Day One Hundred Fifty-Eight…

I think the secret to happiness is defined by purpose. Today I was swept up in a purpose, a student was reading to me as I was writing notes about her reading behaviors and all of sudden I realized, I get to be a witness to her brilliance. Growth and change are as easy for children as it is to open a door – you did it, now you’re entering someplace new.

Gary Zukav Quote

As I go through my own journey, I find myself opening doors and stepping into new phases of my life, I find that there is so much joy in learning. Making Weight Watchers work for me, having a workout routine, and reflecting on my thoughts and feelings have changed my life.  I think I might have missed all of this if I didn’t take on this challenge to get to goal. So the weight that was holding me back is setting me free. Life is weird.

What is your intention? Do you know why do you want to lose weight?  Can you tell someone your “why” if they asked? These are questions to think on, it matters. When I decided I wanted to do something big, like losing a significant amount of weight, I had to know why I wanted it.  I want it because I want to be as healthy as I can for the rest of my life. I want it because, for a long time, I’ve been hiding out. What I mean is I was not living up to my true potential by eating emotions or removing myself from challenging situations. I want my energy back, to feel like I used to feel. I want the confidence that comes with being happy with my appearance. I want it for me, and perhaps that is the most important reason of all. Why do you want it? How are you going to get it?