Day One Hundred Eighty-Six…

My husband and daughter spent some time together yesterday, and while they were walking through town they took the picture that became today’s featured image. This chubby old dog sunning himself in a jewelry store window makes me smile.  Obviously, he knows how to practice self-care!

This journey is one that is both outward and inward discovery.  The more I change myself, the more I believe I can make positive impacts on the world around me too. While I have decided to lend my voice to a positive perspective on things, this is not to imply that my life is perfect. Who’s life is?

Words of Wisdom

There is always a positive side and negative side of things – both are usually true, but which one do you want to make your reality? For me, I try to take the positive stance (most of the time I can do it) and the more I keep it all in perspective, the more  I can learn how to deal directly with my stress so I do not turn to food.  This is just another lesson that I’m learning as I stay on the journey.