Day One Hundred Eighty-One…

A Slice of (my) Life 

Water cascades over a bunch of broccoli forming bubbles around each flowery head. Its dark leafy green color is in stark contrast to the shiny stainless steel strainer.  I remembered how good the broccoli was the last time I used it in a recipe. I turn off the water, and shake the strainer water droplets rise and fall with each gentle shake,“Hey Hayley, how’d you cut the florets last time?”  She looks up from cutting carrots into slim matchstick sized slices, “I dunno ma, you just cut them small, it’s a pain. These carrots are so sweet!”   I started cutting, “Just show me how you did it.”  She gets up and takes the knife and deftly cuts a little x into each floret, “Then you just sort of pull them apart. See?” Tiny florets returning home to the metal strainer.

Outside the wind picks up, and the strange thing is, it sounds exactly like the ocean. The rain begins falling more steadily and the temperature is beginning to fall. Inside the kitchen is warm and pleasant as the mellow scent of garlic and ginger wafts up from the cast iron skillet.  We stir, we chop, we season to taste. Cooking is the thing that turns a house into a home.

Recipes Worth Remembering
Ginger Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry 5sp

Meal Builder: Yay! or nay

Yay! I think I will use the Meal Builder again next week. There were quite a few benefits to this helpful tool. I had a plan and I had pre-tracked everything for the week. This meant that eating was more relaxing especially at dinnertime. It also helped me to think about variety for my food choices. If you want to change things up, why not try this?

I had a great week, I hit my workout goal. I feel stronger and I am getting closer to goal every single day. It doesn’t matter what the scale says tomorrow because I am so happy with my progress. When this journey stopped being about numbers and more about reflection everything got better.

It’s not that I don’t want to lose weight tomorrow. I would be surprised if I didn’t but I would not be devastated. The thing is, there is nothing I would change. I’m learning how to say, “I’m good with my efforts. I did a great job this week.”  That is an amazing feeling because I am not just saying that – I believe it too. I’ll let you know how I did!


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