learns to anticipate a reward and kicks a craving into action. The longer we delay the reward the stronger the craving becomes.

However, we can use this part of human nature to our advantage. Instead of craving chips, cookies, or cake, we can train our brain to crave the sensation we get after a good workout. I think that’s why it’s so important to have non-scale goals because when we crave weight loss in numbers we can be easily disappointed.  Sometimes, even when we have a perfect week, we don’t get these ideal numbers we were hoping for and end up feeling frustrated and despondent. No good.

Reflecting back on this (almost) year-long-journey I have learned to crave productive rewards that are helping me to get to goal. I’m so close, almost there. I feel great and am filled with gratitude.


DAY 24: Get out in nature—take a walk, do some gardening, or just lay in the grass.

This was the perfect challenge for today. It was such a lovely summer day. My husband and I went to the beach and had a nice time. Until our quiet shady reading spot was invaded by a raucous group of 13-year-olds celebrating a birthday. Loud and full of energy – so we left and went to the village to enjoy a walk on the dock. It was sunny and breezy and we thoroughly enjoyed the weather.

Northport Village

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Four…

It’s fantastic to lose weight and feel good about yourself. But that is almost like a side-effect of this process. I’m losing weight, but I’m really learning so much about myself. I’m beginning to think that is the real journey.

My week in numbers…

Progress august 25, 2018

What I’m learning…

I am grateful that I lost a pound this week. However, I still maintain that the more important thing is that I’m coming closer to demystifying weight loss.  I am not helpless, I’m not just “lucky” if I go down on the scale. My actions matter. Through my actions, I can control this process.

That doesn’t mean I can control the numbers on the scale – like it’s crazy to for me to say, “Next week I want to lose two pounds.” Crazy, because there are too many things outside of my control. If I drop .6 pounds, is that not a success? Of course, that’s a success! If I happen to be bloated and I don’t see results in terms of weight loss, does that mean I should give up? No that’s just ridiculous. My body runs on its own clock and the number on the scale is not part of my control. However, the things that are within the auspice of my control, food, activity, and mindset are so powerful.

We had a great meeting today. We talked about so many good topics that make this journey better:

  • Daily goals: set daily goals to keep yourself invested in the process.
  • Positive self-talk: conversations in your head influence your actions.
  • Gratitude: Before going to bed pick a random letter of the alphabet and list all the things you are grateful for, “B” my bedtime routine is helping me destress at the end of the day and get a better quality of sleep.
  • Habits: Recognizing that habits are so powerful. When we make new habits to support our weight loss goals we are changing our lives.  Also recognizing that our old habits (that supported weight gain) still exist and knowing we can decide which one to grow.
  • Beliefs: Getting rid of clothes that are too big for us. When we get rid of those clothes, we are making a statement that weight loss is permanent.

There is no one else like you and so you are a gift to all of us. Whatever you are doing to better your life, I say, “Go you!” You are making choices to help yourself be the best version of yourself.  Keep going. Some days on the journey will be difficult. It may help to know on those difficult days, you may learning the most about who you are and what you need. Every time you overcome something you are growing wiser.  When you decide to open yourself up to this process, you are waking yourself up to your own potential. Keep going.

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Three…

The day before weigh-in is here and I’m pretty sure I will go up on the scale tomorrow.  This was a challenging week because I felt the pull of old habits,

  •  wanting to turn to food after having stressful encounters.
  •  strong food cravings for ice cream, and pizza.
  •  picking at foods and thinking about not tracking.

Any of these could have triggered for old habits. That is why it is important that I take some time for reflection and self-care. It all comes down to food, activity, and feelings.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.11.55 PM

Food: I exceeded my weekly points balance. I was craving sugar for most of this week. I think it’s because I overindulged at my nephew’s party. I ate sugary foods and that’s not typical for me anymore. Over the course of the week, I ate two and a quarter of those delicious scones. At the party, I ate a quarter of one, then I ate a whole one on Monday, and the last one, Tuesday. Also, during the party, I ate two small pieces of cake. Then I had a slice (2 ounces) of cake last night for my husband’s birthday.  I did track it all, so that’s how I know I’m over my weekly allotment of extra points.

