Day One Hundred Sixty-Eight…

We are expecting snow just in time for the first day of winter break. So, in keeping with the season, I have been in the house, wait for it, cooking! This is what I’ve made so far:

I need my food to be varied and colorful. I do rely on staples like Fage 0% Greek YogurtJoseph’s Pitas, and Boar’s Head Ovengold Turkey but mixed in with that I need other foods so I don’t get bored. I want to make this a lifestyle change, not a life sentence!  I’m spending this week thankfully at home, and now that I have some time, I am looking forward to planning out some new recipes for dinner.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.33.24 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.56.16 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 1.00.40 PM

If you have any suggestions, please post them in my comments box. I fixed it so it is easier to leave comments.

I want my last words to you today to be about risk. Whenever I think about what I really want, like reaching my weight loss goals, there is an element of insecurity and risk. Wanting something so badly comes with vulnerability – what if I don’t achieve it and now I let everyone in the world know that it’s something I really want?  Fear is the voice that tells me that I can’t do it or that I’m not enough or that even if I get what I want it will be a gift I can’t keep.

The thing is, it’s not a gift – it’s an extension of my own power.  Arbitrary doubts will hinder what is possible, and just being alive is a risk. I can either embrace it or run from it. I have decided to embrace it and let the chips fall where they may. I have decided to trust myself well enough to believe that if I try I will be successful.  I have decided that the world can be a beautiful place where there are people who want to support you just because they are kind and good.  I believe this for me and I believe it for you too.  So, if you believe me, then let’s go for broke and do this-this, is our year to get to goal.


Day One Hundred Sixty-Seven…

I first heard the term neuroplasticity when my daughters were born prematurely 19 years ago. When you give birth to premature babies, they run all kinds of tests to rule out things like brain damage. Fortunately, our girls were fine, but you can imagine how scared we were at that time. Their neurologist, probably sensing our distress, told us a story about these Tibetian Monks who were able to reshape their brains through repeated practice and meditation, this was called, neuroplasticity. What? There was this beautiful watershed study- a discovery about how our brains are amazingly flexible and changeable. Now we know that our brains can compensate for injuries, and we can even change the overall structures of our brains if we know how – just incredible!

Watch this, it’s fascinating.

I am thinking about how I have rewired my brain to create these new healthy habits. How did I do this? Well, for one thing, I pay attention to my goal by writing these posts each day. I practice mindfulness when I eat and get activity.  I have a lot of repetition for making good decisions each day.  When I think about these, let’s call them practices, it actually changed the way I think about food.

I’m going to share one more video that I think shows this really well in “reverse”…

Blew your mind huh? If you are following Weight Watchers and getting activity along with a solid belief system that you will accomplish your goal and rewire your brain when it comes to your relationship with food.  You are that brilliant!

I hope you had a great week, more tomorrow…