Day Two Hundred Fifty-Five…

It’s been rough since I came home from work. I ran out to bring my son to martial arts. I came home to cook dinner and pre-pack/track my lunch and breakfast.  My husband ran my daughter up to school. Dinner finished cooking while he was out. Again, I was starving so I gobbled up my dinner, (turkey kielbasa with peppers and onions 9sp). I wanted dessert so I had some frozen fat-free Cool Whip (7sp). I now feel a little too full for the second night in a row.


I have a lot of work to do, and it feels a little overwhelming right now. Plus, I have to go out and buy snacks for learning community (professional development) – yes tonight. I am a little stressed because I will be providing professional development with teachers all day tomorrow. I will be working in and out of classrooms and will be holding collegial discussions about instructional practice. I am part of a great team of teachers, I know it will be a good experience, but it’s still stressful.

Combining stress and (internal) hunger is a perfect storm. It’s hard to sort out which is which and it’s easy to overindulge both. I must say that it helps to reflect here and think it through. I keep thinking of my social media friends who have shared their stories. They are similar, busy professionals who want to make a lifestyle change but feel stuck. Maybe stuck isn’t the right word, maybe the word is restrained. We are held back by all the other “stuff” that life brings with it. We are in families, we are friends, we are professionals, we are citizens. There are so many roles we fill and within those roles, so many “have to’s”  We have to cook. We have to grocery shop. We have to be there for our friends. We have to work, work, work. We have to vote (I voted YES on my school budget today).  So with all that it’s easy to forget about ourselves and what we need…

I need this. I need to get to goal. That’s what makes this time different. I am going to get to goal because I am ME and I have to take care of myself too. I matter and I am enough.

Just like that a rainbow.