Going Back to Why

When your why and your intentions are lined up the rest of a weight loss journey becomes grounded and centered. Losing weight is so hard for some of us, and this is especially true for me. For a long time now, my “why” has been absent from my thoughts, and my weight loss efforts have suffered. I’ve gained weight and that makes me very unhappy.

So, I can keep doing what I’m doing, and continue on this path of steady weight gain, or I can make a change. So, I am opting to make a change. I made a goal in front of my WW group that I would blog every day this week as a way to reflect on my why. If I think about why I want to lose weight, I can list out three big reasons:

I want more energy

I want to feel lighter in my movements

I want be more confident

So today, was a win. I tracked all day, and I am posting this blog. One day at a time.