Day Two Hundred-Fifty…

Day two hundred-fifty sounds so significant.  Just to lend some perspective, 250 days from now will be Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Crazy. I looked up 250 days on the internet and found people who have…

Anyway… you get the idea – 250 days is a really really long time to do something every single day.  Not only, have I been writing for 250 days, I have been tracking weighing and measuring my food for 250 days. I have been getting activity at Gold’s Gym in every single week, and I’ve been going to my Weight Watchers meetings weekly.  And now I’m 76.4 pounds down and things are totally different than they once were.

Fruit is a helpful option.

I’ve written about the power of #why before. Why changes everything because it helps me to keep clarity on why I am doing this. I think it’s hard to fully appreciate its power unless you’ve experienced its impact when making an intentional change. Every so often I read and revise my Why page. It’s a good practice because over time things change because I’ve changed. Change: is the whole thing. Making a change to make my life better is a huge important why. I have to wonder what’s your why?


True story. I was standing in line at 711 in a neighboring town this evening and a man in front of me looks at me, smiles and says, “You’re not from here originally. You’re from Northport?” I smile and say “Yes.” He looks like a working guy, his hat on backward with a friendly face. He looks like he’s about my age, “You graduated in 87 or 86?”  I am grinning now, and I feel myself squinting at him, “1986, my name was Jennifer Maue then.”  He is shaking his head, and tells me his name, “Yeah, we graduated together. I never forget a face. You look exactly the same.” I am blown away by people who have that kind of memory for faces. I didn’t know him at all – but I was pretty shy in High School a friendly kid who mostly kept to herself and a small circle of friends. I guess I tell this story because I feel more like my old self these days. Weight loss is a funny thing. It is changing me in ways that are quite profound.

I am very grateful for this journey. It is bringing me back home to me.

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