Day One Hundred Seventy-Six…

Most of today was spent getting ready to go back to work.  I went to the food store early this morning, followed by spin class. Doing the laundry and prepping food for the week,  this is how I spent the bulk of my day.

There is a routine to this and I am trying to be careful not take my good choices for granted. I am so fortunate that I have found a way to be successful, so when I think about losing 64.4 pounds I can’t help but feel humble. I understand how hard it is to be overweight. It’s hard every day, and when you want to change your life it can be very overwhelming to take that first step towards change.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 8.26.32 PM.png

Time is what is making my experience with this process beautiful.  It has given me plenty of room to learn about myself and I am truly grateful.This whole journey is being shaped by love, beauty, and kindness. I now know that I have a deep capacity for self-care. I am worth the effort, and so are you.

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