Day Three Hundred Eighteen…

It’s so weird how the night before weigh-in can feel like I’m playing the lottery. As though I’ve bought my ticket and am hoping to win it big. Of course, there is nothing lucky about weight loss, it is 100% effort and dedication. Part of that effort and dedication has to do with learning to manage portion control, healthy food options, and physical fitness. However, it also has to do with learning how to practice self-care.

Ways to Practice Self-Care:

1 – Get yourself organized! Work out a schedule that helps you be more efficient. You’ll be rewarded with less stress and more time.

2 – Figure out how to get some activity into your life! Regular activity improves mood and boosts energy levels.

3 – Appreciate what you already have!  Practicing gratitude gives us permission to experience joy.

4 – Write! Writing helps to reflect and grow.

5 – Practice mindfulness. Being in touch with inner thoughts and feelings or knowing when you’ve eaten enough are both offshoots of being mindful.

There are many different ways to practice self-care. I wanted to share some of the things that I’m doing, that is helping me.  I encourage you to find what works for you.