Day Three Hundred-One…

My Week in Numbers

Some weeks are like that. but I feel confident and happy. I am down 82.2 pounds and I am in control and have the freedom to eat what I want and still get to goal. I went to the movies tonight and snacked on cucumbers, a Mini Babybell cheese, 1/3 cup of pistachios and 1/2 of a York Peppermint Patty. It might sound weird… but it works for me. I didn’t eat any of the movie popcorn but that’s ok because I didn’t miss it. Later went to dinner and I ate two tacos from Del Fuego and they were so delicious. I’m scheduled for spin class tomorrow morning and I’m really looking forward to going. This is the whole point, changing my lifestyle to a healthier one.

Words of Wisdom

I’m thinking about how much my perspective on this process has changed. Not long ago the .6 gain would’ve sent me into a tailspin. My thought process would’ve gone something like this, “I did put in a lot of effort this week, and not getting rewarded on the scale feels like a rip-off.” Acknowledging my emotions is an important part of this; however, this week I didn’t feel or think that “old” way at all. I’m just so grateful for where I’m at right now. Right now I feel amazing.

Day Three Hundred…

Weight loss is a personal journey. No one can make this happen for me; it begins and ends with my resolve to make a change. The truth is I’m alone in my kitchen and no one would see if I had an extra sip of something or few more pieces of that,  or if I say, I’ll just have a little taste. My choices are just either helpful or not helpful. I have to cradle my ultimate goal and keep honing my healthy habits. It’s not glamorous but that is the reason I’ve been successful. I need to say this, again and again, I am making am making it happen. and that feels so good.  I have a lot to be grateful for too. The community of friends that I learn with each week during my Saturday morning Weight Watcher meeting. My family, especially my sister, all encourage and inspire. Just knowing they are there for me helps. 

My Week In Review:

It is the night before weigh-in and I’m thinking about my week. I stayed within my points range every day except one. This is great news because it has been a busy and stressful week. I met my activity goal for the week and that makes me feel happy. I did go to spin today at 5:15 am and I feel really good about that too.  So I am feeling confident on this, my 300th day of daily reflection, and commitment to getting to goal. I’m not there yet but it’s coming one day soon.

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Eight…

Today is one of those days where it is very hard to carve out a little time for myself. I am working under a deadline so my reflection for today will be brief. Even though it has been a very stressful day I did not turn to food and this a well-earned victory. I made good food choices all day, and for that I am grateful.

I am disappointed that I had to cancel my reservation for spin class tomorrow. I know I will not be in any condition to wake up at 4:30 am to get to class one time. I will do my best to get in some activity tomorrow in some other way. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I open up the Yoga DVD’S Rose gave me. I will look forward to that, I think I’d enjoy doing that tomorrow, and for that I am grateful.

Even though I have so much work, this is a great opportunity to create something special. Most times there is some struggle when I am doing something I’ve never done before, so at least I know that the stress I feel right not is just part of the process. I believe in myself, and I know that I have lots of people who love me, and for that, I am grateful.

I am grateful for the journey and for being able to give what I can to help others.



Day Two Hundred Ninety-Seven…

I can’t believe what I’m about to write, because my attitude about getting in activity is so radically different from it once was.  Beginning my day at 5:15 am spin is really helping me on many levels. This is the part where you might ask, But how? Why?!  The longer I do this, the stronger I feel. Regular activity helps my mood and gives me an energy boost. I know people who attend classes regularly and they know me! I like being part of the group. Now that I’ve lost such a significant amount of weight, getting in activity is helping me to appreciate my body and what it does for me. I am grateful and I think had I not gone on this weight loss journey this would have been a joy that would have remained elusive to me.

After spin, I bought myself a large coffee and went for a walk through town. The park was full of people walking their dogs. I heard jabbering birds, and saw squirrels jutting in and out of trees. People looked content to be there strolling along the concrete tree-lined paths with their dogs. Their dogs even looked content, all noses and tails so full of curiosity. People even smiled and said, “Good morning.” Again I  feel grattitude this time for living in a small town, being the recipiant of these brief acts of  civility. My walk gave me a sense of peace and satisfaction in a way that surprises me. I casually snapped pictures because I wanted to capture the day so I could hold onto it and remeber how it felt.

After the walk, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. Again, I had to take stock of how much has changed. The foods I look forward to buying, the recipes that I want to make have all changed.My basket was a wash of colorful fruits and vegetables. Zero point foods, and other lower point options found their way into my cart. Flavored seltzers, and chocolate hummus are both items I”m looking forward to trying.  Learning about healthy food options, portion control, while maintaining a strong sense of belonging.

A fellow Weight Watcher member messaged me on Connect to share that Geneen Rothhad reccommended writing down three things you are grateful for every day. She said that when she did that everything improved for her. I believe it, having an open grateful heart is an incredible gift. Take moment to consider what three things you are grateful for, write them down, and see how things change.

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Six…

I’m thinking a lot about mindful eating. It’s a topic that we touch on at Weight Watchers and I think I could benefit from learning more about.

Mindful Eating

I’m not sure but my first instinct when it comes to mindful eating is that it’s not feasible to eat mindfully all the time. Plus as you can see from my featured image I broke the first tip about turning off technology prior to eating! However, feasible or no, it’s a good idea to be more intentional when it comes to eating. Ever eat something and then look down at your plate and wonder where it went? Bummer.


I have a lot of work to complete over the next few days and I really want to try to carve out some time to appreciate my food. I also have decided to keep my 5:15 am spin classes in place because I think it’s a good way for me to get a jump on the day. I just feel better when I can be active. I did find some time to go for a walk with the best dog ever…

Sweet Sadie
Yes, I know she needs a bath.

