Day Three Hundred-Nineteen…

I was walking down the hallway at school, and I felt so light in my step, that I caught myself thinking I’ve got my energy back. I am so grateful.  I believe we write our own narratives every day. I believe that there is power in story because they define us and shape our lives.  The stories we tell about ourselves to ourselves matter.  So be kind to yourself. Build up your reserves with kindness it helps.

Words of Wisdom

The strangest thing happened today. I had to run out to Stop & Shop (wait, that’s not the thing) and while I was paying for my items the cashier (a woman I didn’t I don’t know) said, “You lost a lot of weight. How’d you do it?”  My two-word answer, the one I’m so accustomed to saying, Weight Watchers.”

If this is something you want, believe that you can do it. Start small but just start. Don’t wait, because you are worth the effort. You are important. You matter.



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