Day Two Hundred Sixty-Seven…

I was reading posts on Weight Watchers (WW) Connect. This is a closed social media platform for WW members and as I read the posts from other members I found myself feeling very empathic. I can relate because I share the struggle with wanting to change your lifestyle, lose weight, and get to goal.

I can do it

Some days it feels like getting to goal is right around the corner. Other days, it feels very far away. For better or for worse this is a process and it takes time. With just 26 days left on my countdown clock, and with my goal weight about 25 pounds away, I understand that will not be reaching goal by then. However, I am curious to see how close I will get!  It’s not really about the number anyway,  it’s about how I feel inside. I wonder do you understand?

Words of Wisdom

It’s a double-edged sword because the beautiful part of this is also the hard part too. It is the day-to-day decision making. All the choices I make, what to eat, when to workout, or how to handle stressful situations are making me healthier. Every choice I make is a step towards empowerment or, potentially, a step backward.  That is what I saw in many members posts today on Connect. Members asking for help to find ways to get back on track.

Here is the thing, all is not lost if we have a bad day on plan. It’s scary because it may feel so familiar. It may feel like your destined to return to bad unhealthy habits because it feels like it’s all out spinning of your control. That’s the time to assert a little power. It can be drinking a glass of water, or writing a reflection, or going for a walk, or calling a friend, or just brushing your teeth. Then focus on why you want to do this, believe me it gets better. Then sometimes you can expect days will be hard you may feel like giving up… while other days it will be as if you always lived your life this way. It may even feel effortless. If you’re not there yet… don’t worry just remember this, you are worth the effort. One day soon, this will all pay off, and you deserve to live your life in the body that you want for yourself.

So I hope you will do this with me I don’t know about you but could really use help along the way. We can do this together.

Words of Wisdom