Day Two Hundred Forty-Five…

I did it! I surpassed 75 pounds down… with 48 days until my countdown clock runs out I am that much closer to getting to goal.

May 5

Today’s featured image was inspired by Loraine. She is a Weight Watcher member who is part of my wonderful Saturday morning group. When my leader, Bonnie, announced my loss Loraine shared some insight. She recently visited family in Italy, and while traveling she had struggled with her luggage. Her suitcase was 50 pounds, and she had a travel-on bag that was probably around 25 pounds. She was blown away to think of my weight loss in comparison to that experience with her heavy luggage. She couldn’t imagine me carrying that much extra weight all the time.  You see, she is a fairly recent member of our group, and has only known me as I look now.

So as a reminder of where I was and and where I am now, I’m sharing a picture. I don’t look at this picture as though I was a failure then and a success now. I look at it as me. This is me. I am imperfect. I am vulnerable. I am sometimes filled with doubt. This is all true – then and now.

Me and Me
Then and now. The picture on the left was taken seven years ago the right was this morning after my WW meeting.

This is also true… I am kind. I am resilient. I am earnest. I am filled with hope. This is all true then and now. The difference is that I am more likely to stay healthy for longer now. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. It has been a source of pain and insecurity. I don’t think that everything will be great all the time when I eventually get to goal, but I will have seen something through from beginning to end. A goal has a finish line, and yes I know that it will be constant work to maintain it – it’s still a finite accomplishment. To set a goal and to achieve it is a powerful accomplishment. There is no reason on earth that I can’t do this – so I’m keeping my resolve intact and moving forward. Let’s see how I do… thank you for reading and joining me on the journey.