The First Snowfall

I woke up to snow, and it was beautiful. The first snowfall of the season was nothing more than a momentary skift. It was just enough to cover the rooftops and hide patches of brownish-green grass. By lunchtime, it had been erased as if it were never there at all. Reflecting on the morning from this side of the early evening has reminded me that appreciating the beauty of nature is an important part of my weight loss journey.

It’s a Monday, and I am still tending to my “why” I want more energy, and confidence, I know how it feels since I have gotten to goal in my past and it does feel amazing. But for now, I want to focus on being positive about where I am at this particular moment.

So what went well today? I tracked all day and I am in that healthy eating zone (in WW speak blue dot days). I packed my lunch, and prepared a healthy dinner, which I did enjoy. My WW leader, Lisa, says it’s important to eat “happy” That phrase has found a home in my inner thoughts, and I find it to be helpful.

Writing these posts feels a lot like I’m telling myself a story about how I want this journey to go – like helping me to remember why I want to be on the journey for starters. Is it hard that I’ve allowed myself to gain weight? Yes, it is disappointing. But I do have faith that it is as it should be, and I can look back and feel bad about it or I can look to the future and take action. Onward I go, and I know I am in good company.

Check out this skit from SNL so funny (silly but funny)…

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