So what do you think? Are you up for a challenge to eat more mindfully? Let’s see how we do this week. I think this is the right goal for right now.

I’m pretty sure that Geneen Roth is informing some of what Weight Watchers is publishing in our Weeklies. I read her book Women, Food, and God some years ago and found it to be a very helpful read. Here is an exercise about mindful eating called,

Geneen Roth’s Raisin, Chip and Chocolate Exercise

You might feel silly doing it but treat it like an experiment and see what happens. It is a great way to kick start mindful eating. I found it to be interesting and worthwhile I wonder what you’ll think! More tomorrow…



Day Two Hundred Ninety-Five…

It is my 29th Wedding Anniversary and our daughters’ (twins) 20th Birthday today. So this is a day to celebrate. I began the day going to spin class and had an awesome workout! I am feeling very fit and happy.

This makes me happy.

Living my life on plan makes it possible to work towards my weight loss goals and still eat regular food. I’m just more aware of what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, and my levels of satisfaction during and after eating. I’m also careful not to get too hungry. When I write this down, it looks so simple but it isn’t. It has taken me a long time to learn this and to be able to practice it.

The thing is I now know that change is possible.  Once I began believing in myself and taking a positive stance with this process everything shifted. This is true for me, and it can be true for you too. If this is something you want for yourself, don’t wait. Starting is the hardest part, and that is ok. You get this one life, so live it in the best, healthiestd body you can imagine for yourself. You are worth the energy it takes, don’t overthink it just start small and stay consistent. Find some support and build a positive community of others who will encourage you and then be there for them. Find the joy and treat yourself with kindness because change happens on the inside first, and it takes a while to show up on the outside but watch out when it does it feels pretty incredible. You got this.

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Four…

My progress this week towards goal (according to the scale):

Copy of moody river

I’m really happy about that -.4 because (truly) it is all going in the right direction. Plus, I’ve got other numbers to be happy about like the size 5 jeans I can now fit into, or the number of minutes I can spin without getting winded, or my blood pressure. These are all numbers to smile about.

Our topic this week is about body image and that’s a serious one because so many of us have issues with our bodies. Which is really sad because the more positively we think about our bodies the more likely we are to experience weight loss success. Of course, it works that way! It’s strange sometimes my mind hasn’t caught up with my body on this journey. When I shop for clothes (sometimes) I feel like an imposter. I really can just try on a size medium or a pair of jeans and there are choices to choose from that is amazing to me. So… my featured image are bags of clothes that I am donating because they no longer fit.

Marie, a member of my Saturday morning Weight Watchers tribe really said it best, she talked about how we should all have gratitude for what we already have and I totally agree. Being happy with what I have is as important as having future goals that I want to achieve. Being able to clean out my closet and donate clothes is an example of one of my (once) future goals that have now come to fruition. I hope that the next people who try on these clothes will feel really good in them and they will be grateful for their bodies. This is good advice for us all.

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Three…

Here I am full circle. I finished what I had said I’d do; I’ve written every day no matter what. Some nights I fell asleep writing because I could only find time to  write directly before bed – but I still did it. I’m proud of this because it has helped me to get me to where I am now. I feel healthy, I have energy, and I don’t feel as though I am missing out when it comes to eating foods I really enjoy. I still eat pizza, ice cream, chips, and wine. I just don’t typically do it all on the same day! It’s a balance, and knowing that I have been able to figure out what works best for me is a remarkable feeling.

Words of Wisdom

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I’m not sure how it will go. The truth is I’m never too sure. I know I feel really good and I also know I need to go shopping because most of my wardrobe is too big! Will I be down? Will I be up? Will I lose just a tiny bit of weight? I don’t know. I can’t write the sentence, I don’t care because I always care. I do want to get to goal. However, I’m ok if it takes the rest of the summer to get there. The important thing is that I am on track I’m focused and I believe I can make this happen.

Ask yourself what do you believe? Whatever your answer is, will most likely be your result. Believe you can do this because you can.

Happy Summer!



Day Two Hundred Ninety-Two…

There is something so meaningful about starting something and seeing it through to the end. I set a goal to blog every day for the duration of one school year. Tomorrow is the final day of that goal. Amazing.

As I reflect on all that has changed for me since I began I realize that I:

  • have lost 82.4 pounds. That’s equivalent to 2 four-year-olds!
  • can workout at a very high intensity during spin class for the entire class!
  • can wear all of my old clothes that have not fit in YEARS! (except for one pair of Guess jeans I haven’t worn since I was 17).
  • enjoy plain Greek Yogurt (really and truly).
  • am more mindful and reflective than I have ever been before.
  • regard myself as a bonafide writer, I live a writer’s life.

People see me and ask me how I did this incredibly difficult thing. I can tell, they long to do it too. It makes me wish I could just whisper the secret in their ears and then it would all work out. I have actively stopped saying “It’s a lot of work.” The thing is, it’s not that – “It’s valuing myself as much as I do everyone else.” I imagine that sounds phony to others but it’s really the truth. I deserve a few minutes to pack my lunch and weigh out my yogurt if that’s what it takes.  I deserve some time to myself at a spin class before going to work. That time is for me self-caring for me and I matter too.

Words of Wisdom

So do you, you matter. Find out what you love and do that for yourself. If you want to lose weight take time to get to know yourself. Love yourself and you can still eat the food you enjoy. Find a community and be part of it be there for others and they will be there for you. I hope my words reach you because I understand what it is to long for change, and to have change feel so out of reach. You can do this, just committ.

I will not reach GOAL tomorrow and that’s ok. This was never really about a number it was about realizing my self-worth. More tomorrow…