Day One Hundred Eighty-Nine…

We had an excellent Weight Watchers meeting today. We had a conversation about goals. and, as always,  I was able to learn so much from everyone.  I noticed there was a common thread connecting their stories.

Words of Widsom

People who were able to make better choices and stop themselves from overindulging (or eating something that really wasn’t worth the points in the first place) were able to “talk back” to that trying inner voice that urges bad choices. They were able to reason with themselves to make a better decision. This is something I do too and it does help.

I have lost another 1.4 pounds making my total weight loss this week 66.6 pounds. I went to T.J. Maxx and this happened:

The funny thing is, when I started this journey, I couldn’t have guessed that by Day 189 I’d be wearing a medium and a size 8 jeans. I never looked that far out. I tried to focus on how the day went or if there was something that I wanted to explore more deeply. Having goals and being able to engage them that has gotten me to this point.

More tomorrow…