Day Two Hundred Fifty-One…

A little Friday sweetness, two students brought me plants at the PTA Plant Fair. I was very touched. Children watch us closely, and they emulate what they experience.  Showing them how to be kind, and practicing empathy are ways to a better world. Thank you, dear Lousia and Amya:

Flowers from my students

My week in numbers…

  • Roll Over points 53sp
  • Minutes of activity: 58sp 240 minutes
  • Blue Dot Days 10 out of 11 for May
  • Cooked one new recipe (stuffed peppers 6sp)

I’m not sure what the scale will say tomorrow. I’ve done everything I can to garner the positive results that we all hope for. I know I had a great week either way because I had great energy, and I felt confident.

Wine glasses

Today, I was treated to an early Mother’s Day gift. I received a gift card to get my hair done. It was altogether an enjoyable experience and I feel very grateful. I’ll let you know what tomorrow brings.

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