Day One Hundred Eighty-Three…

It is so satisfying to take a moment and sit quietly after doing something physically demanding. I can actually feel my body relax and reset itself. There is still the pleasant warmth in my muscles and I have this great sense of accomplishment and calm. This is how I felt this morning after spin class.

Rediscovering Rituals Focusing on Wellbeing

I was looking at the Weight Watcher’s Website and I found something in their collection of WW Hacks videos that I’m going to try tomorrow morning called. WW Hacks Energize.  They suggest doing the following to start your day:

  1. Wake up do some light stretching
  2. Open the blinds or turn on the lights
  3. Drink a full glass of water with lemon
  4. Put on some uplighting music
  5. Read something inspiring

I think it’s important to challenge some of my routines. I am really curious to see if trying this new wake-up ritual has an impact on how I start my day.  This journey is not just about losing weight, it’s about building new healthy habits, and it needs to reflect the traveler.  One thing I know about myself is that I enjoy discovering new things, so it makes sense that my path includes learning and exploring.  Who are you? What defines you? What do you need to be successful? These are important questions to ask and find the answers to and that is both exciting and mysterious.

Admiring Nature It’s a Beautiful World

Here are some inspiring photos I took today.  Aesthetics elicit positive emotions within us, so why not look for beauty? Think about it, take some pictures, and if you’re so inclined to share them you’d be spreading some joy.  Thank you for reading:



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