Starting to Believe…

Whatever you believe influences your reality. If you are the kind of person who is going along with a weight loss program but you don’t really believe it will work, chances are good it will turn out that way. People who are successful tend to be the ones who believe they can do this and that becomes their reality. I have come to the point in my weight loss journey that I know this is the truth.

I have experienced both sides of belief – yes I can and no I can’t. Since 2017 I have been living the life of yes I can do this – I believe I can stay engaged and keep going. Recently, it has been extremely difficult to keep believing in me.

Credit to my sister, Virginia for making me laugh at my workshop this morning as we discussed the importance of mindset. Yes, it’s just like the Matrix.

I had a great day on plan. I’m rolling over four points. I ate a half of slice of pizza for lunch and was satisfied. I am starting to believe in me again, and have made a promise to keep at this. So it would help to know you that you are all out there doing the same. Don’t give up even if you had or are having a setback. This is the part of the story where you can be your own hero. Say this and believe it, I can do this and with some effort and kindness you will.

I ate the bigger half at lunch today and counted it as 8 SmartPoints. Little Vincents Pizza in Huntington NY

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