Day Two Hundred Forty-Eight…

I think if weight loss were a season it’d be spring. The landscape has been transformed and colors are blooming everywhere.  It could be analogous to any of us who are losing weight. We are, like the season, literally lightening up and being transformed.


Just recently I have begun to see noticeable changes in my physical form. It seems as though it happened overnight but change takes time and I have been a work in progress every day since September 2017. Autumn and winter have come and gone and now I welcome the spring and my resolve to get to goal remains steady.


I don’t know what you’re thinking about this post. Do my words connect and resonate; or, do they sound phony or unrealistic?  I sincerely hope you believe that you can do this. You can lose weight and change your life for the better, even though some days are very difficult. The hardest part is just getting organized and getting started. I can tell you this,  you are worth every moment of effort and care because taking care of you is the same as taking care of everyone you care about.

So, if this is something you genuinely want for yourself – you can have it – all you need to do is to believe it can be done. That’s why I write.  I write these posts to document my story – I’m telling myself this story as much as I tell it to you. One day soon I will get to goal and then a new chapter will be written.