Day One Hundred Eighty-Two…

Celebrating Community

We had an amazing meeting today.  It was one of those meetings where everyone lingered after it was over. We all wanted to keep the positive feelings going because one of our friends made it to goal! When she told me I felt so elated for her because I’ve been a witness to her dedication. I’ve seen her work the program and now she has accomplished something that she really wanted – that is very special.  When she shared her news with the whole group, everyone applauded because we are all so happy. Our happiness is rooted in real empathy for her because we all understand what she has achieved. It was quite a remarkable experience.  

Do you believe?
Congratulations Vicky!

Overcoming Stress

Overcoming stress is this week’s topic. This is a good topic because I think it’s important to think about how we are all coping with it. Take a moment and think about this, how do you feel when you’re stressed out? What do you tend to do? When I feel stressed I notice I begin sighing, and if it persists I begin to get a headache. In the past, I would turn to food. If this sounds familiar it’s a good idea to get some strategies.  Here is one I found in my Weight Watchers Weekly, Reframe Your Stress:

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 2.36.48 PM 

New to Getting to Goal

I have added a new page click here to access it: Tips & Tools I wanted to create a resource so I could share helpful tools and strategies. I am also hoping that if you have any ideas you’ll share as well. We are certainly smarter together. 

A Slice of My Life Stress Comes in All Sizes

“Mom! Can you move your car? I’m going to be late!” My daughter said running into her room tieing on her black apron. I had just measured out a half cup of Greek Yogurt into a bowl and was about to dump some mixed berries on top. 

“I’m hungry. You know what I want? Breakfast.” My son said grinning as he entered the kitchen untieing his gi. “Hang on, I have to move the car. How was Nokado?”  “Good.”  He said leaning into the refrigerator. I threw on my shoes and jacket and ran outside to move the car. I’ll make him eggs I know he will want protein. I can eat my breakfast as I make his.

I turned the doorknob and stepped back inside, ready to go…  “Hey honey, did you make that phone call yet?”  my husband said from inside the walk-in closet underneath the stairs.  “No.” I sighed slipping out of my shoes and leaving my jacket in a heap on the chair. I’m really not looking forward to making that call, pressure started to burn in my temples. “First, I have to eat and make David breakfast.”  Silence for a moment, “Could ya’ make me something too?” “Sure.” I watched blue and red berries tumble into the white creamy yogurt. I took a spoonful and closed my eyes sweetness filled  my mouth with pops of sour notes. I opened my eyes and reached into the fridge and grabbed the eggs, sausage, bread, and butter. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.43 PM
This is a great community of writers!

3 thoughts on “Day One Hundred Eighty-Two…

  1. Nice to see you slicing with us again!

    I’ve taken off 16 lbs. since September (when I didn’t like what I saw on one of my bloodwork numbers + was tired of carrying around baby weight). If I’m being kind to myself, then I have 8 more pounds to go. Really I have 13 more to go, but that seems daunting. Little steps.

    Kudos to you for measuring out the yogurt. I have been counting calories. It gets old after awhile, doesn’t it? Alas, if it will help us look better, feel better, and live longer, then it’s worth it. (Right?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations on your weight loss. You are so wise to take a kindness stance as you make these lifestyle changes. Little steps on the journey is the way to go, because bit by bit you get there.

      I appreciate your words of encouragement! Keep me posted on your progress as well.


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