Activity: I went to spin class two days this week: Sunday and Thursday.  The classes were really good and I am feeling much stronger. I also did yoga two times, Monday, and Friday. Yoga is very good for me because it is making me feel more flexible, strong, and balanced. I love that I enjoy doing these activities and that doing them, is becoming part of my self-identity. I am also enjoying the Polar Heart Monitor I got for my birthday. It is a tool that is helping me to work way more efficiently and it gives me great insight for training while making me more self-aware.

Feelings: Right now, I feel really empowered. I saw the potential to fall back into old habits before it actually happened. I saw it coming and went in a different direction.  I elected not to turn to food when feeling stressed. That’s a big deal. I tracked, weighed and measured all the foods I ate. There was not unconscious eating, I tracked even when I didn’t want to face it. That’s a big deal too. I disrupted my habit loop. So, even if I go up on the scale tomorrow, I learned something vital. I am in control of me.

There is no mystery or superstition at play here. There are only my choices.  My choices that are rooted in my “why”. I am doing all of this so I can feel good about myself physically and mentally. I want to grow wiser about who I really am living an energetic lifestyle. It is very important to me that I enter this next phase of my life with a sense of grace and gratitude for the body that got me here.  Thank you for listening to my story. I encourage you to write yours as well because it really does help. Wishing you joy on the journey.


DAY 23: Revisit (and do) an activity that you loved as a child, whether it is finger painting, playing a sport or a video game, Rollerblading, or twirling.

Hands down, it’s riding my bicycle.  I’m going for a bike ride at some point today!


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Two…

What is a trigger for you? I’m thinking a lot about triggers and how they influence behavior. I caught myself reaching for food when I was really feeling stressed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bag of vegetables or a slice of chocolate cake. The point is, am I hungry or not?  This is a big lesson for me because I didn’t make the connections between my actions and behaviors.  Or, if I did I didn’t really understand it. I think intellectually I understood I did these things, but when it was happening I didn’t see it. I was on auto-pilot. Now I see it and I know I can change the path I take. That is really something amazing to me. That’s empowerment.

Speaking of empowerment. I tried on an Oscar Della Renta dress at a second-hand store today, and it looked amazing. I didn’t buy it but it was pretty fabulous.


DAY 22: Prioritize your needs by making a list of things you need to do for yourself for the day and week. Don’t forget to include time to glam up: schedule a manicure or pedicure or get a blowout.

My needs:

  1. Get activity at least three times during the week.
  2. Bedtime ritual (wash face, brush teeth, facial cream, body lotion).
  3. Blog each day.
  4. Get a manicure this week.
  5. Drink water – don’t get dehydrated.

This was an interesting exercise. I recommend trying it. What do you need to help you reach your goals? What do you need to ensure you take care of yourself?

Day Three Hundred Fifty-One…

Thinking back to when Day Fifty was a huge accomplishment. I remember where I was and what I was doing as I wrote that post.  That was three hundred four days ago! Crazy. I think having a goal like blogging every day an important part of my success story. It grounds me and gives me something to work towards. It makes me feel connected to myself and the world around me while helping me to think through my thoughts and feelings.  Really, it just feels like the right thing for me to do to help myself.

Knowing yourself is part of a weight loss journey. What do you want? What do you need? How can you help yourself? These are important questions to be able to answer. I want to reach my weight loss goals. I need to do it in a way that’s sustainable. I can help myself by writing, planning, and learning more. I know this sounds simple but it’s taken me a long time to figure this out. Maybe that is not right. Maybe I didn’t believe my rational mind before that this, new lifestyle, was even possible for someone like me.  Every time I feel the muscle in my shoulder it’s hard for me to believe. For my whole life, I thought the “shapely arm” was something I could never have. Now I see that was a false belief.

Another good question, am I holding onto any false beliefs about myself? Take a few minutes to reflect on yourself, find out what you learn.


DAY 21: You took a very big step toward taking care of yourself—you joined Weight Watchers and you’re worth it. Now let’s see what next small step we can take for ourselves. Make a small goal about doing something for yourself, such as making time for something you love, so you can focus on all the great things you are doing for yourself in the program.

I don’t know what new goal to take on. For now, I’m happy with the writing, yoga, and spin classes. I do enjoy cooking with my daughter, Maybe we could do something together that would promote healthy eating for everyone in our house.