Day One Hundred Sixty-Four…

Day two of leading professional development after school is done. Each night’s routine has been pushed back because of my later hours at work. I just finished packing my breakfast, lunch, snack for tomorrow about a half-hour ago.  Dinner is still cooking, and it’s 8:57 pm. I must confess, it’s pretty daunting!

When I was weighing and measuring my foods for tomorrow, a thought crossed my mind, “I’m so happy I am taking time to do this for myself because it’s important to me.”  Now, this is the time when you may think to yourself, “Is she for real?” I tell you, it’s the truth because every day, I feel and see my efforts paying off. I feel so much more energetic and just plain happier.

Did you know that adding activity to your morning routine does a lot for your efforts?  From boosting your metabolic rate to increasing your mental and physical energy levels and actually,  getting better quality sleep. I am very fortunate that I have a friend who goes to my 5:15 am spin class. She is both encouraging and inspirational – thank you, Jen! 

Think about this, try working out in the morning. Find something fun that you enjoy, and see how you feel.  I bet you’ll be glad you did.