Day One Hundred Ninety-Two…

There is no better feeling than being in snuggled in bed on a dark snowy morning. The light filtering through the window is grey and muted. On any other day, a ringing phone would be jarring, but today it is as comforting as a childhood memory, “Good Morning, This is Dr. Gianni, due to the inclement weather school will be closed today, March 13th…” Clicking off the phone, it quickly shouts out another cheerful ring, click: “Good morning, This is Robert Banza,” the Northport choir singing softly behind him, “Due to the storm our roads will not be safe for travel for our students, faculty, and staff. Our schools will be closed…”  Getting a day like today is like receiving a gift to do whatever I want – or even to do nothing and just be. I know that everyone is safe and sound that is a remarkable feeling of contentment.

I feel like I’m making the most of the day. Our daughter did have to go to work but Stop & Shop is just down the road from where we live.  So my husband cleared the snow and we dropped her off and took a ride into town. This made me think of my father-in-law who loved to venture out on snowy stormy days. He loved the adventure of it, and it was comforting to think of him too.  We came home, and I made three batches of pancakes: M&M pancakes for my son, regular for my husband, and blueberry for me. Yes, on Weight Watchers I can enjoy pancakes too. That’s why this program is the best one for making a lifestyle change. It would be a dark, stoic, unhappy life if I couldn’t relish a dish of blueberry pancakes on a snow day!

I hope that wherever you are in the world you are well on the journey. I wish you calm, contentment, and joy. Yes, we all want to reach our weight loss or fitness goals, but the thing is, if you are on the journey to improve your life, you don’t have to wait to start enjoying today. Make it a great one.

Day One Hundred Ninety-One…

When I think about my journey, I also think about goals. Breaking down a big goal into smaller goals allows me to get a sense of progress. With each goal, I accomplish the more I believe that I can actually get to goal. Here are some goals I’ve been able to set and achieve:

  1. Attend and be an active member of my Weight Watchers community
  2. Tracking (even pre-tracking) my food every day.
  3. Planning and preparing foods that help me stay on plan.
  4. Scheduling time for activity.
  5. Writing a daily blog post to reflect and grow.

These all began as goals and became integrated into my lifestyle.  Life is better this way, I feel very fortunate. So when I think about you reading, I wonder…How’s it going? What goals have you achieved? What’s next for you?

Words of Wisdom