Going Green…

WW launched their new plans today. Members can select one of three options: Green, Blue, or Purple. It’s like a sliding scale that plays with a combination of ZeroPoint & SmartPoints foods. I think this is a very smart idea because it gives people more choice. When it comes to doing something really challenging (like losing weight) choice is king! Choice, helps me take ownership over my actions and that is a very good feeling.

Green offers the fewest ZeroPoint food options. However, it also gives the most SmartPoints to work with. So, for example, I used 23 sp. out of my 30 sp. Balance I am rolling over points and I feel totally satisfied. I am the kind of person who needs to weigh and measure my food. I find it useful to track and count up my SmartPoints. All of this helps me to be successful. I am feeling very positive about my weight loss journey as I head into the 2019 holiday season.

Blue offers more ZeroPoint food options. This is the #Freestyle plan. This plan does work, I got to goal on Freestyle. If you don’t need to weigh and measure foods, you have to do less of that with this plan. It does encourage healthy eating. For example my nonfat yogurt is 0 sp. on this plan. However, I think it can be easier to overeat if you’re not very mindful. It’s easy to forget that 0 sp. doesn’t mean that it’s “free” food. Also, I think I fell into bad habits of not weighing and measuring as vigilantly (which as I said helps me) because it’s all zero regardless of the serving.

Purple offers the most ZeroPoint foods. I may try this plan in the future. It is appealing because foods like potatoes (including sweet potatoes), whole grains and wheat pastas are ZeroPoint foods. They make up for that with a much smaller SmartPoints balance. This is a great option if you typically eat these foods. Weighing and measuring food is not a requirement; however, it is so important to eat mindfully. For me, I think this plan would be challenging going into the holiday season. Going over my SmartPoints balances bothers me. When I go over, I feel like I’m losing control.

This journey is deeply rooted in control. So I took some action today to help myself regain some composure. So I used my top three character strengths by prepping and planning, I cooked a new recipe “Love of Learning” with my supportive daughter, Hayley, “Love” as I embark on this new Green Plan “Hope”.