Do Overs Can Happen Anytime…

Knowing that a bad day on plan doesn’t have to become a bad week, or month seems like it would be obvious, but it’s something I have to keep reminding myself. Today was a bad day on plan. It started out strong, I went to 5:15 am spin. I packed my breakfast and lunch. I came home, and was decisive about what to cook for dinner. Then… I didn’t track dinner, and I over did it later with snacking and dessert. I think it’s a combination of the behaviors that popped up while I was traveling (fewer healthy food options made it hard to be successful). Then I weighed myself in the morning, something I don’t usually do, and it looks like I went up. That was a little depressing.

Ok, ready… “BOO! WOO!” I think I’ve spent enough time feeling rotten about things, and now is the time to set myself up for a better outcome. I have done this before and I’m starting right now. While some days flow like clockwork, acknowledging that there are other days when this is just really difficult helps. It helps by taking off the internal pressure and negative narrative, “You’re messing up. Maybe you can’t do this.” If I stay in that place, those words will become my reality. Instead, I say, “Move on, and do better. You can do this, concentrate on what you will do next.” Do overs don’t follow a script but you know some helpful moves to make them stick:

  1. Be an active thinker, and examine the internal dialogue that’s going on inside and take away the negative narrative.
  2. Go through the motions of doing the plan. Go in the kitchen pack food for the day, and track it.
  3. Get moving, keep up activity and nurture your positive energy.

That’s it, readers. I can do this, I believe in me. I hope you feel the same way about you.